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  1. That’s all they have in common, Carnival owns both. Carnival renews the program once a year. This year was around June. My rule is sending a request about three months prior to my cruise.
  2. Fully paid for February 2021 and expecting to be in sunny and warm Miami. As soon as the boarding passes become available to print, we will print it. If the cruise gets cancelled, then we will book another cruise and go ahead as if it’s going to happen.
  3. One pro and one con. Less motion on a lower deck, especially mid ship. And the con is your riding elevators up and down all the time. A pro for the kids is the Family Harbor lounge Is right there, on deck 2 towards the rear of the ship. We cruise ocean views 99% of the time, on the Riviera deck. It’s our favorite.
  4. We have had a Mardi Gras cruise cancelled, rebooked a Horizon Cruise, had that cancelled. Rebooked the Horizon for February 2021. Never have been asked for a deposit. The rebooking rules might have changed but I have not seen it. I would call Carnival and ask.
  5. Skip the Bahamas, take the 6 day Breeze. We have 14 cruises on Carnival and have never encountered a bad one. Don’t believe all the horror stories you read. Most of the dislike for Carnival comes from the short cruises with the young crowds that party.
  6. You can find the B2B instructions on line. The first cruise you will check in the normal way. The second cruise you will gather in a designated area the morning of your second cruise. A guest services rep will take you down to customs. Leave luggage in cabin. You will the be escorted back on board by the guest services rep and will check in at the Guest Services desk.New S&S cards will be issued, and if you wish to go ashore, you can do so. That’s all there is to it. Don’t forget your Identification for customs and guest services.
  7. Found Radu’s Instagram it’s cruisingradu. Also if you don’t get a hold of him try John Heald on Facebook he might have a suggestion on how to get the photo. Good luck, Fantasy was our first ship also.
  8. Might try to call Carnival Guest Relations and ask how to get in contact with Radu. He’s the Corporations official photographer. We have bought many of his beautiful photos.
  9. It’s 45 to 50 minutes from PC to MCO, and another 35 to 45 minutes to Disney. Universal is a few minutes closer. This is with light traffic. I-4 can be a nightmare anytime of the day( have been stuck in traffic on many occasions ). Cocoa Beach or KSC would be my choice.
  10. The wife loves the burritos at anytime of the day. I’ll do a few tacos once in awhile. Lately we have been going to breakfast and brunch in the dining room. My favorite is the steak and eggs at brunch.
  11. Asking won’t hurt. I see no reason why the taco server can’t just. slide over and put beef on the tacos for you. The crew is always willing to accommodate the passengers anyway they can.
  12. If you don’t need the cash I would ride it out, save your OBC.
  13. As soon as the dates become available. We also book with hotels that do not require any sort of payment and have a free cancellation policy.
  14. Does the $3700.00 just cover one sailing?
  15. Our September Horizon B2B was cancelled. Rebooked Horizon B2B for the end of February 2021. Sure hope it happens, getting tired of rebooking cruises.
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