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  1. I've seen where the kids eat their meal with the parents. Then one of them runs them up stairs if they have to be signed in, then you come back and have dessert. If they are old enough to sign themselves in, even better.
  2. We were on the 12 day Ruby Princess to Alaska. The MDR kept their TD times for all port days. 5pm and 7:15pm, even if we departed at 9:00pm. Luckily we had to switch to Anytime Dining because I wanted to use the middle dining rooms as our room was forward on Lido deck.
  3. Thought I would come back and share my experience with everyone. I decided to carryon my 12 bottles of wine. Glad I did because there is NO Wine package offered. This was a 12 day cruise too. So I stop at the Alcohol Table to pay my Corkage Fee but there wasn't anyone there. Soon they started to board around 11:30 and a lady from Princess told me to just board with it. So on I went. First stop the MDR for lunch, where I pulled a bottle out of my carry-on. The waiter took my card and I was charged the $15 fee. Every night when I brought one to dinner I also paid the corkage fee.
  4. We sailed on the Ruby, 12 days to Alaska, The dining times remained the same for Port and Sea days. TD was 5pm and 7:15. Even when our departing times were 8:30 pm. I was thinking all dining rooms would be anytime at the late departing ports, but this was not the case. Luckily we had switched to anytime dining so we could dine in the middle dining areas. Our cabin was all the way forward, so we found it easier.
  5. Hello everyone, thought I would let you know that on the Ruby to Alaska, I could buy as many cartons as I wanted and take them to my room. As I was on a 5 day Cabo trip a year ago on the Ruby and could not take them to my room, I was very surprised. I bought 4 cartons and took them to my room. I was told that it depends on the port of calls, if they allow them brought to your room or the hold them till last day. Cost was $79 for two cartons. or $4 a pack at the bars. Didn't check store price.
  6. When you arrive at the pier on your tender, keep walking straight off the pier across the path and through the shop area directly across from you to the street. This is where the pedi-cabs are waiting for you. While in town you will see them all over and can flag one down. Or have a bar or restaurant where you are get one for you when your ready to go back to the ship.
  7. Thank you this is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks to everyone who responded.
  8. Sailing on the Ruby. Can I buy cigarettes on board? Seems like I couldn't buy a carton and had to buy at the bar. Thanks in advance.
  9. Cindy thank you once again for all sharing all your observations. Very happy about the butter, lol I can not wait to start eating, hahaha My favorite part of cruising is the food, MDR mainly. I'm a waitress so I loved to be served. We do a lot of MDR, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Love to just relax and be waited on. Hope your cruising back is smooth sailing and you continue to enjoy your cruise. Take care of the Ruby, I'll be waiting for you to get off so I can get on. I'm always at port early. hahahaha
  10. How can you be on the Ruby? She's still at sail. She gets back from Hawaii 4/23 and I will be boarding her for Alaska. You must be on another ship. Whichever ship you were on I'm glad you had a nice cruise.
  11. Cindy, I have been watching with much anticipation, LOL Glad you are having a blast. Did you use or check out the steam and sauna rooms? I'm hoping to use the hot tubs and steam and saunas in the spa area. We have a Lido cabin, just one floor down. So sorry you missed the Magic To Do show, I too am looking forward to this one. I'll be sure to look for it the first night, just in case. Sounds so wonderful watching a movie from the Hot Tub under the stars. Are you enjoying the food? Burgers, pizza, IC and MDR and buffet? Happy sailing!!! I can not wait to board the Ruby next Tuesday!!!
  12. I believe it is a club class. At least this morning they showed one mini available and it was CC. It's been sold out for a couple of days now. I would probably take it if it was. But I do like a covered balcony for Alaska, if the weather is wet.
  13. She must be having to much fun, LOL She forgot all about us, hahaha Happy cruising everyone!!!
  14. I believe the are open from 11 to 11 though. So no early morning coffee there. Down to IC or drink the coffee in the buffet area on Lido deck.
  15. Oh my DH will definitely be wearing his Tommy Bahama shirt to dinner, LOL First ship to Alaska, very early in season. This is his favorite shirt. hahaha
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