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  1. "#1 When will Covid19 be gone? Not just diminished but no cases worldwide for a couple weeks?" This one is easy to answer. NEVER. We will never be rid of this virus... any more than we are rid of HIV, herpes, the common cold or SARS. Our focus right now is on the first wave of infection. We're attempting to slow the rate of infection so our health care system can treat (and keep alive) as many people as possible. After this initial peak we will see waves of new infections... each time, hopefully, fewer and fewer, but never zero. One projection I saw said this will take 25 weeks. Best case scenario would be some semblance of normalcy starting around September, give or take, based on when infections first peaked where you live. Our state is expecting to peak in about 3 weeks... so 6 months from late April we might be seeing most things open and functioning more like we're used to. I'm not even considering travel for the next year. But that's me, based on my research/reading with no rose colored glasses on.
  2. Book with a refundable deposit... but do NOT apply your FCC until you are 100% sure the cruise will happen. FCC will not be reissued. Once you use your certificate it's like a coupon and is considered "redeemed". We will not be gambling with our FCC. I'd be comfortable with a refundable deposit for 2021, but nothing else at this time.
  3. Gone. All promotional perks are tied to your booking. If the booking is canceled, the promotion benefits/perks like drink packages, tips paid, OBC, wifi, upgrades, etc... those are gone. You'll get whatever is being offered at the time you rebook.
  4. You'll probably find that it's going to be part of your overall refund/FCC... however it is that you will get compensated. The day we decided to cancel our cruise the first thing I did was remove my bid offer. THEN I canceled. Same with the hotel reservation... I canceled the upgrade offer and then canceled the reservation.
  5. It's up to you. You can book another cruise and not use your FCC until you're ready. I will save it for final payment... and you're right, to do that you must book something that isn't within 90 days of sailing.
  6. Those will be refunded, the remainder will be your FCC total.
  7. To that I would say... these are uncharted waters. What seems "outrageous" on one day is apparently "normal" on the next. Just look around. New situations, new rules. I would not assume ANYthing. Nor would I risk/play around with my FCC certificate.
  8. Maine is closed to cruise ships for the month of April... I suspect it will get extended very soon. The downtown area in Portland is shutting down. Everything is closed today to stop St. Patrick's Day gatherings. Restaurants (like D'Millos) are closed indefinitely. Parking garages are only allowing monthly renters in/out... no hourly or daily use. Our ferry system cut the passenger allowance by 50% and are not selling "cruise" tickets so no one can just go for a ride. One island I know of off the midcoast has said only full time residents are allowed on the island. If this extends to the summer the "summer people" who own cottages there can't move back. DMV has closed. Our town offices are closed for business. Medical practices are closed except for emergencies. This in a state with only 12 confirmed cases as of yesterday. I haven't checked today. No way we will be open for cruise business in May... and probably not June!
  9. Bad idea. Once you "redeem" your FCC certificate it's considered spent. You don't get it back if you don't go on that cruise. I don't know why this is... I just know that I've been reading up on it because we are getting a FCC. Be very careful when you apply your FCC. As far as I can tell, the FCC certificates can not be reissued. Use it or lose it once you redeem it.
  10. Maine has closed Portland and Bar Harbor through April and it sounds like that will get extended. Cancel and get your money back. I'm reading that FCC is lost if you cancel any cruise you apply it to (it's considered "redeemed" once it's applied... like a discount coupon... you can't get the value back). Cancel and get your $$ back while you can! IF, by some miracle, that cruise sails you will be able to get a heck of deal on it last minute.
  11. It took our agent several days to process our cancellation. You won't be the first customer your agent helps... they have lists of cancellations ahead of you. No one should wait until the last day to cancel, IMHO.
  12. We canceled on 3/10 and while in the 75% penalty phase. First, they honored the original cancellation agreement and refunded 25%. Then, with the new temporary policy, they covered our "cancellation fees" (75%) with a FCC.
  13. If you go back and see my first post you'll see that we got some refunded to our cc and the rest in FCC. We were in the 75% penalty phase. So 25% was refunded and 75% we received in FCC. We are now waiting to cancel our airfare and hoping the airlines offer something or cancel our flights.
  14. My mom and I were just talking about him this past weekend. I was doing some cleaning for her and on the windowsill were two little tidbit dishes that she bought onboard with his signature. She said, "I should probably throw those away..." I wouldn't let her. Remember when you had 12 pieces of silverware at your setting every night? We talk about how hard the wait staff work... it's nothing compared to what it used to be.
  15. Agree with you... my TA was down with the FLU when I reached out to cancel my cruise. 😞 They are among the unsung heroes in this mess.
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