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  1. After I booked they had a sale, When my TA called them they said their was a $50 per person change fee but they would give us an offsetting OBC so I was satisfied. Without the offsetting OBC I would have escalated the issue up the chain as their Price assurance Policy does NOT indicate any change fee
  2. I also had a Windstar cruise chartered. They offered $300 per person in air change fees. We had not yet booked air but had booked a 3 night hotel stay pre cruise that we had to move which cost us an additional $382. Windstar did reimburse this to us. I was surprised. Seems like it depends on who you get. I did use my TA for all of this so maybe that helped. Or perhaps since I didn't have any air change fees? We were quite satisfied.
  3. Looking at booking the new Harmony for 2020. I see that dinner is open seating. What's the chances of a Table for 2 with ACL. I realize this boat hasn't yet sailed but if anyone has any experience with their other "open seating" boats I would appreciate any input on the availability of 2 tops. Thank you.
  4. Not wild at all. Certainly not a white water type tour. Clarkson, where the boat leaves from is 2.5 hours from Spokane so I'm not sure you would want to do this on your own. The ship overnights in Clarkson the 1st night so we arrived around 4 PM, checked in, there was a 2 hour dinner cruise and then back to the dock for the night. The Hell Canyon tour was the next morning 7:30 - 12:30. The ship sailed at 2 that afternoon. We missed the hop on hop off tour of Clarkson by taking the Hells Canyon tour. We enjoyed the tour, a little pricey but great scenery and lots of information about the canyon and area. All in all I would recommend it
  5. We've only cruised Windstar once, on the Pride in January. We had the beverage package. 1st day on board we're at the Star bar and my wife orders a vodka and asks if, perhaps, they have diet tonic. Bartender says no we don't but what is your cabin number. We tell him and he says by tomorrow I'll have diet tonic here at the Star bar and I'll put some in your cabin Fridge since it's included in the package. Sure enough we had diet tonic for the week. We left out of San Juan so, I assume, he or someone else left the ship and purchased the diet tonic. We thought the bar staff (really, all the staff) provided outstanding service on the ship all week. We have our 2nd Windstar cruise booked for next year
  6. They don't "make" them sign that contract. In exchange for all of WS excursion customers the excursion owner agree to forgo, for that day, any other ship passengers that want to book privately. I assume the excursion operator has crunched the numbers and decided that it makes the most business and financial sense. It is business. The owner has a choice and decides which option is best for their business.
  7. We're booked on a 2 week Alaskan land/cruise. I assume the OBC is based only on the 7 day cruise portion of the trip. Is that correct?
  8. Going on the Empress in September. My TA is providing a $475 OBC or refund after the cruise for booking through her. :D
  9. We fly September 17th, I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. I booked a Jan 2020 Encore sailing when they 1st came out. The price of our infinity balcony cabin did not change with the Tax free sale so we just saved $325 on the cabin. I assumed the Encore would not be included or the price would be adjusted upward. Thanks NCL:D
  11. I am absolutely flabbergasted that Windstar still has not released any 2019 dates for the Star Breeze, only has Star Pride cruises through March 2nd, 2019, and Star Legend cruises through April 2019. :mad:
  12. I heard back from corporate. The confirmed the 5AM docking but indicated it will take time for the crew to tie off ect. They recommend a 11:30 or later flight but she added a note to our reservation and said to talk to guest services when we board so they are aware and they will work with us so that we can get off as early as possible. They will arrange for a taxi to be waiting for us to take us to the airport. We're going to go for it. I'll report back after the trip to let you know if it was one of the dumbest things we ever tried or if we were successful.
  13. I saw that on the website. The confirmation I received indicated we arrived at Vancouver at 5AM. It looks like the airport is 15 minutes away. To be comfortable I'd have to be off the ship by 7, 7:30 at the latest. I'm hoping someone that's been on this cruise can remember when they we're allowed to disembark I've emailed corporate and asked the question but I don't always trust their info. When I hear back I'll post it
  14. Hello I'm looking at a 9:25 AM flight home from Portland after the cruise. What time does the Empress arrive in Portland? How soon can I get off the ship? How far is Portland airport from where we dock? Thanks Surmy555
  15. Do any of you Windstar experts know when they will release the rest of there 2019 schedule? Thanks
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