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  1. I travel in suites with my mother... beds definitely separate. The only time we were told it couldn't be done was in the PH (twice!). Come to find out, that isn't true. I visited the PH once and saw the bed separated. Not sure why the butlers insisted it couldn't be done and put me on a cot the first time and the (AWFUL) pullout the 2nd time. I would love to travel in a suite with my bestie. We feel fortunate we have a window. LOL
  2. I get a deep tissue once a month... my issue is finding someone on board who can do a GOOD deep tissue massage. What are your goals for your massage? Do you want to relax and possibly fall asleep... do you have areas that get really tight/sore from travel or sleeping in a different bed? What's your pain tolerance? How tight are your muscles in general... do you stretch regularly? Swedish is a good first choice as it's an all over gentle massage. The next question is usually... what do I wear? Personally, the best thing to wear is nothing at all. You will never be exposed. If the therapist doesn't tell you, get under the heated blanket and lay on your back with your arms under the blanket. ALWAYS speak up if anything is uncomfortable or causes pain. I have two areas that are especially ticklish that I ask her to avoid. If you want her to concentrate on your back or your neck/head, say so. It's YOUR massage so speak up!
  3. The TVs in the CS on Equinox were much larger than previous times we have been there. The remotes were different, too. The planters on the balcony are a PAIN. They are fixed to the deck so they can't be moved out of the way. If they were in a corner it would be one thing. So many times I wished to move a chair into or out of the sun and the #$@% planter was in the way.
  4. It's NOT?!? Oh, man... I'm going to need a new excuse.😜
  5. MEcruzr


    There will be an "open house" on embarkation day. Go to it. Look around. Usually there's a drawing for free services. Anyone who stays for the talk before the drawing gets a discount coupon if they don't win a prize. My sister and law and I got a coupon for a free "extra service" with any massage. On sea days they will often have pop up mini massages outside of the buffet or on the pool deck. I always stop to talk to them. I'll try a couple of the different therapists and if I find one I like I will talk about booking with her. If I'm offered a discount I will get her card and ask her to write the offer on her card. That way I KNOW it will be honored if I book it. It's hard to prove after the fact. I also make sure I see the pricing on my service before I go in for it. Not saying they do it on purpose, but there have been times when it's higher than quoted and it's hard to prove otherwise afterward. Keep any coupons or offers and bring them with you to the appointment.
  6. Noro can be airborne. If you DO use pubic restrooms... should you ever (sorry for what comes next) smell vomit in the restroom turn around and LEAVE. I'm not a germaphobe in the sense that I worry about germs. I do, however, have a healthy respect for avoiding getting sick. My biggest "ick" are menus. How often do you think THOSE get a wipe down??? LOL If you're trying to cut back on your bread consumption, think of that the next time you reach for a roll. 😉
  7. TRUE! We did this when we upgraded from a CS to a RS for our upcoming May cruise. Made the price difference when we went NRD worth the upgrade. So the perks were not an issue then.
  8. Us, too... it's heavy, hard and too low. Mostly it's just in the way. LOL
  9. My personal "rules" when cruising... Do not eat with hands that have not JUST been washed. Use a untensil! Do not touch face/eyes/nose/mouth with hands that have not JUST been washed. Only use my cabin restroom and avoid all public restrooms. Push buttons with a knuckle or elbow, push doors with forearm. Travel with disinfecting wipes and clean surfaces on the plane and hotel rooms. Cross fingers, hope for the best and have a great time! I do what I can to avoid infection but I don't worry about it.
  10. Another option is to book the refundable rate... and just before final payment change it to nonrefundable. You'll get the difference credited back. By then you're going to be under the cancellation penalty period soon anyway. Whether the deposit is refundable or not won't matter much once final payment is made. You can change your booking from refundable to nonrefundable at any time before final payment. BUT, you can't change it from nonrefundable to refundable ever.
  11. This just needs to be said one more time so I quoted you! No one has any "status" on any ship. Guests have benefits they have earned and amenities/perks they have purchased. People who seem entitled on a cruise probably live their daily lives like that and it has nothing to do with captain's club level or cabin category booked. Best thing anyone can do is walk away from them.
  12. I absolutely got that you weren't laying blame... other posts were not so kind.
  13. I didn't take your post as griping. You have valid concerns and made valid points.
  14. That's because the passengers aren't under strict isolation... the ship is. Those who are confirmed to have the virus are then removed and properly isolated at a facility. I keep thinking about The Wrath of Kahn when Spock says, "The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few."
  15. I like the inside bedroom because it stays darker in the morning. One of us can get up, open the drapes, use the balcony, have coffee and not disturb the other if they want to sleep in. The two doors to the bathroom is a great design for this reason, too.
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