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  1. Our February 20th Hawaii cruise has been officially changed to Long Beach. Showed up in “ my bookings” earlier.
  2. The idea of all the restrictions mentioned here bothers me. We very rarely do a 7 day cruise anymore, all 10 days or more and I to would not like to be in a controlled atmosphere for two weeks. Don’t mind the cruise line excursions, wife will not go on independent excursions. But not being able to wander the port is not to my liking, we do not do excursions in every port. Like the freedom of eating when we want, go where we want on the ship whenever we want.
  3. We have done two 14 day Alaska cruises. One The first week of September, the weather was cool and it rained at every port except for Sitka, sunny weather all day. The second was the first week of September and the weather was the opposite of the first. Sunny every port but Icy Strait, it was overcast and drizzling all day. Always be prepared for any type of weather. Alaska will be shutting down during your cruise but you will be able to find excursions. If your a shopper there will be plenty of bargains to be had.
  4. There. Is a CVS and a Publix supermarket at the north end of the port. The CVS is at N Meridian and Rte 60. The Publix is at the corner of N Meridian and E Twiggs.
  5. Cruise Ship Tracker shows 21 ships anchored in the Great Stirrup Cay area.
  6. There are longer than 7 day cruises available. Have part of a B2B 8 days and in 2022 a 14 day Hawaii cruise booked. Alaska is another story, since Canada is shut down until 2022. When Canada opens up you will see the 14 day cruises become available.
  7. Pros. Shopping, restaurants, beach, sightseeing, the Art Deco area. con. Depending on where you stay could be a bit noisy at night. other good areas close to port are Downtown with Bayside close for restaurants and some shopping and Mary Brickell just south of downtown with a bit more shopping and restaurants.
  8. Booked on one in February 2022, to Hawaii with a meetup around Ensenada on our return to Long Beach.
  9. Have been cruising since 2004 and never have paid a port fee at the port. The port fees are paid by the cruise line to dock. You pay this fee when making payment for the cruise.
  10. We are on the Miracle February 2022. It has been moved to Long Beach. The e-mail we received said it would take until the 26th of February for them to get everyones cruise info switched to Long Beach. Once that’s completed I think you will see itineraries show up on their website. Hopes this helps a little.
  11. New Orleans is one of my favorite ports. The city is amazing, so much history and architecture, bars, and restaurants, try to spend a couple of days prior or post cruise to explore the city. The cruise down the Mississippi is relaxing. If you cruise in the winter it gets dark early and you lose the view of the Mississippi surrounding area. We are cruising this coming August, B2B, crossing our fingers. Got a good price for a hotel in the warehouse district. Don’t miss having Beignets and New Orleans chicory coffee for breakfast.
  12. Looking forward to our B2B in August this is from three prior cancellations. If it gets cancelled will rebook and begin the countdown again. I also have watched lots of cruise vlogs.
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