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  1. I understand that so many cruises have been cancelled, but I was wondering what are the chances of the Westerdam sailing in South America in November going a head. I don’t have to pay the balance until July, if pay the balance and it is cancelled there seems to be a long wait for a refund. However, a bigger worry is that the cruise does sails, but it is not what we where expecting
  2. I’m booked on the Westerdam in November and I not be cancelling
  3. I’ve book on the Westerdam in November, and it sounds like I’ve made a good choice.
  4. I’ve booked my next cruise in advance this time still 11 months to go. However, I will be planning and more planning
  5. It looks like I’ve made a good choice, thank you everyone for your replies
  6. Thank you so much, it looks like it has lots of room. I always get a get a good night sleep in an inside cabin, which is a plus.
  7. Hi looking for information on cabin on the Westerdam it looks larger than some of the other inside. Thank you
  8. I’ve just returned from my first cruise with HAL on the the Westerdam and I could have written that review. Everything your have written I would agree with. The one thing that I was not happy with at first was the paper cups in the Crows Nest, they should ask you first if you would like a paper cup or a china one. Also that you can not get a cappuccino in any other bar beside the crows nest.
  9. First time HAL cruise, on the Westerdam at the moment. I look BBKing and Billboard. I also like the more relax atmosphere off not running from one venue to another.
  10. That is a really nasty thing to say.
  11. I totally agree with you and that why mine will be staying at home with his pet sitter. It kinder for him and I will miss him desperately, especially as my husband forgets that I’m vision impaired. I’m
  12. I have a service dog, but will not be bring him with me. As a 17 hour flight and the high heat is not good for him. So my husband will have to do, he is nowhere as good as my dog. I have a smooth coated labradoodle which does not effect people allergies.
  13. We fly to Hong Kong on the 7/11/19 and join the Westerdam on the 9th. I’ve ordered a drinks package, so plenty of coffees and cocktails (well under 15). I’m really looking forward to the cruise.
  14. Thank you for your replies and I will be packing a jacket and a shawl
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