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  1. Thank you so much for looking and I will be packing my teabags now. I’m enjoying your report.
  2. Hi, sorry this is a silly question but do they have a jug of warm milk at the beverage station the same as Cunard and MSC. Plus is there any lemon and ginger teabags, this will be my first cruise with HAL on the Westerdam in November. Thank you
  3. jay888


    My husband and myself are both in our early sixties and very rarely go to the shows. I love sea days and it is the Vancouver to Japan that I’m interested in. My husband enjoys watching sports and keeping up the news. I prefer to read and listen to music and dancing.
  4. jay888


    Thank you for all your replies and HA is now at the top of my list to book.
  5. jay888


    My mother was cruising up to her nineties and on one cruise I met a lady who a hundred and still cruising. I love to sit and read with a glass of wine.
  6. jay888


    Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I’m no long a spring chicken. When you say mature do you mean gods waiting room where everyone is asleep during the day in the lounges. The cruise I’m looking at is on the Westerdam. I do like a balcony, but the end of the world if I don’t have one. I like a more relaxing cruise with good coffee, which I don’t mind pairing extra.
  7. jay888


    For my next cruise I’m looking at Asia, Holland America appear to have the best itineraries. However, I’ve never sailed with HA before only MSC, NCL, RCI, P&O and Cunard. Please any information about what they are like to cruise with would be appreciated.
  8. I didn’t know until I received my tickets
  9. My boarding is 21:00 but the transfer from the hotel is 11:00
  10. I choose the Azura for my next cruise, because of the sea screen. I had fond memories of sitting on deck in the evening watching a movie with blankets. This is something I was looking forward to
  11. Look everyone has paid there fare and the lifts useage is included in that fare for everyone. I have found that some wheelchair users can be very rude, pushing in, running over your feet and hitting you in the back of your legs. I find it very judgemental of people to say who or should not be using the lift.
  12. Thank you for posting, I will now be Roding a bottle of baileys from room service
  13. I think it was 15 Euros, your cabin steward bring a form to sign and it is added to you account The show is amazing. You can also pickup an vintage car outside the port and cheaper than booking direct
  14. I was on this ship in January and loved her. She made be old but beautifully kept.
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