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  1. If anyone has any doubts about the Luninae food choices, just download the Celebrity app and select the current cruise on Constellation for example and go look at all the daily menus... There is usually a seafood option in both the appetizers and the entrées, but never only seafood in either. ... On a couple of occasions the appetizers were mainly seafood, but never exclusively seafood. For the entrées, the only time you would tend to see more than one seafood option out of the 5 choices on the main menu was if the pasta had a seafood component.
  2. This really isn’t true for the current menus. There is a set of 14 menus, we were in Luminae for all 14, I choose not to eat seafood, and I always had a choice each night. No special requests, just the normal menus.
  3. No, that is not something Celebrity does. You will get a nice clean glass each time.
  4. I find it odd that vodka is the only spirit they include, we might have found the upgrade interesting, but it is no good to us without some flexibility there as neither of us drinks vodka...
  5. That isn't really how I look at this question, and no, it has no impact on the food or my experience at the table, it is more that I find it sad that with so few rules there are still people unable to follow even these very light guidelines designed to maintain the sort of ambiance that goes with the rest of the decor and style of the ship. Not exactly a hidden rule so why not follow it or find a ship that doesn't have the rule rather than book and plan to ignore it... ? I find it very unfair to put Celebrity staff in the firing line to decide how and when to enforce it, do them the courtesy of following the rules and not putting them in an awkward position...
  6. If you cancel before the cruise sails it is a little variable but generally within about a week. You do need to keep track of the refunds though if you are doing this often to take advantage of sales and other price reductions, as we had one cancellation that got 'stuck' and took us until a month after the cruise ended to get a refund processed, even though it had been cancelled 2 weeks before we sailed...
  7. It is there, but you get the option to just enter the details manually if you prefer...
  8. When you get the package as a perk, it only shows properly after the perks associated with your booking are 'unpacked' a few days before sailing. You can phone and ask them to do it earlier if you want.
  9. That needs a little texture, when we sailed on Millennium just before Christmas, the app was accurate for the vast majority of the meals once we were onboard. it was inaccurate on a couple of items that changed on the day, but was reliable aside from that.
  10. We cruised on Millennium from 7th - 22nd Dec and there was only very occasional Christmas music to be heard. Decorations were out though so it had a Christmas feel, but nothing really noticeable on the music.
  11. Luminae is only one of the suite benefits, even if for some reason you would prefer to eat in Blu the other benefits may still represent value for some. Not the least of those benefits would be cabin size of course, the Retreat, and priority debarking ...
  12. Once again though, you are assuming that the 'overcrowding' is the direct result of suite guests which really isn't a proven fact. It may be the result of Celebrity staff not following their own rules in regard to requests from suite guests, but that isn't the same thing and of course it can also be the result of too many Aqua guests wanting to dine at the same, time or simply just too many Aqua guests in general on some ships.
  13. I'm not suggesting it is an easy 'win' to go after, and where a UK consumer has taken steps to appear to be a USA resident purchaser to bypass restrictions on location when making a reservation they would seem to be completely outside the scope of UK/EU regulations, but... there are a few US based TA's that actively advertise to UK residents, provide UK toll-free numbers etc. These are the ones who may have crossed the line and rendered themselves subject to UK/EU regulations by effectively carrying on their business in the UK/EU. Still not saying it is an easy reach, but I can at least see there is scope to look into it further. The result though may be that the US TA's shut the door on any future sales outside their territory, so this may be a case of 'be careful what you wish for...'
  14. That makes more sense then since the link had already been altered by the time I read it. There is a related point though, the original comment was correct as far as protection for the flights goes though. If you want to be sure that the flights are covered in the same way as the cruise you do need to book them both as a single transaction or you risk only having full protection for the cruise, not the flights. Re protection for those booking in the USA I tend to agree, this is unlikely to succeed, but to the extent that some USA based TA's do clearly promote and offer their services directly to UK/EU based customers, there is at least some scope to consider that they have opened themselves up to the impact of UK consumer law...
  15. I'm not sure there is actually any 'news' in that link. The reason that a full refund was denied at the time it was asked for was stated to be that the TA had not yet received confirmation from the cruise line that the cruise had been affected. Once that confirmation had been received I'm sure the refund would have been processed...
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