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  1. Thanks Seahunt. They owe me $3000 US.
  2. The electric cart or horse & cart does speed things up a bit..otherwise it’s 40 min walk each way to Treasury from entrance. We did a private tour with Jordon Horizons ,the ships tours were arriving as we were leaving for lunch and onto Wadi Rum.
  3. I’m still waiting too,I was told 90 business days from Rccl..
  4. I would check Ramses cancellation policy...some folks on the Ncl Dawn 2020 cruise are still waiting for there deposits to be returned 6 months late.!
  5. I took the refund option from Rcl and was told up to 80 business days for refund.
  6. VTG and Cruise .com are no longer selling any Pullmantur cruises on their sites.
  7. Cruise law news is asking some questions about Pullmantur. The other two Pullmantur ships are in Naples...is the Horizon joining them.
  8. It was reported that Horizon was dropping off 60 crew in Mumbai ....it does appear like she’s heading to the Suez Canal. https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/logistics/eleven-cruise-liners-to-arrive-in-mumbai-port-to-drop-off-more-than-10000-crew/article31815804.ece
  9. I have seen online rumours of Tui buying out Pullmantur and Rcl having a commercial arrangement with Tui. For Pullmantur to survive Rcl would need to inject cash ,can't see that happening.
  10. I wouldn't believe any cruise line at the moment...lots are selling cruises that they know will never happen. Can Pullmantur survive minimum 8 months without income ?
  11. A bit hard to run a cruise line with no ships. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats-for-sale/type-power/class-power-cruise-ship/
  12. Looks like the rumours are true. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats-for-sale/type-power/class-power-cruise-ship/
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