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  1. The $300 for owners suite is per person so would be $600 for two people.
  2. Having recently completed a cruise in a Club World on deck 8 I discovered another advantage of no bar on the sunset veranda - the lack of noise from above. We met people who sailed in 6091 who said they would never do it again due to the vibration and noise they experienced.
  3. It should also be noted that if you are on an Azamara cruise and have another booked which has OBC then you can use that for shore excursions on the future cruise. If booked on the current cruise then you will get a 5 or 10% discount depending how many tours you book. (10% is for more than 3).
  4. Having done this in 2019 yes you can.
  5. The app only works on board for your account (folio) but will work using you own wifi for information relating to future cruises.
  6. Having just spent sometime in a Club World suite I consider that the internet speed is much better there than in other staterooms on Azamara. Previously I have experienced poor wifi speed but this time in the Club World (with a router in the suite) it was very obviously better.
  7. As someone at discoverer plus level I have never had an upgrade although I always apply for them. I suppose they always get snapped up by platinum members on my cruises so therefore I believe the new system to be a fairer method to all LCV members. If more people decide not to bid it will a better chance to those of us who do bid.
  8. There is the option prefer not to say which is the one I used and I was able to complete the survey.
  9. Received a new survey today about loyalty schemes in particular cruise ship loyalty schemes. It is quite a lengthy survey which takes about 20-25 minutes to complete and probes at some depth what I might like in a cruise line loyalty scheme. It seems to look at a points system which will accumulate to give money off shore excursions, future cruises, spa treatments, cabin upgrades and many more. Maybe there are plans to change the current loyalty scheme (remember the veranda plus survey??).
  10. The strength of the bid is an indicator or how likely you would get an upgrade based on your bid. Loyalty is not taken into effect unless two people submit equal bids then the higher loyalty status will play a part. Having placed bids in the system I can see how it is working.
  11. UK travelers will need to renew their passport if less than 6 months to expiry at the end of their European vacation. Also some UK passports had longer than a 10 year span between start and expiry date, these people will also need to renew perhaps 9 months prior to expiry as the EU will only recognise passports with at least 6 months left of the full 10 years and not 10 years and three months.
  12. Good question, currently no-one is very sure it looks like there is a determination to keep things as open as present. There is a common area travel agreement which was actually in place before the EU so perhaps this will still play a part although there may be some sort of border and of course the new ETIAS requirement although the 'visa' may not be needed for N Ireland people going to Rep of Ireland only if we go further to the EU mainland.
  13. Yes this is the same sort of Visa that UK people require to visit USA. It is required for all non-EU citizens not only American and is applied for online similar to the ESTA process.
  14. The email received from Azamara states that the new oceanview cabins will be put in.
  15. The cruise is in October this year.
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