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  1. My TA has been having BIG problems getting the 5+5 and the OBC added to my booking for Halloween (originally on Seaside, now on Mera). Got the VC 5%, but not the VS 5% or the OBC. This has been going on for weeks and MSC tells her they'll take care of it, but it never gets done. I hate to tell her how to do her job, but maybe I should insist she stay on the phone with them until she gets the proper confirmation invoice... Anyone else see that in one place the OBC for 5+5 is now only $50 and in another banner it's still $100? Paul
  2. I know it's not fair, but this is how the cruise lines view it: Their business plan is based on two cruisers (or sometimes more) in each cabin. Two cruisers means two paid fares. If they sell a cabin to a solo traveller, that means one less cabin to sell to 2 cruisers. So to make up the "lost" paid fare, they charge the solo person more. Sometimes its just a percentage of the normal fare and other times its an amount equal to a "normal" full fare. They don't view it as the solo not getting twice as many drinks, massages or sunbeds, but rather making up for the lost opportunity to get two fares. That business plan is based on the old paradigm of ships sailing full almost all the time. We'll have to see how things work out post COVID. If people don't flock back to cruising and the ships have lots of open cabins, MAYBE they'll get smart and start to lower or drop the single supplements and just charge a regular fare to solos to get at least that one fare instead of having an empty cabin and no fare at all!
  3. MSC sure needs to have better or more IT folks working for it. Their website is FULL of bad links and conflicting information. The 5%+5% Voyages Selection link that doesn't work has been just one example... Another is the Cruise Assurance page where the top banner says it valid for cruises through September 30, 2020, but further down the page it says that it's valid for all cruises sailing on or before Oct. 31, 2020. They change stuff so often and fail to update previously posted info that I'm taking photo shots of various web pages, including the date & time on my screen, to have some proof of what they were advertising and when just in case I get in a dispute with them later.
  4. Anybody know where Seaside will be sailing from after she leaves PC in March 2021?
  5. I just checked and got no results except for a message that an error occured. I also can't get any info on my upcoming booked cruise, just a different error message... I'd say the MSC website is having multiple problems!
  6. Once sailings resume, I don't THINK the CDC would require quarantine for just boarding crew and not boarding passengers also. That wouldn't make sense, but then again many things the government does doesn't make sense! I wouldn't sail as a passenger if I had to quarantine for the entire cruise 🥺
  7. Tried with my e-mail & password, but nothing but basic info. My TA has been trying to get MSC to post my fare at the 5%+%5 rate with the $100pp OBC for about 2 weeks and for some reason MSC has yet to do it. So far all they've done is the 5%VC discount. From what I've read here about MSC, efficient & gracious customer service can be hit or miss...
  8. I've booked my first MSC cruise through a TA. The booking is showing on my account at the MSC website with just the very basic info such as dates, cabin category and options to purchase upgrades & excursions. However, I can't find any way to see what the fare is or any OBC. For all you MSC "experienced experts" out there, is there a way for me to view more detailed info on-line or since it was booked through a TA, is that restricted for some reason? Thanks
  9. What? No Frutti de Mar Pizza??? Thanks so much for posting the menu
  10. OR...try speaking to an agent at the online agency and see if they can give you a discount on top of the 5%+5% that you are entitled to anyway! Just a thought
  11. Hana is on Maui, not the "big island." If you took an excursion to see the road to Hana on the Big Island you must have gotten pretty wet 😲 ! To the OP, you can also research tours for each stop on the Trip Advisor website.
  12. Is it really a fee to just change the sail date or could it be an increase in the cruise fare for the later date?
  13. Tou might get more & better responses if you posted your question in the Ports Of Call - Hawaii forum
  14. Late summer or early fall cruises MAY still sail - the jury is still out on those. Anyway, you missed the point. The OP is well aware that their new cruise may not go and they were asking if it'd be better to have a TA deal with the booking and possible cancellation/refund or do it themselves by dealing with MSC directly...
  15. Sorry, zi don't know about cruises to other areas. I've only looked for Caribbean cruises since I'm not interested in going any farther away from home for a while...
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