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  1. Way down here in South East Texas no hurricane, but yesterday afternoon after I had started my charcoal grill (with the top closed to warm the grill) a thunderstorm blew in with winds as strong as I have seen them outside of a hurricane. The pool was filled with pine needles and we got 3 inches of rain in about 15 minutes. Fortunately we live high on the San Jacinto River watershed so rain goes downhill from here. According to the weather radar, the storm was only about 5 miles across but very intense. I have more than the usual number of branches to collect in the garden today and tomorrow before the lawn mowers arrive on Friday. So I feel your pain, East Coast U.S. Take care all.
  2. At least a bit more "normality" coming to the HH household with Mr. HH back at work. Congrats.
  3. I makes about the same noise as a small power lawn mower. It runs weekly (Mondays at 10:00 am) for 20 minutes for exercise. Mine is connected to my natural gas service, but there is a propane version as well if you do not have natural gas service. If you get the propane version you will have to have a tank near by to be filled by the propane service in your area.
  4. It will depend on the size of the generator as expressed in kilowatt output. Mine was about $6,000 for 20 Kilowatts. That is enough to run two central A/C units, lights, refrigerators (2) and freezers (2). You have to be a bit sensitive about appliances that take a lot of power to start, like ovens and dryers and not try to run every one at the same time, but it's easy to manage. I also have ups units on computers and satellite receivers because once the street power goes off, and the generator starts it takes 12 seconds before the 'smart' switch transfers to generator power, which is enough time to require the sat to restart and download a new schedule which takes about 4 minutes. So there are no interruptions.
  5. Lewi,Lewi, look into a back up generator. It is worth its weight in gold.
  6. I don't know what plans you make in Fl, but here in Texas, while I am 70 miles inland, I have a 20 KW natural gas powered back up generator that comes on when public power is disrupted as hurricanes tend to do.There are also propane models if you don't have access to natural gas. It works for A/C cooling and refrigeration and is a savior. It exercises every Monday at 10 am, and is serviced at the beginning and end of the hurricane season. By the way the longest time it has run was 6 days when an Ice storm caused the power lines to fail, not a hurricane. Good luck I hope Isaias is as meek for you, as Hanna was for us.
  7. Glad to see folks with success with their strawberries. I gave up planting fruits and vegetables a couple years ago the tree rats (squirrels) would grab a tomato or a strawberry partially ripe, pull it off the plant, take a bit and toss it away. I focus on Citrus and have a bumper crop of New Improved Meyer lemons (right now one tree has nearly 300 lemons on it). Valencia oranges, Morro Blood oranges and Bearss or Persian Limes. I usually put up 16 to 20 half pints of marmalade in December, but this year, I will have to do more than that. Friends, family and neighbors seem to be happy to receive them as Christmas Gifts. I have the capacity for 8 half pints per day, so it will be a week long event this year. We had the outer rain bans of Hurricane Hanna last week, but did not even get an inch of rain. I hope all are well.
  8. Well, another week is almost over. Local news is that Tropical storm Hanna, the first of our tropical storm season will likely cross the Texas coastline at Baffin Bay this afternoon. My family has ranched in that area of Texas for 175 years and I know it well. Nothing to slow the storm down until it reaches the Monterrey Mountains in Mexico. The wind is only 40 mph and heavy rain fall is expected. The Coastal Bend of Texas can always use rain. I am about 300 miles north of the area, so if I am lucky I will get an inch or two or rain. Unlike Hurricane Harvey of a couple of years ago when the city got 50 inches. The week has been much the same as weeks past. I will say my garden is in far better shape than it has been in several years, as I spend some time each day working on those tasks which don't normally get much attention. I have done a lot of pruning and the shrubs, hedges and ground cover are looking pretty sharp. The weather remains hot and muggy. I try to get two to three hours in in the early mornings. My tee shirt is always wet when I finish. But I feel like I accomplished something. Yesterday, I got one of my vehicles inspected for safety and smog, drove to the tax office and got my renewal sticker for the year. The whole thing took an hour and forty five minutes including about 25 minutes of driving. The tax office has a mask requirement, and floor stickers for people to stand on. The two clerks had a few tough issues to deal with, so it took about 30 minutes of wait time, but all in all easy and it's Done for another year. Today's project will be to grill and assemble a home cooked Patty Melt. I love to eat them but they are messy to do at home. I will grill the patties on the charcoal grill, caramelize the onions and serve on toasted Rye bread with cheddar cheese. A safe and happy weekend to all.
  9. Thanks LL. Depending on the state you live in we have annual safety and smog tests which are required before paying for and receiving your annual license plate renewal. One of mine is due this month, so I will get the check done tomorrow, on the way to the hair cut.
  10. Look for Schweppes Bitter Lemon and you have the same thing.
  11. Well, ALC, the Dom had obviously seen better days. In the 22 years since it was bottled, it probably hasn't been always stored the best way. There was a bit of fizz, but not much and the taste was fine, but not great. But it was my Birthday Lunch with family present and that made it special. My dear sister collects Waterford and thinks others should to, so over the years Christmas and birthdays have been quite sparkly. This year a pair of 2 foot high candle sticks, which you could not hide, if you tried.
  12. Thank you ALC. Actually two DPs one '98 and one 2000, so I chose to ice the older. We have decided to 'defer' our dinners for a year. Hopefully Mother Nature will oblige.
  13. I bit of a downer today. I looked at my diary, and had a notation that I had plans for Dinner with two great Sussex friends at Rules tonight. And tomorrow dinner with some great friends from Wimbledon at Lutyens at the Ned. Rules is still closed and will be til 1st September but Lutyens is open. This was to have been a fun prelude to my 22July westbound from Hamburg on QM2. I would have gone to GF Trumper for a shave this morning in anticipation of the evening's pleasures. Well, on to brighter things. I found a bottle of Dom Perignon 1998 in my larder and I put it to chill. I will open it on Monday Lunch, with family celebrating my birthday. I hope all of our Cunarders are well.
  14. LL, you are right. If we play by the rules we will get through this. I look at the Texas Department of Health web site and the information is very interesting. Most of the cases now are between the ages of 20 and 50, with more on the earlier end than the higher. Right after bars and clubs reopened youg'uns acted like there was no problem and went crazy, this is the result, not to mention the 60,000 protester-rioters who filled the streets at the beginning of June with no masks and no social distancing. Time will heal us all, eventually.
  15. On the other hand if you have arthritic joints, the warm water is nice even if you spend time moving slowly. Yesterday, the high for the day was only 90f, so the pool cooled off a bit, and it was back to the usual exercises. An interesting note on the pandemic. It appears that some places, El Paso County, Texas for one, is counting every positive test as a NEW positive even it is the same person. One hospitalized woman was tested twelve times and it was reported as twelve new cases. In Florida some of the testing companies are only reporting positive cases and no negatives. So now even the data is suspect. We will get through this somehow, and I got my haircut yesterday, there is no shut down order, just yet.
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