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  1. Vat is only refundable on goods exported from the EU. Anything consumed in the EU like food and drink is taxable and not available as you cannot export them.
  2. I am fairly sure that laundry, hair salon and internet should have vat on them as they are all vatable supplies.
  3. I don't know why vat is not added to the speciality prices. As far as I am aware it should be along with drinks and drink packages. The trick is to pre buy what you want before the cruise starts via the cruise planner as Vat does not apply to those purchases. I thought Malta was in the EU and was about to look it up. As the drinks shop sells goods duty free i suspect they would need to add both local alcohol duties and VAT which would probably make the items too expensive.
  4. We have been in Luminae more than 10 times and, with the exception of wanting a table for 4 where they need to reorganise things, we have never had to wait for a table other than in a small queue at the desk which takes minutes to clear when a lot of guests arrive at the same time. We have never needed a buzzer. Seating is open. Just turn up when you want. If you do turn up at 8.55 for breakfast which finishes at 9.00 be prepared to wait a little while. You will be seated but it can take a bit of time to take your order etc.
  5. While I have never ordered room service on a Celebrity cruise, I am sure you call room service and the butler brings it to you. For breakfast leave the card out with your selections and again the butler should bring it. They say the menu is different but I have yet to see much difference. Food is very subjective but we like Luminae. We also liked Blu before Luminae was built but feel that the atmosphere is much better in Luminae and you are usually better looked after there. I usually eat from the Luminae menu almost exclusively but my wife will eat a fair number of main dinning room dishes over the course of a cruise. I hope you like Luminae, we do.
  6. Totally agree. Other than sorting out laundry which the room attendant would do anyway, we use them very little. They do try hard bringing trays or plates of this and that - cheese, fruit, shrimp but if we eat any of those, it is only done to make the butler feel better rather than the way it should be. We always ask to remove anything from the fridge that we would pay for so that we can take soft drinks and water from Michael's. sometimes the butler keeps the fridge full of what we bring up, sometimes not. It doesn't matter which way it is to us. The only thing that does irritate me is that if there is no fresh ice which is the butlers job to fill. I hate getting a bucket of cold water with two tiny bits of what once was ice floating on the top. We have probably had many more suites than regular cabins over our cruising life and have done 70% of our Celebrity cruising in suites. We like the suite experience on Celebrity whether or not we use the butler much. It is sometimes nice having someone taking an interest in you and we have had many of the butlers mentioned on this thread and have found them all to be fine. For tipping you have to make your own mind up on. We almost always do, and give similar to what we give the room attendant unless the butler has been a total waste of time (which has only happened once).
  7. We have been in Lanzarote at least 4 times with Celebrity on the Eclipse and the Silhouette and we have always berthed at Muelle de los Marmoles. They run transport from the port to the car park on Calle Juan de Quesada. I cant remember what the charge is. It is walkable but it is a fair distance. We have always taken the bus and we have walked from where it drops you off almost out to the airport.
  8. Just buy everything that you need before you board and you should be ok. Anything purchased on board will have VAT applied.
  9. That is somewhat similar to the suite we had on the Lido deck on the Ruby Princess although we were level with the deck above the bridge and had people there able to look into our cabin. At least we don't have that to worry about. It is booked now so we will see whether we like it in 3 months time.
  10. Sorry I can’t help you wIth that. I have only used an iPad where you just hi the + sign at the top right of the browser to open a new page.
  11. Thanks for the responses. I did change our booking yesterday. Your vIews were similar to mine but I my better half wanted the bigger space. I do recall being on a similar space many years ago on a Princess cruise on their Lido deck saying that we would never stay in that area again as all the balcony furniture moved each night so that you could hardly get out of the door in the morning . That balcony flooded every time there was rain and also suffered from the “secret” door that allowed access to the deck above the bridge which meant you went out on to your balcony early morning and had the potential of people looking into the cabin. Not too concerned about lack of Whirlpool as I we don’t use them. Never sure how often filters are cleaned!! i had already noticed that the bathroom was the same as the other yacht club cabins. Nothing like to Celebrity RS which has a huge bathroom and huge separate shower.
  12. One of thes has become available on a cruise we have booked. We are booked in a YC delux. Is it worth the extra to switch?
  13. Open a new tab in google chrome. Type translate in the search box. Copy and paste text into left side box make sure of the languages to and from and it does it.
  14. It is not showing at all on a TA site that I use to check cabin availability.
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