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  1. Booking a time in a restaurant (at a time you choose and allows you to vary it evening by evening) is not the same as fixed time dining where the the cruise line chooses your time (giving you a choice of two) and the same table and table companions every night. This confusion over dining times and bookings generates a lot of questions from newbies (and not so newbies) on over social media. I prefer knowing when and where I'm eating so I can conserve my energies for more important decisions about my evening.
  2. I agree with your statement as regard freedom dining. However, you clearly state that freedom and fixed dining operate from the same mdr. I was merely trying to clarify for other readers.
  3. P&O have separate dining rooms for fixed and freedom diners. I've been on all their ships (except Iona and Arvia) and fixed and freedom diners have never shared dining rooms.
  4. You can't book the complementary coach online anyway. Cruise Connect/Intercruises don't own their own coaches but hire them. That is why they need the 35 days. If you're lucky they may have 45 passengers and hired a 52 seater (for example) so you will have no trouble. If you're unlucky they have 52 passengers. The only way to know is to phone and ask. For future I've booked my travel a month ago for a cruise in August 2025 after being scared when their phone lines went haywire eight weeks before my last cruise and it took two weeks to get through to them! PS: If you're unlucky you could try Eavesway. But you will have to pay and they are not P&Os "preferred partner" also, their network is not as comprehensive as Intercruise.
  5. Never take my passport ashore (unless told we need too), greater chance of it get stolen or lost than an accident preventing my return to the ship. I take a copy though so I have numbers etc which may expedite matters. Insurance documents are kept on my phone (well online).
  6. If passengers don't return to the ship security staff will retrieve your passport from your cabin and leave it with the port authorities.
  7. That was an Eavesway coach so not booked through P&O who only partner with Intercruise.
  8. 1. Use a credit card 2. It's the bank not P&O 3. This is well known and comes third in topics after dining and dress code.
  9. If you can't walk the few yards from the coach to the terminal you probably won't be able to cope with the steps on the coach. Eavesway (and Intercruise) often use Ellisons coaches which have several high steps from the door to the passenger cabin as it sits on top of the luggage hold. There is one seat on a lower level, next to the driver and, as you can imagine, needs to be booked.
  10. It didn't allow to choose a bed configuration. It allowed you to express a preference. Also, what do you mean by select plus? Never come across that before.
  11. If you wish to take coach travel instead of obc or free parking you need to say when booking. You can book and pay yourself independently. Intercruise/Cruise Connect are the preferred partners of P&O and that is who is used for the "free" option. Or, there is also Eavesway which provide the same service. Can't help with London transfers.
  12. Back in the day when these get togethers were hosted I did observe the host have a quiet word with some people who had entered together, sat together, only spoke to each other etc. They didn't come back. But maybe, don't advertise it in The Horizon but give invitations to those who are travelling alone and whose bookings are not linked with another party.
  13. I often see posts on here (and other places) from people who are worried about cruising for the first time without a partner. Even though they state that they are travelling with family or friends they are often advised to attend the solo get togethers. I am in two minds about this. A tea and biscuit isn't going to bankrupt P&O so why not? But, these meetings are for solo travellers (those who are travelling alone) to meet up to arrange port visits, evening activities and such like and, if you are with friends and family you are not a solo traveller. I'v witnessed the situation where sisters, sharing a cabin, have attended. On the other hand, I have met more than a few solo travellers who had left their partners at home for a myriad of reasons. Single does not mean solo, and solo does not mean single. What are others thoughts. Should those who are not solo travellers be "allowed" to gatecrash these get togethers. Should more of a difference be made between single and solo.
  14. You can take it wherever you want! I often make a g&t last all evening and take it from one venue to another.
  15. Extension cords are not allowed. You are allowed multi socket adaptors that are NOT surge protected.
  16. Solo travellers are more likely to book excursions. A lot of people don’t like (feel safe) wandering round an unfamiliar foreign place on their own.
  17. The price you see advertised is per person, based on sharing a cabin. So you need to double the headline price to see the price for the cabin. The way I see it is that I pay slightly less than a couple and I don't have to share!
  18. I arrive by coach so never use the luggage pods, that is all taken care of.
  19. No. That is to say there are no restrictions on multi-way adaptors. Just extension leads with surge protectors are not allowed (unless needed for medical use).
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