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  1. We cancelled our May 2nd cruise in mid March. Got the partial refund, taxes, port fees refunded late April. Got the FCC last week. I contacted our TA and asked if she had heard anything. She called X and requested to speak to a supervisor who assured her we would get our FCC "within 24 hours". We did.
  2. Thanks for the walk down memory lane... I keep hoping they bring it back. And Bistro On 5...
  3. I'm thinking they will only use exterior cabins (with balconies) and that it will be based on cabin #... meaning they will not book side by side cabins. If "your" cabin isn't one they plan to use, you'll be out. Social distancing by way of cabin location. Of course, we're all just guessing.
  4. I don't miss the flights home, unpacking, laundry and putting away of things I won't use until the next cruise. I don't miss afternoon sea days.
  5. The CDC approved one crew member to disembark Edge in the US yesterday. It's still happening. According to ABC news on 6/14 there were still 40,000 cruise ship crew worldwide still not repatriated.
  6. In order for ANY ship to sail on October 5th (or later) the provisions would have to be ordered today... 88 days is the minimum, according to a regular CCritic member. Knowing the current situation, does anyone believe that X is ordering anything right now, for any of their ships? That they are ready to announce a restart? That they have started hiring/training again? That protocols are in place and things like port terminal air filtration systems will be completed by October? Last I read, too, the crew have not all been repatriated yet. What's the current situation there, does anyone know?
  7. When I travel with my friend we have no issue with sharing a cabin (twin beds) and a bathroom. She takes WAY more time getting ready than I do. So she uses the cabin bathroom and I use the spa bathroom. It's large, everything is provided, the showers are private and we are both easily ready at the same time. I even have time for a quick dip in the pool or a sauna before showering if I start when she does. I offer this info as an alternative solution to the second bathroom.
  8. Not likely to happen. They want people in cabins... because those people spend money. An empty cabin generates no extra $$. Plus, when cruising resumes it's very likely going to happen with reduced capacity. I doubt they will allow an empty cabin to be "counted" toward the passenger total. A possible work around would be to book the inside cabin in their husbands' names... who would then be "no shows" at embarkation. The wives could request extra key cards to their husbands' cabin once onboard. They'd have to pretend their spouses were supposed to be catching up with the ship at the first stop... then say no, they aren't coming after all. Not honest, but you did ask how it could be done.
  9. I also wouldn't rely on any cruise company supplying my mask. If they run out and you don't have one... what then? Using their disposable masks would be a back up plan if lost mine from home. It's a non issue for me, though. I can't imagine wearing a mask for hours at a time while trying to have FUN. It's bad enough just going grocery shopping.
  10. In the new FAQ document is says this... "As we have seen in our 'new' daily life on land, it will be necessary to wear a facemask in all circumstances where it is not possible to guarantee the appropriate social distancing. It will not, however, be required in outdoor areas, on sun loungers, in the swimming pool and during the meal and bar service, once seated at the table; instead, it will be mandatory to wear a mask at the terminal and during the boarding process and in all other public areas of the ship." Bring your own mask or get one from Costa... "We recommend, for the convenience of each guest, acquiring the necessary personal protective equipment prior to departure; however, Costa will make every effort to provide disposable masks and gloves upon request during your stay."
  11. I read that, too... masks and health checks required at embarkation (which you will receive an "appointment" for) and onboard masks are required when inside (public areas) unless seated for eating/drinks. Outside, like at the pool, you can take it off. No buffet, all meals and snacks served in restaurants only. Also, they will only seat you with people you are traveling with and you can't change your dining assignment. No dance parties/disco nights. Casino will be open, tables will be limited in players and no one will be able to stand and watch the players. Fewer machines will be operational. Shows will have limited seating for distancing. This is what Costa has put out. There's more... that's all I can recall right now. I read enough to know that cruising like this won't be something I'll sign up for at this point. I'm not that desperate to cruise. Yet.
  12. Absolutely! I just didn't want anyone to read it with a current date and think hey, let's go do that. The islands are trying very hard to keep their aging populations safe. Day trippers are a real threat to them. Also, the ferry has reduced passenger limits and trips per day meaning there is a very real chance that people who LIVE on the islands will not be allowed to board the ferry to go home. My cousin's grandchildren and their other grandmother were turned away because the ferry they needed to take home had reached capacity. The next boat to our island was the following day. Weekenders and day trippers (tourists) are causing much concern this summer.
  13. As of right now, though, CBL is NOT selling "tour" tickets. You can't just take a ride on the ferry. It's considered public transportation and under the emergency order nonessential riders can't purchase tickets. Check the CBL website for the current status to avoid disappointment at the terminal. Non ticketed people are not allowed in the waiting room at this time, even.
  14. My TA said she would probably receive the email with our FCC and would forward it to us.
  15. I had a thought... IF a ship, like Apex, does sail with passengers in October... AND at a reduced passenger load (30-50% are the numbers I've seen thrown about in discussions) then I wonder how they will choose who gets to go, and who gets the "boot"? Are the October cruises booked above this rate now? Provisions for any cruise will need to be ordered within the next two weeks if sailing is to happen in October!
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