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  1. Hi all! Thanks to your wonderful input here we have decided to try Allure out for the summer (hopefully we are all cruising by then). We currently have an Owners Suite booked on Harmony, so we will be moving our booking. Upon our research, the crown loft suites are available for less, and seem to be more impressive than the Owners Suites. Is this perception correct? Any pros or cons to the Crown Loft suite? On a lark, we asked our TA to check into the panoramic Owners or Grand suites as well. I'm sure they'll be way out of budget, but man are those cool! So opinions sought on Owners vs Crown Loft. We're a family of 3, mom dad and a 10 year old if that makes a difference. and a PS: how much more would one of those panoramic suites be worth to you if you've done it..5k more? 1k? Nothing? Thanks all!
  2. Thanks everyone! One piece of info I inadvertently omitted was that we are in an Owners suite. Any impact on those amenities?
  3. Hey everyone! We are on our third attempt to take our 1st RCCL cruise. We had been scheduled to go on Harmony in July, and then November so now we're trying to reschedule yet again for NEXT July (2021). The bummer is that Harmony is being moved from PC to Italy/Spain when we're looking to change our dates and Allure is being put in its place. Are we going to be missing out on a lot by taking that boat? If so we can still cancel and get a refund, but we have been so excited to try something new (we've been Carnival cruisers for a while). I know they are considered the same "class" (Learned that here!) but even still it seems like there's a lot of variance between ships. Oasis is up in NJ, and the itinerary is just too long for our little one and it appears the newer boats are in Alaska and Asia. We'd prefer a Florida departure as we are within driving distance. Insights greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm curious which ones have decided to push back? Atlantis has already started sending the "we're back!" emails so I wonder if they've had to backtrack already.
  5. Hey everyone- we're coming to a cruise on Royal hopefully in November. We've been away for a while, and since our last cruise, we've gotten married and I've legally changed my name. Is there an easy way to update my name with RC? I've tried emailing them, but obviously there's more pressing issues for them to deal with. I'm hoping there's some simple way I can do this.
  6. I'm not sure if we paid for the 4 Perks or not, but they have a line on the booking confirmation at a price, and we did pay above what just the taxes would have been, but it wasn't anything like sticker price. That's why I think we may still get more OBC from MLife as well. As much time ($$$) as my husband spent in the casino to earn it, I just want to get what we're entitled to. 😊 I have a printout of where it breaks down booking charges and it says "4Perks"- which I am assuming is enough if there were to be an issue down the road? I always carry a copy of it with me ever since we had an issue 7 years ago on a Carnival cruise.
  7. Hi All! New future Celebrity cruisers booked for February. My husband did the booking this time so I'm just trying to make sure I understand it all. We booked as an annual cruise benefit, but he also added the 4 Perks to our reservation when they were doing a promo to include them for cheap. I went into my cruise planner just now and it was telling me about my 300 in OBC, and was promoting the drink package. Now, my understanding was that the 4 Perks would include that. Is that just a standard thing everyone sees and I shouldn't be worried? Also, we had this from his MLife status from this past year's casino spend/play (not a status match) and I believe he is entitled to some extra benefits there- including OBC. If we have it from the perks, does anybody know if you'll still get it- as in get both sets of OBC? Last question (for now) will the casino status match to an equivalent level where he can get those perks? I have read some old threads and I got myself extra confused trying to figure out the Captain's Club vs the Blue Chip Club. The Casino board is so quiet, so I thought I'd ask here- sorry if not the right place.
  8. Thanks for the answer! Followup question...if you're in a Star or Sky level suite on an Oasis class ship, do you get the cokes/waters and stuff in the room for free as well? or is it a mini-bar like every other room on the ship? Sorry to ask so many questions- just happy to get clear info for once. We're (hopefully) going on HotS in an Owners Suite at Thanksgiving and its our first Royal, and my husband is a HUGE diet coke drinker!! 😊
  9. Do suite lounges include soft drinks like cokes for all day too?
  10. Hello All- First time Celebrity cruisers going in February and booked on Edge. We were able to snag the last open Sunset Veranda yesterday but now I'm worried about its location. We are on Deck 12 in the smack dab middle of the boat. Looking at the deck plans, it looks like there's a restaurant above us? Is this an awful and noisy cabin? I can't find anything for this room exactly (12266) and I haven't found a whole bunch about the neighboring ones either. I appreciate your input.
  11. Hello everyone- getting enticed by these great prices but can't find a key piece of info. Is the cancellation policy still the same for the future months if I booked today? I'm considering an October cruise but if life got crazy (not covid crazy, just regular life stuff) would I be able to cancel? I know other lines are doing "cruise with confidence" and "lift and shift" but I'm not finding that sort of verbiage anywhere on Carnival's site. Thanks yall!
  12. Hi..dumb question- how do you look for it using the code? I’m newish to the carnival comp system and learning stuff all the time. Thank you
  13. Very nice Kwokpot! We're not looped in with RC yet. We do have a free cruise because of our noir status in vegas. I wonder if they'll lift the "not on a holiday" restriction or if they'll extend the booking window for those. That'd be nice! Our current offers (a getaway and a last minute offer thing) expire on 4/30...maybe they'll get replaced with ultras. Here's hoping!
