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  1. We went to South America in Feb. - March of this year and Oceania booked the flights. We were on Delta to go to South America--we were able to pick our own seats once we were booked but there were no Premium Economy seats left. We returned on United and were able (to self) upgrade to PE. Delta allowed 2 free checked bags but United only allowed 1.
  2. We were on the Sirena in March and the laundry room is now free. I assume all the ships now have free self-serve laundry.
  3. We are currently on the Sirena doing the Buenos Aires to Lima route. The Atlantic side of the trip had rocky seas but the captain was able to get us into all ports and we had a smooth ride around Cape Horn. Normally we are independent travelers and would go off on our own or book a private tour but I found the tour books very unhelpful and didn’t want to get involved with Internet searching so we payed for the Unlimited Package and booked as many tours in each port as possible. The tour to Sea Wolf Island at Punta del Este was cancelled because of high seas. We weren’t expecting anything back for the cancelled tour and were pleasantly surprised that Oceania issued us a refund. The package also gives you a significant discount on the higher priced tours—we booked the Bluff Cove tour to see the penguins. The female King penguins were taking care of their chicks. It was lots of fun. We have a starboard cabin but have only taken advantage of the balcony on the Pacific side of South America—it was just too cold and windy to be outside for long periods of time. Make sure you have winter and summer clothes, the temperatures started in the 80s (in Buenos Aires), dropped down into the 30s as you headed south, and then back into the 70s and 80s as you head north. It has been a wonderful cruise and would highly recommend it.
  4. We'll be on a Feb.20 Oceania trip & we received the Blue Book last week. You will probably be fine but it wouldn't hurt to contact the TA & tell them when you'll be leaving.
  5. I would check with Oceania or your TA. Since you are using Oceania air the transports may be included.
  6. I was on the Marina in 2016. the bathroom had a separate shower and a tub with a shower. I found the shower very annoying. It was small and you were always under a spray of water. I used the tub to shower. It was partially enclosed with glass and you the tub was high so you really needed to grip on something to safely get out of the tub. I would hope that with the renovations and if a tub is being put into the R ships that they do with the more modern design of low tubs.
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