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  1. The plan B for .me is the approved home E-Med tests.
  2. I asked my nurse over the phone during a phone appointment if the antigen test was available, how to make an appointment and how long till you get a result. The answers were, yes it’s available, just call for an appointment. And didn’t know how long for results. Said to ask when making the appointment.
  3. Have only booked one guaranteed cabin. We were in an OV wife decided to switch to an obstructed view balcony. Was a little disappointed with the obstruction until I checked the location. The cabin was towards the rear of the ship and the obstruction was a life boat which you had to look over the balcony rail and towards the front of the ship, no obstruction at all. And no noise at all from other decks. Guess we got lucky. I personally would never book this type of cabin, to many chances of getting a cabin that is awful.
  4. If you get no offers. Call guest relations and ask if they can furnish you one.you will need your booking number. Did this a few years back got two pins I did not receive.
  5. Your not alone. But not the same situation as yours. We were booked on the Mardi Gras for its 2nd and 3rd sailing out of New York that got cancelled because of construction delays. We were given $200.00 OBC. We then had a B2B cancelled and received $600.00 and the $200.00 OBC. This was again cancelled and we rebooked got our $600.00 OBC but Carnival said now you can’t carry over no more than 1 OBC offer. Called and got nowhere. Good luck
  6. Can never tell what Carnival is doing these days. Last week called Carnival to check on a price drop for our upcoming cruises. They are both paid in full. The rep asked if I wanted a refund, was surprised by it. Due to a misunderstanding one was refunded and the other went to OBC.
  7. Call Carnival ask to have your booking info sent. Make sure they have your e-mail address
  8. I originally did not have the cheers package. Our PVP offered it and I said I would think about it. We were booked only in the early saver category. Called back about a week later and asked for the cheers. Booked it for $220.00 dollars for the two weeks. When I called about the price drop I found out we were transferred to the RU catagory.
  9. FYI, you can ask for the same wait staff each night. Might take a few extra minutes to be seated
  10. Just called Carnival, dont bother my PVP unless it’s necessary. Yes, kept the cheers, it was under the RU code.
  11. We used to do late dining and switched to anytime, found it easier to enjoy the evening. Unless you want to eat alone, you will be seated with others, same people all week. There are less children at late dinner seatings, practically none. The dress code has changed, there’s a mix between being dressed casual and dressed in jeans tee shirts and sandals/ flip flops. On elegant night the dress is again a mix between dressing up and casual dress, no jeans tee shirts or sandals/ flip flops is supposed to be enforced. There will be two shows, plus one g-rated early and one x-rated late comedy show. They are set up for the late dining to see the early show and early dining to see the late show. But you can make the late show and comedy show if you don’t linger around the dinner table.Only draw back is you most likely not get a great seat.
  12. Have cheers for our B2Bs in December. Got a total of $418.00 OBC due to price reduction.
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