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  1. Diet coke and Sprite zero were available in January on around NZ cruise.
  2. "Calling in" to Auckland is nothing to do with no longer having any embarkation or disembarkation in Auckland.
  3. This absolutely stinks! 🤬 My Jan and Feb 2026 bookings on Crown have been cancelled. I'm particularly upset that the 5 night Auckland to Auckland has been cancelled, it would have been my dd first cruise and no, there isn't anything else suitable!🤬 So no Auckland departures at all! 😭
  4. Bulkhead with a wall in front of you? So you cannot stretch your legs out?
  5. Your TA can ask cruise line to release a particular cabin from Sydney allocation so they can then book it for you.
  6. Did you find premium economy better than Skycouch?
  7. Oh sorry, I misread your post 😬
  8. Had 2 balcony chairs on my January cruise.
  9. How do you get onto the "never upgrade this person" list? Thanks
  10. That sounds like a lot to do when you are unwell. Were you able to send them the documents they asked for?
  11. If you book on board you can have that booking transferred to your travel agent if you wish.
  12. That sounds like a good idea to me, but you don't do it anymore?
  13. You can buy internet for 24 hours. Easiest in the app once on board.
  14. Just off Royal 2 weeks ago, we didn't book for dinner, one dining room is allocated for anytime dining, never had to wait more than a couple of minutes for a table for two.
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