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  1. I believe it was 1/2 a sirloin strip and fairly thick.
  2. Steak for breakfast was available by request when I sailed in YC.
  3. I agree that light beers are boring and mostly tasteless. The exception to that would be Heineken Light or Sam Adams Light… surprisingly they are really good tasting light lagers. We have wall to wall microbreweries here in the Boston area. Some are rally good but I keep going back to Stella, Blue Moon and John Adams Seasonal. Pabst has always gotten a bum rap from the exotic beer drinkers but I have always said that it tastes better than any of the mass produced American beers.
  4. Hi RK If you like a good lager beer you should try Pabst. IMO it I a one of the best of the mass produced American beers. I love all the lagers like Heineken. Amstel. Stella. Blue Moon. Etc. but I still enjoy a chilled Pabst. Glad to hear they have Amstel onboard HAL.
  5. We loved 12001 on Divina…big suite and great bathroom. IMO better than RS. Looks like you’ll be in the middle suite. Hopefully the same bath as 12001 and 12003. We did not miss the balcony one bit. The forward views from the floor to ceiling windows more than made up for the lack of balcony. We also liked the seclusion and the easy access to the rest of the ship.
  6. Thanks Phissy. I thought he was on Divina…my error.
  7. Hi Dex, Are you, by any chance, in 12001??? If you are…how do you like it compared to RS???
  8. Right you are BB. DW and I have to have skin on and skinless. She likes skinless and I love the traditional skin on…for the snap. I make my own mustard. I start with a good deli mustard and then doctor it up with a bit of yellow, Dijon and whole grain. You have to get the mix just right.
  9. We have a restaurant Metro North that is set up like a NY cafeteria…all stainless. Their hash browns are so good they usually run out before 9:00 AM!!
  10. Call me crazy but I would be happy with a good char burger and a cold Pabst draft.
  11. Then your Carnival chicken was surely cooked in a real tandoor!
  12. Well I would say the gravlax are specific to this thread…a food well remembered and a specific ship. I wonder if they were making the gravalax onboard from locally caught salmon??
  13. Fortunately I come from a region that has great hot dogs. We have a local company called Kayem that makes some of the best hotdogs anywhere. I very much prefer them to Boars Head, Hebrew National and Nathan’s. Kayem is the official hot dog at Fenway Park…The Fenway Frank. We also have a regional brand called Shoenland that is a great dog at a discounted price. The whole secret of a great dog is a lower salt content and slightly smoked to a perfect degree. I can see how a Chicago Dog is interesting but I can never see putting ketchup or mayo on a hot dog…never! We also have B&M Baked Beans from Portland, Maine. Their Boston’s Best are our go-to quick fix. Just a bit of my own mix of mustard and chunks of onion then 6 minutes in the microwave…superb! We always grill our dogs in a bit of butter and vegetable oil then place the leftovers in the beans until we have them a few days later. The beans actually get better after a few days in the fridge.
  14. I only wish that there were a tandoor oven on my next cruise! The tandoori chicken I have tasted on the major lines is a pallid oven baked version that bears no resemblance to real tandoori.
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