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  1. Yes, your balcony does have extended coverage, which is the reason we have booked this area on five cruises. This picture is taken from the balcony railing of M522 (looking aft). We did notice some noise from above at times, but it was never bothersome.
  2. We got schedules for each of our granddaughters (ages 6 & 9) embarkation afternoon, if I remember correctly. We asked our girls to highlight each activity they wanted to do. Upon our review of their schedules, we feared we wouldn't even see them. They loved the counselors and the programming. They were in two different areas and wanted to be there more often than we liked. Each day had a different theme, lots of crafts and activities. The girls made friends in the programming and enjoyed it very much. That was spring break this year and we've already booked the same ship, same itinerary for next year.
  3. It gave me a "sorry" message, but offer appears added to my card. Unfortunately it has to be for a new booking; I have 3 upcoming already and not sure if I will book another in the meantime. Thank you for the link to try!
  4. If your budget allows, I'd do it. I'd prefer the deluxe balcony for a bit more space and hopefully three lower beds. But if you're accustomed to and comfortable with an inside stateroom, planning most of your time out and about on the ship, save your money.
  5. Our daughter treated us to the Ultimate Balcony Dinner last year and we loved it. A few months later we took our granddaughters on the Regal for spring break. They LOVED our balcony and almost every day wanted to enjoy lunch out there. We recently booked spring break 2020, again on the Regal, BUT we booked two adjoining balconies for the extra bathroom and twice the balcony space. As a family treat, I'm thinking of doing the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast for one morning. We would have two guests on each of our connecting balconies. For those who have done it, is it a waste of money to book this for us with 7 and 10 year old girls? I'm certain we'd have to request some menu modifications, especially for our little one. It's the same cost for kids; would they still give us the split of champagne for each table? How much do you tip? (For the dinner we did $20 to the server and $10 to the assistant.)
  6. Did you choose aft / mid aft? I don't think the forward balconies have the extended coverage. We've done this location twice and loved it. We booked the same are on the Sky hoping for the same coverage. Here's a shot looking aft from our mini-suite M522. You can see how far beyond the railing that the Lido Deck extends. A few months earlier we were on the Royal with a deck 14 balcony and noticed the extended coverage for balconies above us, so set our sights on that location.
  7. The most overhang is mid-aft to aft on Marina Deck 15. If it was me, I would book a regular balcony in that area (if available.) I prefer my balcony shaded and in this area, the lido deck extends far beyond the balcony, making ours usable almost all the time. I do like having the extra seating area in the deluxe balcony, but it really isn't a lot of space.
  8. We bought it for our spring break cruise in March. We had our granddaughters and figured we'd easily get our money's worth. We did. Now are we going to paper the walls with the 177 pictures? We are taking the girls on spring break again this year, but no photo package.
  9. I booked a spring break cruise Monday. Tuesday I had it refared for a savings of more than $350. Crazy!
  10. This ^ is our primary concern as, while I can deal with the claim filing process for ourselves with secondary travel insurance, it's more complicated if one of our granddaughters gets sick or injured. Then their parents would have to do the primary file first; I want to avoid that hassle and have the peace of mind to know their care is covered. Lots of great responses, feedback and information. Thank you to everyone who assisted.
  11. I chose Travelex because it is primary payor where the insurance through Princess is secondary. One (obviously inexperienced) Princess agent specifically and erroneously told me that their insurance is the only one accepted by the infirmary. The infirmary doesn't deal with any insurance.
  12. I always buy Princess (platinum) insurance, but actually had to visit the infirmary on a recent cruise. Having to file first with my primary insurance, then with Aon was a PITA. For a little less than Princess insurance I bought a Travelex Select policy that is primary payor on both medical ($50K) and emergency evacuation ($500K.) Do you buy Princess insurance? Other? None at all?
  13. Princess did confirm that, although one balcony is obstructed and the other is not, the panel between the two CAN be opened. So this morning I booked these two staterooms for our granddaughters' spring break. It's almost $1K more than a mini-suite, but two bathrooms, privacy for dressy and twice the balcony space is worth it to us.
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