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  1. Sadly canceled my September 11 Canada cruise out of Boston last night ! I changed the trip to a land trip since we already had flights going in and out of Boston was able to change the date a few days later and actually got $100 credit ( I can still cancel at no fee)! If everything is better we will be seeing three cities in Canada and doing a lot of driving through some beautiful countryside that we’ve never seen !! I now look forward to our Pacific coastal cruise September 2021 that we already had booked!! Things will probably never be the same but will have to make the best!! I hope all CC people stay safe !!
  2. Yeah we were fortunate to only have had to put $200 down when we booked it on a cruise through the Panama Canal in 2017.We had to book a 2019 cruise and then rolled into 2020 as soon as it came available. We have been planning this cruise for about four years for a 20 yr anniversary ! We will probably cancel it soon ! As of now I’m gonna keep the flights and if things are better we will do a three city land tour in Canada!! We do have a 2021 cruise planned from Vancouver to LA so we look forward to that !!
  3. Thank you so much for all of the input we’ve been talking about it and we are probably going to cancel in the next couple weeks and look forward to planning my road trip from Boston to Montreal and Quebec city in a car!! we will save money on the cruise and I look forward to researching more info since I’m going to be off for a couple more weeks!! stay safe everyone!!! and look forward to our cruise in 2021 from Vancouver to LA!!
  4. That is the cruise we are booked on !!! So sad I have been sooo excited!!😕
  5. I only have a $200. Deposit that we booked on a cruise and the $2500 is a payment we made a couple moths ago so totally refundable.We will pay to change flight because we do not need a 16 day land trip! Will probably change to a ten day and drive to Montreal? We have the last four at Marriott Longwarf ( already used the points) I will have backup plans since I still have at least two more weeks before I get to go back to work!!
  6. Yes I’m very glad we did our first B2B in October in the Caribbean!! Like I said we still owe $4500 and we have $2500 paid already !not sure if we want invest all this money considering I’m not working right now Since the shut down March 20 in California ! I really don’t want cruise credit since we have a cruise booked for 2021 already! I’ll probably just wait until final payment is due and make the final decision! We might just do a land trip since we really have flights and save $7000 and put it towards our 2021 Pacific coastal cruise!!
  7. My husband and I have been going back-and-forth about this. would you cancel your September trip knowing that our final payment is due the beginning of June?? I still owe $4500 on the trip and I hate to pay the amount and be unsure of the ease of traveling by September!! We already have flights also from Ca. to Boston ! We booked this for our 20th anniversary and I’ve been planning on it for a couple years! We were also heading to Costa Rica next week for part of our 20th anniversary amazing year of travel!!😐 what crazy times this is !! I know everyone might have a different idea of what they would want to do but just curious at some of the opinions here??
  8. I was also on an Infiniti cruise thru the Panama Canal that had some people with Norovirus and the chemicals did affect me I ended up with a bad cough that turned into a sinus infection. We have a cruise in September and are still on the fence of canceling before final payment we were so excited about this cruise to Canada!!
  9. We’ve been there a couple of times and both times we went during the day when it is not busy. the bartender likes to talk about the tequila and we were able to try quite a few different varieties.I don’t know if they ever do a formal tasting we enjoyed the informality of it and the personal info it was just a group of four of us.
  10. I’ve been to Panchos a couple times And I’m actually heading back to Cabo next week probably make another stop in ! I’ve tried many different types tequila there I am partial to Blanco’s But everyone’s taste is totally different!I like the Patron silver ,Don Julio Blanco, Don Blanco 70 !But my personal favorite is Casamigos (George Clooney‘s creation) Super smooth sipping tequila! We usually keep at least five different types in our home we like to do side-by-side tastings with friends and family! The last cruise we did stopped in Cozumel we actually went to Jose Cuervo‘s site(excursion booked through Celebrity) and did a tasting there and enjoyed a different way of tasting tequila and bought a couple of very nice high-end tequilas!!
  11. Thanks for the input will check back later and see if any new cruises come up for 2022!
  12. I see there’s a cruise from Santiago Chile to San Diego this March 2020 but there’s nothing in 2021 and 2022.Going forward since I do live in San Diego I was hoping to do that possibly 2022 I wanted to book while on board this September on the summit. Is anybody else looking for this itinerary ? I’m curious if they are just going to stop doing it this March?
  13. My trip is not till 2021 and also curious about the price not sure if we want to just do it on our own or hire someone for the day.
  14. Great idea I just posted a question about trying to use on board credit to put a deposit on a cruise which we can’t do ! And we have $700 credit on next year’s cruise and We have always love the robes so we will be purchasing two to take home!!
  15. I know this is probably been asked before but can use some onboard credit to put a deposit on a future cruise?
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