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  1. On my Mom's bucket list (last) cruise, they allowed us to order off the Dining Room menu a few nights she didn't feel up to eating in the Main Dining Room. It was delivered along with Salt/Pepper, a Basket of Rolls, Butter.... basically everything off a table in the Main Dining Room. They also asked if they could make her any special, that might be easier on her to digest.
  2. Thank you for all the clarifying information. Fingers crossed we test negative when we use it.
  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Curious, did you hold the QR Code up the your laptop camera. Do you get an email confirming your test results sent to the email registered with emed??? Are they visible by logging into your emed account? I understand we can see them via the Navica app, but I'd like to print something too showing our results. Do I need to create separate emed accounts for both myself, and my husband? Or can I use the emed account to view both our results?
  4. Just want to insure I'm reading the language on this excursion description correct. It states: Soak up boundless blues from your very own Cabana on our private beach, plus a Full Day Pass to Coco Beach Club for up to eight guests. So we pay $599 for one cabana and up to 8 people receive full day Coco Beach Club passes and access to our cabana???
  5. Need to park in Galveston from October 6th to October 20th for Back to Back on Independence. Where can we park and not need to leave the ship to renew the parking for the 2nd leg. 1st cruise is 10/6 to 10/15, 2nd cruise is 10/15 to 10/20. I'm open to a hotel that includes parking at their facilities while we cruise.
  6. I'm considering doing a RoyalUp Bid from a Junior Suite to a Grand Suite. We are cruising back to back and RoyalUp is available on both our sailings for JS to GS. I'm wondering if I win, can I switch to a different Grand Suite??? I'm wondering if it is possible to get the same stateroom for our B2B doing RoyalUp?
  7. Is the Izumi Hibachi Experience Part of the Ultimate Dining Package, or do you get a $35 ala carte credit towards it when purchasing the UDP?
  8. How much does it cost to ride the Up Up and Away balloon on Coco Cay??? Is it worth it???
  9. If you are booking a Junior Suite, and the pricing is showing more for them picking your room, they have many Grand, Owner, and other suites available that you have a good likely hood of getting booked into. Same thing with Balcony to Balcony Comfort categories. We had this situation and ended up in a Owners Suite for the price of them picking our Junior Suite as a guarantee.
  10. Check out s e a s c a n n e r . c o m to see available staterooms.
  11. We will driving to the Galveston the day before our cruise and staying one night at Habor Inn. Looking for a trustworthy parking company near the cruise terminal. Within walking distance is preferable.
  12. Yes, the Loyalty Ambassador is the key contact once on board. I may try and reach out to the Concierge of either the Diamond or Suite Lounge too, depending on the stateroom we book.
  13. We are getting close to Pinnacle (if all our planned cruises happen). Wondering if we will get recognition on board the cruise when hit 700 points, or the next sailing? In the past we've seen people recognized on sailings when the hit 700 points. I'd like to have family and friends cruising with us when it happens.
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