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  1. Since cruising now suspended till mid September...at least....going to shut this down as situation in Florida 60 days from now could be relevant. And this really wasn't Carnival related but left it as ships were scheduled to sail from Florida
  2. This thread may last another 30 minutes....it's not about California, New York or grannys shopping habits. I let this stay against my better judgement because cruises depart from FL. Whether it goes now is up to you guys...on topic, respectful and please can the gloom and doom posts ....it's bad..period. Thank you
  3. Costa and Carnival Cruise Lines are two of the cruise lines owned by Carnival Corp so the information about Costa regulations when cruising resumes may apply to Carnival Cruise Lines ships. There is a separate forum for Costs Cruises for information and discussion of their ships, itineraries etc. Sorry for any confusion!
  4. Please stay on topic ....Debating\arguing death statistics and whether one source is better than another is not cruise related and will result in this timely topIc....which is of interest to many... being removed. There are many who just want to discuss cruising. Thanks!
  5. Okay...............fun topic.......please PLEASE just your plans.....if it gets even slightly into states reopening, covid stats etc it will go. Staycation thread is a Covid-free, statistic free, negativity free thread !!!!! It might not be your ideal alternative to a Carnival cruise but it is someone's... I'm going ....I hope... to Myrtle Beach with my girlfriends end of August for a week...seafood, beachy boozy drinks and lots of sun....
  6. Leaving up for links you might want to read but went WAY way off topic so closing
  7. Definitely not re Carnival but may be indicator of what is coming with them. Will leave for now but only if not stays respectful and on topic . Thanks
  8. I have removed it. Feel free to just post the information without PVP name and phone
  9. I miss Erie......used to go to Northeast, Presque Isle in the summer growing up in Pittsburgh and Zelienople. Glad things aren't too bad there. In our Crazy Covid announcement of the day, now with cases going way up here, more in hospital, the 2 big health systems today began allowing hospital visits for the first time since early March!!! Huh??
  10. People here must think you GET covid from masks and our rates go up, up up. Glad to hear it's going better in Michigan
  11. No, the discussion is supposed to be about wearing masks on cruises. And it's about to go in lockdown since its more a death statistics thread now
  12. I see a cloud mushrooming on the horizon😬😧..... Whatever the outcome of the meeting and whether or not it affects CARNIVAL'S resumption of cruising, in August or otherwise, please keep this respectful, on topic...the usual mumbo jumbo. Not going to have another Covid death statistics, states reopening, mask debating free for all. It's frustrating uncharted waters but so this infighting isn't productive. Hope all of you are well !
  13. In April when they said our spike would be mid June everyone scoffed at it. Now we have had huge spike 2 weeks after Memorial Day, highest number in hospital etc.We are in phase 2, have had protests for 10 days and nights. Many wore masks but in general, especially outside metro areas, people ignore all health department suggestions and do their thun. Hate to think of what numbers will be later this month.
  14. Back on topic please......protesters and politics have nothing to do with Carnival
  15. There are a variety of reasons why a port can get changed as you are aware. Booking a cruise based solely on one port of call is taking a chance. Is it a tender port, no one knows what situation with corona will be, etc. Just something to consider before final payment.....p
  16. Cruise Critic guidelines do not allow members to recommend or post contact information for travel agents, personal vacation planners etc. They also do not allow one to ask members to email them for contact information. Hope this clarifies this for you.. Host Carolyn
  17. Are you looking at Carnival or private tours? Especially from Cozumel with ferry involved and distance I would really check out private tour operator folks because you need to ensure they get you back in time.....And also post on the Cozumel and Progreso ports of call boards to hopefully get some first hand recommendations. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/
  18. Welcome to cruise critic and the crazy world of cruising and Covid. This particular thread was sent up as a place where people can talk about what's happening in their hometown, with their family etc, more infected non-cruise -related discussions If you will start a new topic on the Carnival board called something like "August 2020 on the Magic" you will be able to get more input and perhaps find others in the same situation in early August. Host Carolyn
  19. They just had first case of covid-19 this weekend despite lockdown which had just been eased. Lock down again. Island may not open for cruise ships till late fall. My son has home there, no idea when they can go back, were hoping July but now doubt it
  20. I saw this. It's awful.. More than anyone should have to bear at one time. Our cases are spiking just as we are "opening up" gradually but people are out everywhere doing their thing and no masks etc.
  21. This has gone so far off topic, again debating stats from different sources. As we all know you can get a different set of stats pretty much site for site depending on what you want to hear. The status of states with homeports will affect cruise departures but arguing and debating statistics is not Carnival related. So if we can stay on topic re how social distancing on a cruise will affect cruising on Carnival, will leave for those who have an expressed an interest in discussing that topic.
  22. But testing is up a lot too. At the daily press briefing they stress how many more tests are being done.....and then there's the Tyson plant with 555 cases
  23. North Carolina where I live and several other states going up. Our numbers here have trended up at higher rate last 10 days than at any time so far
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