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  1. When was your cruise due to sail? We have one booked for Sept., no cancellation notice yet.
  2. You can call Carnival direct. I have never sent a form in. Be sure your booked price and the lower price are the same category.
  3. The only experience with a guarantee balcony was on the Miracle in 2017. Originally had an OV. Wife said let’s switch to a balcony. I was not aware that it was a guaranteed one and said go for it. Two weeks later it was assigned and that’s when I found out it was an obstructed one. To my surprise it did not have an obstruction per say. The obstruction was the last lifeboat about 20 or so cabins away. The cabin was towards the rear of the ship, very quiet. Getting upgraded to premium cabins are very rare, almost non existent.
  4. We had our Mardi Gras B2B from NYC cancelled, not a word from our PVP or Carnival. Never receive mail from Carnival. I find out everything on Cruise Critic. As for the PVP, we have been using one for about 4 years and liked working with her until our last cruise, she did not back us on an OBC problem. My wife made friends with a former cruise director who left Carnival a couple of years ago, then decided to become a PVP. We will be switching to her. The PVP calling is not a big thing to me as long as I get notification from Carnival. We like using the PVP system.
  5. Seems like we might be a hazard to travel on the Miracle with. This was our second time on her. The first was a 14 day Alaska cruise in September of 2020. Returning to Long Beach off the coast of Oregon the ship went dead in the water. Lost all power for an hour. Uneasy feeling for a few minutes just floating out in the middle of nowhere. Just a warning we are booked on the Miracle for Hawaii in 2022.
  6. Once we secured our flight home to Chicago on Monday night we thought all’s going to be a smooth trip home. Tuesday night around 1100pm we received a cancellation email. Got back on the phone and around midnight got a flight booked. Wednesday morning we were off the ship with the self assist diamond and platinums, we are platinum but customs would not let us get our luggage to make an 1100am flight. About 900am we collected our luggage and boarded the bus to LAX. Arrived LAX at 1000am. Airport was empty, went through flight check in and TSA quickly and smoothly. Arrived at the gate 25 minutes before the flight was to depart. The Southwest agent told us to be prepared for a possible cancellation of this flight. We boarded, departed, again looks like things are going well. 5 minutes into the flight our connection was cancelled. Now we are in Denver, our choice is to stay with relatives here in Denver overnight and try tomorrow to get home. Decided to check flights to Milwaukee. 5 seats available, I jumped on it. Glad I did, 15 minutes later all flights to Milwaukee were sold out. We had two other couples from the cruise waiting with us to talk to. After a 6 hour wait we were on our way home. Arrived at 1100pm, wife’s son was waiting for us. Finally arrived home at 1230am. A little adversity in your life is sometimes good.
  7. We were on this cruise with you guys. Enjoyed your review, the pictures are beautiful. Our flight home was what you could call an adventure.
  8. The only water that I have seen offered by Carnival is through their website.
  9. My choice is the 9 night. Better itinerary, longer cruise.
  10. I would not book so early, Alaska has shut down until at least July 1st. If all were normal I would take the voyages of the glaciers with Glacier Bay on the Coral Princess. Agree that 7 day cruises are to short and expensive. If you can afford it do a land sea tour, Denali and a 7 day or longer cruise package. 1. Vancouver is a beautiful city, one of my favorites. 2.ketchikan is very commercial. 3. Juneau is the capital and has loads of tours available, nice city to walk around.. 4.Skagway is a treasure, brings you back to the gold rush times.All the buildings are stone or wood with wood side walks, The city is just two blocks wide and about 5 block long. 5. Glacier Bay is a must see. Have not been to the other glaciers or Anchorage. We did two 14 day cruises and it was amazing. Have a great time you will love Alaska, hope your cruise happens.My next bucket list cruise is the land, sea package.
  11. Our first choice is an OV. Have done a couple of balcony’s and one interior. The interior was a freebie, and one balcony was on our wedding cruise and one on a cruise to Alaska.
  12. Just returned from the Panama Canal on Carnival Miracle. The ship was sold out for months.
  13. Nobody cares what brand or what shape your luggage is in. One thing I would recommend is to put something on your luggage, such as a bright piece of cloth to identify your luggage when looking for it on debarkation day. There are so many that look alike. Buy a good quality bag. The luggage gets a rough handling everywhere it goes.
  14. Fantasy, September 2004. My girl friend now wife tried our first and loved it, have been cruising every year since. We have 14 cruises all on Carnival under our belts with many more to come. The largest ship we have cruised on has been Glory. This coming September we are trying our first B2B and large ship the Horizon.
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