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  1. I am going to close this thread and strange a new one to make things easier to find
  2. Sorry, to discuss for Carnival and others. I believe for this particular topic, there should be an opportunity to discuss cruising issues that don't relate specifically to Carnival for the folks who regularly frequent this board. That being said if this thread strays into topics that have nothing to do with Princess, Viking and perhaps others that might suspend operations, I will close it .......i.e, the NBA has nothing to do with cruising Hope this clarifies??? Thank you for bringing to my attention....
  3. I've created several "general" threads in the last few days to address topics related to Carnival, cruising and the corona virus. Please take a moment to find these threads before starting a new thread for a question or comment on one of these topics --- titles are in capital letters so hopefully they will be easy for you to find. There has been a huge uptake in number of posts lately! Keeping threads on topic and courteous will help you guys find the information you need and to discuss it. Flaming, political posts and posts off topic to cruising will be removed. Thanks for your cooperation.....be well, everybody!
  4. Please find a sports related forum to discuss the NBA, NHL etc. This is a cruise website and with the situation at hand we are experiencing a huge volume of posts. Keeping them CRUISE RELATED and on topic for the thread you are posting on will make it easier on everyone. Thank you.
  5. To discuss cease in operation by other cruise lines. Posts relating to this on other threads will be deleted. Please be respectful and on topic. Will be watching closely
  6. *****please remember that guidelines do not allow naming travel agents **** Thanks!!!
  7. Asked and answered. Plenty of threads debating passport or not issue
  8. In an effort to keep this information in one place, please post questions and info re itinerary changes, specific ports missed and closed ports here. Random, short posts on new threads will be locked. Thank you!!
  9. Cayman is a tendering port. None of the ships dock there.
  10. Please post ALL questions about cancelling, rebooking etc on this thread! The board is getting over run with new threads on this and it's a very relevant issue. Keeping relevant posts here will help everyone. Non-cancellation posts will be removed. Also ones not related to Carnival. Thank you!
  11. Please try to stay on topic😕 There is a "Carnival Corona Virus" thread of you would like to discuss the flu, virus, debate etc. Thank you,!!
  12. ******* There is an existing thread here for those who wish to post about the unfortunate delay in Embarkation.
  13. A lot of roll calls seem to have folks NOT on the applicable cruise jumping in with general comments\opinions etc about the virus, some disruptive, peddling false info etc.
  14. Looks like this has run its course. Glad Carnival worked with OP to resolve this
  15. This thread is for those cruising in March and April to discuss plans, cancellation issues, cruise itinerary changes and not a discussion of debate 're statistics, the accuracy of that info, etc. Thank you for keeping this on topIc for those who need the information on upcoming travel
  16. Lots of off topic conversation here. This board was created so you guys would have a central forum to post about how this virus was affecting your Carnival cruise plans, changes in itinerary etc but it's evolved somehow into debates re media hype, death rates from different viruses etc. There may (or may not be, hopefully) lots of changes coming that will affect your Carnival cruises. Let's please keep this on topIc for that. I'm sure there are message boards dedicated to statistics, media coverage of this etc. but this isn't the place because information on itinerary changes, boarding requirements, cancellation policy issues will get lost in the jumble. Thank you!
  17. I have opened a new thread to continue discussion of how this virus is affecting MSC and cruising and left the ones for folks already booked on the board. Any new threads re cruises this spring and summer will be merged into those threads so we don't have multiple threads basically saying the same thing!
  18. General discussion of how the current situation is affecting your cruising plans and to share verifiable updates from MSC
  19. So that folks with bookings in June and this spring can more easily follow this please stay on topic. I am going to create a thread for general discussion of this topic
  20. Since this sailing is over and this thread is going further off topic, going to lock it
  21. Suggest you create a new topic for this problem here on MSC board and ask this using same language as this post. I unfortunately don't have any suggestions BUT a lot of savvy MSC cruiser on here. I hope you get some help with this. It has to be so frustrating. Csrolyn
  22. Several options for onboard ironing - and laundry - that hopefully help OP and others ..
  23. I always do same thing in the bathroom as above and it's worked for 30 years. Ironing takes a day to get back...I believe dress used to be $4.00?
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