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  1. Correct, Crew member friends who are onboard tell me they are preparing to sail today 'Friday 26th June for the UK' , expected to arrive home July 24th. Thank goodness she is coming home to where she belongs.
  2. ref G32, Can one change into something more casual on a formal evening. ? I guess you can, but why bother. Most people will move on into the G32 after an evening in the ballroom or from other venues around the ship, for a night cap and just to enjoy the music and people watch . Gentlemen ( my self included) will probably loosen their bow tie and/or remove their jacket if they intend to spend the evening ( well into the early hours) dancing, ladies might find it a challenge in a long gown. Although it's acceptable to wear something more casual in the G32, the G32 on QM2 is still a sophisticated nightclub it's not really a jeans and T-shirt sort of venue . I've been known to stagger out of there way past 3am 😉
  3. Can I ask you where did you hear " Three Sittings" on Cunard ....is this from some travel agent, or have you have confirmation from Cunard ? You appear to have answered your/mine question . No one knows at the moment at Cunard how their future seasoned cruise programme will play out .
  4. I think you may have been referring to the post from Tangoqueen ? 😉
  5. On Cunard Line Gratuities are added to your guest account each day at 'around' $11/$13 pp per day (depending on your Stateroom/Suite category) 15/% is added to all alcohol purchases , there is no need to 'keep tipping each time 'you sign for a drink' or oder wine in the restaurant ,however, some guest's often give a small reward to a crew member 'who may' have looked after them in a special way each evening in the various bars etc.
  6. Cunard Line only have Single Staterooms in their 'Britannia' category (ocean view not with a balcony) personally I could not recommend these. These single staterooms were added across the Cunard fleet much later after many years, as there are only a few on each ship they are always sold at a premium . One would be wise to look for discount promotions on double occupancy rooms with a balcony ( often much better value than the single room)
  7. Just to clarify on that old chestnut 'Cunard Class system', anyone who belives this has been watching far too much Titanic. Cunard does not have a 'class system' rather, it offers the customer to buy into an onboard brand/product eg suite guests are paired to their own restaurant adjacent to a small intimate bar/lounge area ( which incidentally has no atmosphere and is often under used ) however, the quiet sun deck area could be a bonus. If one wants to see real class system in the cruise industry look no further than MSC Yacht club.
  8. Confused with your post ? .....If you had booked this , then you should find it on your booking confirmation .
  9. Thank you terrierjohn and other posters for the confirmation .....I didn't manage to read the immediate posts above before I commented. Good to know my reliable source was correct.
  10. Correct, they have indeed been transferring Indian crew members onto the Ventura ( using their own Tenders) However, as I understand it, not to be flown home but to be taken home by sea ? ( according to a reliable source ) Confusing, if they 'are' to be flown home ( via Heathrow/Gatwick) why didn't the crew disembarked the ships when berthed in Southampton ?
  11. The QM2 and P&O's Aurora & Ventura are 'temporary at anchor together' in the Portland area, to enable the QM2 and Aurora (using their own tenders) to transfer Indian crew members to the Ventura for repatriation home to India.
  12. My source/s in Carnival House UK , who are working on this new build, have reliably informed me ( today 23rd April) ) that Cunard's new build will not be cancelled, however, it will certainly be delayed as expected. The team/s at shoreside, ie those responsible for the onboard product, interiors & venues etc are still working daily on the new project.
  13. Yes completely agree, however, Cunard are well on top of things and will be making announcements from time to time, in line with updates from the WHO & the Government . We all need to be realistic, even though some Cunard cruises/voyages are still available for sale, no one will be going anywhere (either by ship or aircraft) for several months yet, possibly into the new year I'm afraid.
  14. Sadly this case of Covid was the result of 'new crew members' ( including eight bridge officers) who boarded the Queen Victoria between the 28th & 29th March well after the remaining guests ( including myself) had disembarked, replacing crew members who's contract had come to an end.
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