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  1. Hey RK, How do you think I make all those great Tiki drinks? 🤪
  2. Hi RK, Just go to a Hispanic grocery. You will find plenty of guava juice as well as mango, papaya, passion fruit, peach, apricot, etc.
  3. Skeet shooting was a normal activity back when...in the 70’s. I remember being on the QE2 transatlantic in 1975 and they offered skeet shooting twice a day, morning and afternoon. They had a British double barrel shot gun that was worth $10,000. We would put together a group of 4 or 5 of us and the ones with the lowest scores had to stand a round of drinks...lol. Great fun...I still have a picture standing on deck gun in hand. I shot skeet off of many ships in those wonderful times...the Amerikanis, Bremen, Leonardo DaVinci, Galileo (became Meridian...Celebrity’s first ship) and Norway to name a few...what fun! The great Atlantic liners always had passenger lists in booklet form published the first day onboard. They were placed in your cabin and would show who was onboard in First Class or Tourist. Cruising was only one class...First! Sometimes you would recognize a famous name. I once ran into a man, on the SS France, who grew up across the street from me...lol. Those days of elegance (tuxedos and ball gowns three nights per 5 day crossing) violins at tea time with silver service, fine china and Viennese pastry, lavish midnight buffets, table side preparation, flowing Champagne and occasional Beluga Caviar on ice thrones are all gone now...great memories.
  4. It appears increasingly unlikely that cruising will resume this year. The CDC is already setting guidelines that will make it very difficult to get started. Significant redesigning will have to happen on MSC ships before they will be able to sail again. I would find it difficult if not impossible to board a ship without a reliable quick test for each passenger.
  5. A reliable quick test will also be a necessary ingredient to cruising and flying along with a credible vaccine. As Fouremco said...many more hurdles. I seriously doubt that we will be cruising in October or early 2021.
  6. Since you will be cruising from Rome and heading westward I would choose the port side. Most of your days and nights will be spent at sea. I would like waking up to the sunrises and enjoying evening sunsets from the port side. Just my own preference. Docking is another matter all together. The best view when entering or leaving port would be outside your cabin.
  7. Grand suites on RCI are very nice...but that is about as far as it goes. Sure the RCI Concierge Lounge is good for espresso and cappuccino and evening cocktails. The Yacht Club blows RCI away when it comes to all the extras. The whole YC enclave dwarfs anything RCI has to offer.
  8. Gambling adds another component to the restart. There will be those pax who choose to cruise in order to play. Keeping the casino area clean and disinfected will present its own set of problems.
  9. Well said...thank you. It will be interesting to see which cruise line jumps off first. My money is on Carnival. Who knows...maybe they will promote cruises for those under 50 since they seem to be able to survive the virus.
  10. New York Times March 13th. The antibody question is most likely the key to restart cruising.
  11. Now that we have covered the entire gamut of Covid models can we get back to the main topic?
  12. The so-called experts predicted 3 million deaths...they were wrong.
  13. Sorry but so many of these doctors have been wrong. Their predictions of gloom and doom were rampant...hundreds of thousands were going to die and hospitals were going to be over-run and unable to cope. Some of us can see more positive solutions on the horizon and some of us will stay home until the CV 19 has disappeared entirely. I’m not even remotely concerned with what Gwyneth Paltrow would do.
  14. If the cruise lines mitigate too long they will be gone anyhow. Again everyone seems to be dealing with what was. If a cruise line starts up again you can be sure they will have protocols for immediate evacuation with a prearranged agreement for hospitalization. Again...we need to think creatively. Cruise lines are not going to allow a repeat of the Princess debacle where sick pax were held onboard and allowed to infect everyone else. Understand...we are still learning about CV 19 and we are just now starting to come up with tests, remedies and vaccines. I realize that a lot of you are dejected and feeling like cruising is over. Believe me...I have learned in the past three years to develop a positive mind set and shake off the negativity. We all need to believe that we are going to cruise again!!
  15. Of course the so-called expert claims it won’t work. They are talking about what is available currently. What they don’t tell you is that THERE WAS NO 5 MINUTE TEST 2 MONTHS AGO. Advanced technology will give us a 5 minute test that will show asymptomatic people. I would guess that would be just months from now. The world is full of nay-sayers and short on doers. Those of us who love to cruise are going to have to think creatively. There will be a level of risk and those who do not want to accept that level of risk can simply stay home and wait. Those of us who are willing can take a chance and press on. People who are under 60 will probably start cruising sooner than later.
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