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  1. Oui mon ami...vive le top sail et vive le Francais soixant cinq!! Bon chance!
  2. Hmmm...it is possible. Or perhaps the rat has pierced someone’s armor and exposed a nerve...of past ill mannered behavior? We will probably never know.
  3. Like I said...every once and a while it becomes necessary...especially when you are going to frequent a particular crowded bar throughout the cruise. I’ll put a $20 bill against a status pin any day.
  4. Rattan...you’ve actually heard of this?? This breach of decorum and manners is beyond my realm of comprehension. Do people really behave like that?? You take my breath away.
  5. So glad you had a good experience with your black card RKA. My experience has been a bit different. Since I spend a good deal of time with bartenders onboard I have enjoyed friendships with many. I never tip during a cruise only at the end. To me, tipping upfront and for each drink is usually unnecessary. Although every once in a while it can be effective...usually when you have to fight the crowds.
  6. I can never get a decent French 75 anywhere...you have to make it yourself! Spot on Bea! Go for it! And don't worry about a recession. “When the going gets tough the tough go cruising”...LOL!
  7. Thanks Bea, now that I look at it...you might want to cut it back to 3 ounces each. It’s called a French 75. The drink was popular with the soldiers in WW I. They wanted to get a jolt out of a bottle of Champagne and this provided them with the ammunition...so to speak. The drink was named after the popular French artillery gun...the 75. I love Champagne but I also love a French 75 as an aperitif. You need to get the combination of the Cognac and lemon sour just right. The taste is superb.
  8. Bartenders could not care less about your status. Bartenders interact with those who take the time to interact with them and $$ always helps.
  9. Do you mean as opposed to dining in the buffet? It all depends...do you eat to live or do you live to eat? Dining in the buffet would apply to the former and dining in the MDR would apply to the latter. Personally, I would prefer the MDR...even at the late seating. If you are older and want to eat earlier then you would probably be happy in the buffet.
  10. And thank you Rattan for you honest answers. I found this thread to be very enlightening and informative. Anytime tipping is mentioned there is always disgruntled commentary. Such is the way of CC.
  11. Hi Bea, I'm jealous! That sounds so nice. I think I will spend the rest of this evening going over your list. The Verve and the Moët sound especially nice...two of my favorites. Sighhhhhh...
  12. I hesitated to say that some people, reading this thread, will be bothered by the level and frequency of tipping in the YC. I found this thread to be enlightening.
  13. I also prefer anonymity...but, as I have stated previously, tipping is a personal decision. I don’t believe the purpose of this thread is to brag about how much we tip. I think this thread illustrates that there is a wide variance in the amounts each pax tips and that is a good thing. Each person decides if, when, how much and the appropriate amount. It is a personal decision.
  14. Thank you sir. From one gentleman to another.
  15. So what is this I hear about Vishnu retiring to the upscale restaurant and bar he is building on Mauritius? All funded by generous YC pax on MSC! 🤩😋😎 “Vishnu put his hand over his heart” after Rattan gave him a $400 tip. Come to think of it...I would have put my hand over my heart if I ever gave out a $400 tip!!😱😳
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