  14. I guess we just didn't make the cut! We've been Carnival cruisers for a while, but we took them up on a couple offers in the last 9-12 months and I guess didn't meet what they were after as far as play but I had hoped they'd lower their standards a little. We didn't get the ultras today- boo- our last cruise was Elite and it was great. We are supposed to be going on a Royal in August, but I don't know if I should be optimistic or not.
  15. Given the depressed market, and needing to get bodies to spend on board, I would've anticipated being showered with offers for free cruises. I haven't seen much of anything yet. Maybe its just too early/too uncertain right now, but bring on the free cabins and free play! Anybody else getting good stuff yet?
  16. Hi everyone! Typically a Carnival cruiser, branching out onto RCCL...well, trying to this summer. We can check in starting today for our end of July cruise. Like everyone else in the universe, we don't know if this will really happen given current circumstances. If this doesn't go forward, we're going to request to move our reservation to the end of the year (nov/dec) and then cross our fingers and toes. If I go ahead and check us in right now in a wave of optimism will it make moving our dates more difficult? Full disclosure: we are booked under a casino offer from an outside source and not royal directly- not sure if any of that matters!
  17. We had a few low play/no play trips and it made our future offers abysmal but they didn’t cancel our already booked cruises. My advice is that if you even think you might want to do a premier/getaway book it before you don’t play. We thought we were done with Carnival hence the low play but we ended up having such a nice time we’re really regretting not booking more when our offers were good. Now we’re trying to get back into their good graces.
  18. Well...its back again and now valid until April 9 (was March 3). However, if you click on the offers, it just keeps showing the dealers choice offers on the calendar. Seems like its struggling today.
  19. Is anybody having issues with the carnival website today? Specifically with the casino promo page. I keep seeing premier offers under my vifp, it lets me click on it, but then shows me something different. It was there for about 4 hours then gone, then back again temporarily and now gone again. Anybody else?
  20. Hey everyone- learning about Carnival's casino program and trying to understand where we fall on the totem pole. We just went on an Elite cruise and got a bounce back offer on the last day of the cruise for a free interior with DOU and the deposit being refunded as OBC. Should we start to see good offers based on that? My hubs is the player and he plays tables, not slots (well he did the last day for about 30 minutes and got like 1500 points I think?) and he tried to talk to the hosts to see if the table people got something equivalent which he was told no. If we were going to start seeing offers, about how quickly will his account populate? There's nothing new there yet but I know the magic days are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  21. Hi all- just off a really great cruise on the Horizon. We had a great time and enjoyed the ship overall but one thing I noticed that was different from other Carnival ships was the Pixels photographers. My husband and I didn't purchase a single photo this time and we usually will get at least 1. It wasn't that the photographers weren't good at what they did, but they were very insistent on posing us the way they wanted. We don't like the typical poses and would prefer to have our personalities in the photos but when we would express that they would look at us confused and then start directing us verbally, then physically. We would explain to them "we don't like that" or "please don't pose us" but it fell on deaf ears repeatedly. We'd go from one to the next hoping to find someone who would just take our picture but they'd all insist on having us do their pose. My husband just eventually said "Nah, we're done" and walked away. On other boats (most recently Sunshine) they'd just go along with us and it was fun and they would make sales. The photos on Horizon are all digital so I can't imagine its out of fear of printing bad pictures. Is this something anyone else has experienced or did we just have a lot of bad luck?
  22. Thank you so much everybody for your awesome input. I’m intrigued by the golf cart in grand Turk idea. Is that something that needs to be booked ahead? Hubs was interested in the trikes for Aruba as well...so we’re making progress. 2 days to go and it’s getting hard to concentrate at work, lol! Please keep the great suggestions coming- I never knew there were so many options (I’ve only ever cruised to Nassau).
  23. Hey everyone! We're planning to go on our first Elite cruise soon, and was wondering about the charging of casino credit to the card- where it gets charged to the sail and sign. Can you put multiple cards on file? Can you dictate to the casino what card to use? We don't want it to get dinged as a cash advance and we're trying to avoid applying for a line of credit so thought taking a few cards would be a good work-around. Any experience or tips appreciated. Thanks
  24. We are big "blue water" people...aka we like to sit on our butts and listen to the waves on a clean, sandy beach with a bathroom near by. Definitely not adventurous or real history buffs (unless there's some kind of plantation home that shows how people lived/worked back in the day- my husband has a weird curiosity about that stuff). My husband has been to most of these ports, but I've never been to any of them. We thought about the Catalina Island snorkel excursion in La Romana but I've read some bad reviews talking about all the trash in the water...so I've kind of backed off on that one.
  25. Hey everybody! So we're leaving in a few days to go on the 8 night Horizon trip. We've not planned much because we weren't sure until the last minute we'd actually be able to go, so now I'm trying to figure out what we can do in the different ports. In Grand Turk, we don't seem to be there that long (7-2), but I would like to try to visit the Bohio resort for some beach time based on reviews that I read. My fear is that with the time frame, its pretty much pointless and not relaxing. We'd prefer to get away from the crowds and just have some quiet, which doesn't sound like the usual Jack's Shack/Margaritaville route. The place I wanted to go in Aruba is sold out, the DH isn't excited about Curcao, and we don't know if we'll get off the boat in La Romana...so I'm just striking out all around. Opinions are welcome and requested. Thank you Ps: I scoured the Grand Turk board but its very quiet and time is flying by on me.
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