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  1. As long as you have scanned your passport. If not it does not show on your express pass.
  2. The wording on the express pass is Expedited Arrival
  3. It is on the Port Everglades app. It gives you the terminal assignments 30 days out And we were also advised by the on shore concierge. Terminal 21 is on the other side of the road from terminal 25. You will have to turn left and the cross the road. This is a fairly typical experience of moving from one cruise to another with Celebrity. They promise the world be once you are off you are not the ships responsibility. You are down to finding the correct person shoreside who knows you are coming but does nothing to let anybody know who they are. We have had many a good cruise messed up by this. The shoreside people are terrible unless you are going to an airport. Even the I struggle to trust them to get me on the correct bus.
  4. We are doing the same. The silhouette is at terminal 21, across the road from terminal 25. we have done this quite a bit over the years and Celebrity have moved us from Miami to Port Everglades and vice versa. They usually-it us and the few others doing the same thing on one of their airport shuttles which went to the airport and then to the cruise terminal. The hard bit is to find the correct person when you leave the terminal.
  5. Don’t understand your point. Michael’s and access there is the same as before. Other than redecoration nothing has changed other than the name. Zeniths have the same access as before.
  6. Just boarded the Edge and we have a pen.
  7. If you can’t aa chess thebooking you may have to delete the app and redownload it.i had to do that.
  8. I took these from our balcony in the Embassy Suites this afternoon but it is difficult to make out what is on the balcony.
  9. While we have not been on the Equinox yet, 21 nights booked for 2021 which we expected to have had a full refit for, but the pictures are identical to the Eclipse and Silhouette in CS. I guess we will be a shade disappointed when we cruise. We can’t change as we are doing b2b in the same room but we did pay a fairly hefty revolutionised premium when we booked a year ago.
  10. We did 3 suites where we ate in Blu, the last one being in 2015 before Luminae started and we never ever saw two lines waiting on each of these. We just joined the end of the queue and waited.
  11. Aqua suites were converted into sky suites when suite class started, otherwise you had another 70 cabins visiting blu on the Reflection..
  12. Probably based on what someone else said (like the host or the Md). I learned about 16 cruises ago that the staff often tell you the first thing that they think about rather than what actually happens. I seem to have become cynical in my old age but the number of times you are told one thing and it turns out to be the exact opposite that is the truth.
  13. They ask for your room number when you enter either Blu or Luminae
  14. First part completed with no issues despite my wife worrying about the weather for at least a week. I think all cruise crew tend to over exaggerate things. From experience the Luminae staff keep an eye on where their guests are eating to see if they can help them if they are having issues with Luminae.
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