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  1. Now you just have to find a retired Sales & Marketing exec to explain where the replacement customers are going to come from... 🙂 I get the concern that they are giving away too much to an expanding group, but absent any evidence to suggest that there is significant unfulfilled demand from younger less 'elite' groups, it would not seem sensible to throw away all those seniors...
  2. ... and then don't let them off the ship in any ports? ... or just sail in circles and let them look at a port through binoculars... ? ... and of course you'd have to quarantine them locally to the departure port so just add 2 weeks to everyone's vacation time... ?
  3. Firstly, many people with chronic conditions already booked before this was a consideration, so this amounts to a change in T&C for them, and secondly 'chronic' just means 'long term' it does not imply either a degree of seriousness or severity. I suspect that there are very few people over 70 that don't have at least one chronic condition, but that doesn't mean the condition has any impact on their daily lives nor that it even requires medication. These words have very specific meanings, and I don't get the sense that they are being used correctly in many cases.
  4. I've read through the Princess web site and I can't actually find any reference to the "underlying severe chronic medical conditions" requirement mentioned in the CC article... Does anyone have a link that shows this limitation on the Princess site? Even if it is there somewhere, I still think they are using the wrong language, severe refers to the intensity of something, usually on a range, i.e. mild, moderate or severe. The term “severe” is not the same as serious, for example, a headache can be severe, but insignificant from a medical perspective. Seriousness seems to be the right factor to be considering, not severity.
  5. Agreed, the ‘severe’ component of the rules needs definition and examples...
  6. Loaded, possibly, but I'd say it is relevant regardless, as if it turns our that herd immunity isn't relevant, we will still need to consider that remaining in 'lock-down' isn't viable either for a whole lot longer either... Can continue to hope for a vaccine or even an effective treatment regime, but at some point you have to let economic activity function again in whatever passes for 'normal' at that point or some very bad things will start to happen... Pension payments have to come from somewhere for example and it isn't a mystical large pile of cash somewhere... There is still plenty of positive news around about human vaccine trials starting in various places around the world, but I doubt that, even with accelerated testing, we will be able to wait for a proven solution... ... let's hope I'm wrong...
  7. I'm not sure that this is a problem, it is only in force while the public health emergency is in effect. These are the things they would have to do if the 'no sail' order was lifted, but the emergency was still in place...
  8. We don't even need lasting immunity though. Yes, it would be ideal of course, but it would be sufficient to have greatly reduced symptoms and reduced probability of transfer to others, and so far what evidence their is tends to suggest this is more likely than not. The doubts over this seem to come mostly from a limited number of cases of reinfection in South Korea, but there is no clarity on how reliable those reports really are at this point. So yes, we will see what happens...
  9. I'm not holding out hopes for an effective vaccine any time soon, and cruising only if you have already had the virus doesn't sound like much of an alternative either... Sooner we give up trying to pretend we can protect everyone and allow herd immunity to build up, the sooner we can get back to whatever passes for 'normal' in the future. It certainly will not be a cost free process, but neither is shutting down most economic activity for long periods either...
  10. I'm only seeing a re-post of the March 27th warnings, nothing new or changed... ?
  11. It feels like we are drifting from debating the conditions that are currently in place, to wishing for those that some would like to be in place... Obesity may well be a root cause or precursor for other conditions, but if those other conditions are not yet in evidence then it should not, by itself, be a reason not to sign a form.
  12. Yes, you are... Chronic is not a definition of severity or impact, it just means ... 'persisting for a long time or constantly recurring'. So yes, you have chronic conditions. The problem with the wording they are using is the ambiguous and somewhat undefined use of 'severe'.
  13. I would say that the 5 night package would be more than adequate and possibly even too much. The MDR will most likely have one special evening, and frankly Le Petit Chef had zero appeal for us as regimented eating with everyone having to be on the same course at the same time across the whole restaurant while being entertained by animations between courses is something we'd expect to find on Disney, not Celebrity. That leave only Tuscan and Sushi, both with one unchanging menu. Sadly the M class ships do not do the speciality restaurants well, should have put Murano on there, not Tuscan. For a week though I'd take the 3 night package and the MDR or forget the meal package and go for Blu all week.
  14. I would have been more concerned if it had been accepted....
  15. So many groups and so little time 🙂 .. but I’m sure my meaning at least was clear.
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