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  1. What was the low last week? We have a limit order set at $8 for 200. Started at $9.50 and have lowered it as the day has gone by.
  2. Sorry wasn't any help. Maybe they will apply the credit to your new cruise and refund to the card you used now. Sorry couldn't give you the info you need.
  3. Our PVP just moved all our credit and we did not have to pay anything. Only owe $54 bc new cruise was that much higher.
  4. Not nearly as much as we once did since they changed the way they make the sandwiches.
  5. Not showing up for us. Guess we miss out on that one. We already rescheduled our April 25 cruise to April 24 of next year and have a November 2020 scheduled. Always looking for a good deal so would have liked to see what was offered.
  6. What is this "two days free" deal you mentioned? Thanks
  7. How did you book? With Carnival or TA?
  8. Do you have a PVP? I have called several times and have gotten through each time to get price drops.
  9. Maybe should sell the 100 purchased today at 23.50 and see what happens. Looks, looks like still hovering around 23.50 now
  10. Had buy set at $19.75 and looked like it was going to happen then it turned and didn't get purchase until $23.50
  11. No, 100 or 1000 only gets you what 100 does
  12. bought 100 when went under $40. already lost alot. Have limit set to buy another 100 if hits $22
  13. Bought 13 at 39.42 when it went under 40. Bought 87 at 38. Lost $1000 already, should have looked at buying under 30 instead of under 40. Just put order in for 100 if it goes under 22. If it goes to that, I hope I don't regret not putting the limit at 19.50.
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