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  1. Good morning, You are right Bea. The fact that this thread has gone on for 5 pages is testimony in itself. It’s a pity that we don’t hear from the other 4,000 who had a great cruise on the same week as this one. My condolences to Evil Queen but clearly it’s time for her to move on and, as I told her before, go back to a cruise line where you will be happy. I have stated many times that “MSC is a work in progress”. It will probably be two more years before the personnel are up to speed and able to deliver good customer service. The good part of this story is that tens of thousands of pax are having a good to great experience on MSC every week.
  2. When I book with MSC I get it done with only 1 phone call...to my agent.
  3. National Express is excellent. We had 4 people with 8 pieces of luggage and the driver helped us with no problems. The ride between airports is a bit over an hour maybe an hour and a half as I recall but very comfortable.
  4. No...I have never seen a book that was written from a strictly Italian view point. The Italians were devastated and poor Captain Calamai became a recluse until his death...so sad. They were overjoyed when the Leonardo DaVinci finally replaced the Doria. I always thought the DaVinci was their best ship ever built.
  5. Tell me about it...I get yelled at by DW on a weekly basis...lol. How she has put up with my collection all these years is beyond my imagination.
  6. These prices are ridiculous. Start complaining on your comment cards. Most of you are Brits for heaven sakes...cruising wouldn’t be British unless it included cocktails, wines, beer and Port! START ROCKING THE BOAT!!
  7. A half pint of beer was 5 cents...a mixed drink was 35 cents and wine was served gratis at lunch and dinner in First and Cabin Class...in 1965...lol.
  8. $3200 for 14 nights is a good deal for an inside in the YC...go for it. The menus are very much improved over last year. The quality of the food also depends who is doing the cooking...so you never know for sure.
  9. Who needs a coffee maker...you couldn’t possibly make a cup of coffee as good as the one your butler will deliver to you! Just pick up the phone and order what you want and it will appear. I would call the Concierge, knowing the butler was busy, and they would send whoever was available. There were times when the delivery would appear 2 minutes after I called...lol. Well it seemed like 2 minutes...lol.
  10. CONGRATULATIONS Nikki!! So glad you made it. Please be sure to keep us informed.
  11. You could try “Crossing and Cruising” for more social commentary and then “Liners To The Sun” for a look at cruising in the past. Those are probably the best when compared to TOWTC. John’s research books on Normandie, United States, Queen Mary 2, and others are excellent. If you want to study liners in depth I would suggest you look at the series of books by Arnold Kludas. He wrote what is virtually an encyclopedia on passenger ships...I believe 12-13 volumes.
  12. I did read both books and others. There was was a great special on (I think) National Geographic And one of the instructors from a maritime academy. He demonstrated exactly what happened with both radars. Again...Carstens should have turned the Stockholm as soon as he detected the Doria on his radar...since he was too far north. I believe Carstens never looked at the radar because he was sailing on clear seas. That is the only explanation I can think of that makes sense. Why did Carstens continue on without changing course? Carstens never answered that question either. Nonetheless...fascinating stuff.
  13. So many questions were left unanswered but the main idea that the Stockholm was in the wrong area was never explored. Carstens could never explain that. My theory is that the Stockholm was way north trying to clip a few miles off their route. At that time of year the sailing is usually smooth and mostly clear. I don’t think that Stockholm should have been there. There was also a question about the Doria’s Radar being set on a 10 mile range when it was actually on 3 and possibly 1 mile. This is probably why the Italian Line settled quickly which was too bad for Captain Calamai. He never got a chance to clear himself.
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