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  1. I am afraid that the breakfast timings have been like that since the restaurant opened in 2015 and it is unlikely to change. By the time they clear out the brisk trade that arrives at 8.55 to 9.00 and clear up from that, set up for lunch (if at sea) it is getting close to 10am. The staff need to be back either in the buffet or in Luminae for lunch starting.
  2. I think everyone needs to be aware that anything that any crew member tells you about tips is going to be slanted towards maximising the potential rewards rather being a straight up, honest answer.
  3. There are beaches in Bridgetown that you can walk to. It is probably a 30 minute walk. Cross over the bridge in town nearest to where the ship has docked and walk straight on and you will find the beach on your right. There are a number of places set up to cash in on your visit - Pirates Cove, the Boatyard and Harbour Lights being some of the nearer ones.
  4. It is amazing what they do to hide the tip from the UK and Australian markets!!
  5. Thanks. We have the same on Celebrity, particularly if you know the waiters.
  6. I usually take one or two when on Celebrity but we usually travel business to the US so weight no issue, but stuck with Ryanair flights with a 20kg weight limit and losing the jacket may make a difference.
  7. We leave on Thursday to Pick up Preziosa on Friday in Barcelona. I am trying to make my mind up whether I should bring a jacket for evening time. What sort of numbers wore a jacket at the evening mealtimes? We are in the YC.
  8. At least you know what should be available in Luminae. I think we had Carlos either this year or on an earlier one so he should still know how to make them.
  9. That happened to us on our first try at the Azores. The second time we made it although the whole way there the ship was doing a bucking broco act. Third time seemed almost boring.
  10. It was what we had on our 2 cruises in February this year. We are back on board on the second cruise after the revolution. Trying to get ready for our first MSC cruise which starts on Friday.
  11. Someone posted the Luminae wine list on another thread which is attached. Page 2 has/had (if they are not on current menu) the cocktail list. 355611158_LuminaeWine.pdf
  12. When we travel over in February each year we will usually have 4 larger cases as we are over for around 4 weeks all in. All four cases fit under the bed.
  13. The did have the signature cocktails when we were on the ship. My wife made a point of sampling the Ultraviolet almost daily.
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