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  1. On our last B2B, the front desk gave the liquor store a list of those on the B2B. They would not let those passengers (I was one of them) take any liquor back to their cabin on the last night of the 1st segment.
  2. We love the Grand and would take it any day over the Crown. We have sailed twice on both ships. Grand advantages: 15% fewer passengers with essentially the same amount of public space. The ship is less crowded. Covered pool - especially valuable on cool days Covered Conservatory above the covered pool - great warm place to relax Window Suites Grand disadvantages: No central staircase above deck 7 Smaller closets (we did a 49 day cruise on the Grand and did not need the larger closet) Crown advantages: Adagio lounge Skywalker
  3. We got the cancellation email last evening. 115% FCC or refund. We are opting for refund of our deposit.
  4. Thanks Keith. We are (were) on that cruise. One of our roll call members noticed the same thing. We have been hanging in waiting to see what Crystal may throw our way as potential additional compensation.
  5. Initially it was not there but I called back and the representative was able to add it. She put me on hold and it seemed like she needed to get a supervisor's approval to do it.
  6. We too got the FCCs plus 25% returned to our account. We applied them as the deposit on a new Sapphire Princess booking.
  7. We were booked on an April 2022 Pacific Princess cruise from Sydney to Tokyo which of course got cancelled when the Pacific got sold. We had used Future Cruise Deposits for the deposit on that cruise. In late January we booked an April 2022 Sapphire Princess cruise from Auckland to San Francisco to replace it. I called Princess to transfer the FCDs from the cancelled Pacific cruise to the new sapphire cruise. I was told it was going to take the month of February to get all the FCDs off the Pacific bookings but they did extend the due date for the deposit to early March. I recently got tha
  8. I forgot to mention one other advantage with the Sapphire - the closets are bigger.
  9. We love both ships. They are two of our Princess favorites along with the Coral and the Island. If price and itinerary are about the same, I would choose the Sapphire because it still has a Skywalkers. You can't go wrong with either.
  10. Yes but, We will not cruise if we are limited to cruise line tours and not allowed to get off the ship on our own.
  11. In my opinion, it is not the size of the ship but the space to passenger ratio, indicating how crowded the ship may feel. According to one deck plan site I use, the Coral and the dear departed Pacific have a ratio (the higher the better) of around 38. The "reconfigured" Island is down to about 34. Could be really important on a long cruise.
  12. Wow 111 days on an overcrowded ship with limited entertainment venues and a gym in a dungeon. I think they would have to pay me to go. We were on the Island before the butchering and it was wonderful. Then we tried it after and we said never again. We have about 360 days with Princess but we are down to the Sapphire, Diamond, Grand and Coral as the only Princess ships we still want to sail on. They keep selling/transferring the ships we like.
  13. Princess continues to push us away. They continue to sell the ships we love and build ships we hate (Royal Class).
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, there are only to segments in Europe. The 1st is 30 days from Dubai to Dover which is longer than we would like. The 2nd is 19 days from Dover to New York which is sold out for balconies.
  15. We are Elite with 359 days on Princess. I'm afraid Princess is moving on from us. We live in Florida and like to get out of the summer heat here by taking a cruise to the cooler European climate. I looked at June, July and August on Princess and found 33 cruises. Unfortunately, almost all the cruises are on Royal class ships which, after a 28 day cruise on the Royal, we said never again. A few are on the Island which we tried one time after the butchering and found unacceptable. The only ship we found we would like was the Crowne but it was only doing the British Isles cruise we did on h
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