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  1. I have cruised quite a few times on both Azamara and Oceania (Marina and Riveria) and both have positive points. On Oceania there are four speciality restaurants while on Azamara there are two (complimentary on O while you have to pay $30 pp if not in a suite). In my view the speciality restaurants on O are superior in food quality and variety. Service on both lines is about the same. The Azamara ships are smaller and are destination focused while there is more public space on the Oceania ships (O ships) meaning there is more sitting places on wet sea days when it can be difficult to get a seat on Azamara. The one area that the O ships win hands down over Azamara is the guest staterooms - they are much bigger on O, have better storage space and have bathrooms that are much better throughout all categories. Azamara crew are generally more friendly than Oceania and the officers are more visible throughout the ship especially when they get to know you.
  2. I assume you mean you don't get marketing emails - do you not get emails from Azamara such as your invoice for a booked cruise and a reminder close to when final payment is due? I book with Azamara and do receive an email invoice and final payment reminder. It is with these that the email about upgrades is generated.
  3. Unless I'm missing something, you need to be invited to bid not go looking for it. This is how it has worked for my last couple of cruises. You get invited by receiving an email inviting you to bid if you want to.
  4. Done quite a few with O had several late nights in port (incl overnights). All of my cruises had drinks included at no extra cost.
  5. Alas BA have now removed Fever Tree from lounges and planes. They now have Schweppes.
  6. There were two channels showing movies when I was on Pursuit in May this year. Channel 35 (I think) gives the list of movies for the day.
  7. Pursuit sails from Lima on 23 March ending in Miami on 5 April then TA to Lisbon. How will it get from Lima to Caribbean if not this?
  8. I understand that they plan to do this in mid to late 2020 according to a senior Azamara source.
  9. Wonder what will happen when the Silversea loyalty program is incorporated into the LCV program!!
  10. I have been on 'R' class ships that have gone up the Guadalquivir river and docked close to the centre of Seville. From the dock it is a 20 minute walk to Seville centre. Often there is a shuttle bus to take you to the centre if you don't want to walk.
  11. I think people are getting too hung up about 'weak' or 'strong' bids - I bid what was described as a weak bid for a suite and was successful on a cruise where there were only three or four suites available. My bid was actually what would have been paid for an upgrade under the old system.
  12. The 17th-24th October is a charter so the original Suez transit was moved to 24th October.
  13. Cat 07 is listed as an ocean view in the current brochure on the stateroom description pages.
  14. Not sure what the coffee brand is but it is not very good just passable. Oceania coffee (Illy) is much superior.
  15. Loyalty is only a factor when there are two or more bids equal.
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