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  1. In my humble opinion, let the deposit go and don't spend more money on this voyage until there is certainty in your partner's health. It is quite possible that you might loose the full booking amount if you take a chance and there are issues. I would also suggest that you contact Cunard and see if you can get the deposit returned as a good-will gesture on their part. I understand the disappointment, I have been there, but canceling turned out to be the correct move.
  2. There were also fireworks displays around Southampton and I think it Portsmouth which could be seen from deck, as well as some bonfires. That is as close to celebrating with fire I would like to see on board ship.
  3. Several years ago we had the pleasure of sailing from Southampton on 5 November. There were bonfires along the Solent as we passed. It was very interesting to see.
  4. On those windy mid atlantic days. the closed pool is a pleasure to be in. I have actually seen the roof open, but it was a long time ago.
  5. 40,000 GT less than QM2, and about 500 more passengers. That doesn't sound like a lot of fun. From the drawing it seems to have more decks as well, and it looks a bit top heavy forward. Not a mega ship, just a bigger sister to QV and QE.
  6. It is necessary to pass through the food court to get to places forward of it if you are on deck seven, and going from the Queens Grill to the Spa. You can get a pretty good idea about the food and service from watching. When you see a lot empty plates on unbussed tables it gives you a pretty good idea about the service.
  7. Tell the security staff that you have film in the camera. They will deal with it. As I seem to recall from ancient history. the scanners will not effect film. Alternatively he could put the film in his checked baggage and load the camera after boarding.
  8. On my last voyage I got 'free' minutes for the two day eastbound Southampton to Hamburg, and 'free' minutes for my Hamburg to NYC. I booked them as two separate bookings. I actually had minutes left over when I arrived in NYC.
  9. Booking a sheltered balcony is an excellent idea. If you are able to take Granny, book an adjoining room. Ask your T/A how many are available for your planned date and book soon.
  10. Or there might be an increase, or not the accommodation you wanted or your category might be sold out. There is an old expression that fits here. Don't cry over spilled milk. I always believe that if I get what I paid for, I am fine even, if some one else paid less. If I get a bit more, nice.
  11. I am told that there is now storage under the beds which seems logical. Since my first experience I have booked a suite with suitable storage for my two other trips on QV. I am now a Queen Mary2 devotee and don't book on the smaller ships.
  12. Amen, there are plenty of good food, good service opportunities aboard. I cannot remember ever going to the Kings Court other than for the muster drill.
  13. I used to fax the form, but the last time I tried it didn't connect so I wrote a letter to Cunard in Santa Clarita, CA. They didn't confirm back, but I had alerted my very competent Travel Agent, and she forwarded a new confirmation to me with in a week. If you are retired military, you can also send them a copy of your DD214 and once they get it they will mark your account so you don't have to send it every time you travel. Be sure you send a copy of a recent confirmation of your current ownership as near to the letter date as possible, to avoid questions.
  14. I would think a dark blue pin stripe suit would be quite acceptable, however I would suggest he wear a classic white shirt and avoid the pleated shirts. He can wear a bow tie, or a classic tie and dress up the outfit with a beautiful silk pocket square that looks good with the tie. His shoes should be well shined and preferably black. Now having said that, if he has a use for a Tuxedo for more than just this cruise he can wear the pleated shirts, a cummerbund and tie. If you choose you can buy him several different cummerbund-tie combinations such as simple black, black with small white dots. You might also like to buy him patient leather shoes to go with the Tux.
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