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  1. I tend to agree with Les37b but still remaining hopeful. Here is an email I just received from a Silversea insider when I posed the question: "No. We have not announced and do not plan on canceling any voyages to these regions. We plan on resuming sail to Antarctica this upcoming November and also to South America."
  2. Has anyone heard from Silversea about the South America cruises in January/Feb 2022? Today, another cruise line cancelled cruises to that area for 2022. We are booked on the Jan 19 sailing and received flight arrangements today.
  3. Scheduled cruise date: 4/6/21 Cancelled and requested deposit refund: 5/17/20 Credit card refund received: 6/4/20
  4. We were on the Ovation in a corner penthouse spa suite. Lots of room and an excellent closet plus a window in the bedroom. However, I agree with the previous poster that the small amount of window and sliding door space in the living area is a disadvantage. Plus, you definitely rock and roll in rough weather. If I had it to do over again I would choose a regular penthouse on the lower decks, mid ship.
  5. I like your outlook on this. So true. You do the best you can to prevent illness and deal with it when and if it happens. In the meantime, enjoy every minute doing what you love. I hope you have a wonderful cruise on the Splendor in March.
  6. Yes, she is an artist in her own right as you stated. She also had a leading role on Broadway in the musical Chicago; in London in the West End; several US TV sitcoms; plus she is a great activist for the environment, animal and human rights. She is certainly a different choice than the godmother of the Explorer, but nonetheless a deserving choice by Regent. Don't think it matters that some folks have never heard of her.
  7. But her former husband, Billy Joel, is a talented artist.
  8. Yes, $399 for unlimited internet. And, excellent connectivity on the Ovation recently.
  9. Totally agree with you. There is absolutely no excuse for such consistently slow internet on the entire fleet. I have been on several of the luxury cruise ships lines (Silversea, Seabourn) in the last two years plus a premium line (Viking). All of them had internet far superior to Regent with great connectivity (even in the middle of the Tasman Sea) on ships where everyone had free internet. Regent needs to invest in the equipment needed to provide decent and consistent service. And Regent loyalists should stop making excuses for slow service. If other cruise ships can provide acceptable and reliable service for their passengers, why can’t Regent?
  10. Splitting hairs, I suppose. Two different definitions of booking online. Maybe generational. For me, it is being able to view availability, select date/time, treatment, and receive immediate confirmation, just like booking a hotel on its website (or Regent reservations and shore excursions). One doesn't have to wait for a live representative to send back a confirmation back based on requests. Just makes things easier, which is what I hope is available when Steiner takes over the Regent Spas.
  11. Either way, through the Regent website or directly through Canyon Ranch website, you cannot book services online. I have taken 4 cruises in the last two years on Regent and always have had to call or email my requested appointments. Whether you view the FAQs on the Regent website regarding Spa appointments or go directly to the Canyon Ranch website to the Regent section, it still instructs your to call for more information or appointments. There is no mechanism to book online. However, they do list the treatments available.
  12. I think you might want to check the accuracy of your statement by reading the FAQs on the Regent website. There is no online platform to select times, dates, type of service on the Regent website. You are instructed to call or email to secure appointments for Canyon Ranch.
  13. Yes, that is correct. This is a Steiner-owned spa. Steiner owns Elemis and has since the mid 90’s.
  14. Having disembarked from the Ovation on September 28, I can say that I am not a fan of the reusable bottles of water provided at the disembarkation point on tour. These bottles are large and bulky. I would say that about half of the passengers took these bottles on their excursions. Those that did, complained about the taste of the water and the size of the bottles. And, in some cases, those who took them on their excursions either disposed of empty bottles while on excursions rather than carry the empty bottle all day, or left them on the bus. Not sure how this solves any environmental issues. As for us, we passed and purchased smaller bottled water on shore.
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