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  1. I agree that the comment about the French was inappropriate but so is insinuating that someone is a racist. For the record, French is a nationality not a race.
  2. Suite breakfast is still in one of the specialty restaurants.
  3. But it appears some people want to be Elite so they can slight others, the lower class cruisers.
  4. Probably somebody who wants to be "Elite Plus".
  5. I think you missed the point of my " Wow! ".
  6. I don't want to start another kerfluffle, but rock and roll was born long before Journey.
  7. Amazing what two words can do. I played electric bass in a band when rock was actually more than just noise, probably before many of you were born. FYI, I would probably sit and enjoy along with everybody else.
  8. I'm sorry and I'll probably get in trouble but I can't resist. How do you wear it without a neck?😁
  9. After reading 4 pages of this thread, I think this is another CC case of the easily confused easily confusing the other easily confused. I'm so confused!😉
  10. I welcome the chance to "unplug". I guess that some can't, too sad.
  11. Thanks me and she nos bedder then dat.
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