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  1. We rented bicycles as well, and started on the Confederation Trail and would have to say that "modestly interesting" is a polite way of saying pretty boring from a touristy point of view. We did a few miles up the trail and realized that it was going to be nothing more than an old railway right of way with nothing interesting to see along the way. So, we turned around and rode back into Charlottetown and spent the day riding around to the various attractions in the city. If your desire is to put in miles on a bicycle, then take the Confederation Trail. But if you want to see some of the area, map out those attractions and ride around the city.
  2. Howdy TLCOhio, How did you travel to Montmorency Falls and Sainte Anne de Beaupré? We would love to see both of these locations during our brief stop in Québec City. Our ship arrives around 8am and we need to be back onboard no later than 1pm. Your photos were gorgeous and made us want to see the Sainte Anne de Beaupré Shrine all the more! Thanks ddaz
  3. During our Mail Boat Run we sailed by Portland Headlight as we started our tour.
  4. If you can board the ship with a certified embossed birth certificate and photo ID, then you don't need a passport. If the cruise ship requires a passport to board, then you need a passport. I believe that the only destination which requires a passport is Panama.
  5. If a cruise ship goes to Cuba, it will only go to Cuba as part of an Educational Exchange Program. You cannot travel to Cuba as a tourist. It has to be under the guise of an educational exchange program.
  6. Howdy Catinhat I recommended the Driftwood Bar at the other end of the beach.
  7. I know this is a "Hail Mary" attempt at locating a specific driver, but I was wondering if anyone had contact information for a Driver named Sharon. She is a part time music teacher and part time tourist driver. I had her cell phone contact information stored in my cell phone. However, after taking my cell phone for a swim in one of the springs in Florida, all information was lost. So, on a fourth and forever, I am launching this one towards the end zone. Thanks
  8. Howdy Davechipp74, I assume that when you say you are "doing a Maho Beach excursion"; that you are grabbing a taxi and heading over to the beach. The taxi ride is a set fare of around $10 per person each way. The Sunset Bar is the large bar on south side of the beach (runway runs east/west). I would recommend that you rent a couple of beach chairs and an umbrella from the Driftwood Bar on the north side of the beach. The chairs come with a drink. The bar staff will know which planes are scheduled to arrive and should have an approximate time of their arrival. The bar staff will also work with you to call a taxi when you are ready to head back to the port. There were several drivers waiting at the beach attempting to fill up a van full of people before heading to the port. But there is no need to wait, just find an empty taxi and leave. The beach is rather small and if it wasn't for the airport runway, it wouldn't really be a place to visit. We spent a relaxing day there capturing photos of the planes flying over. It was also interesting to watch the people line up at the end of the runway and get sand blasted when a big jet would take off. I wasn't interested in standing there and getting sand blasted, but to each their own.
  9. This would be my preferred itinerary
  10. Howdy AlwaysFrantic, It is a short stroll from the cruise port to several rental car agencies. I typically use google maps, find the cruise port in Halifax, then search on rental car. There should a few that pop up. I would recommend Hertz, National or Dollar. I believe that they are the closest to the port.
  11. Howdy CCJack, Another link which will provide somewhat clearer information: sag_guide_visiteur_en.pdf (sepaq.com)
  12. Howdy Parentsof5, I believe the answer to the question as asked is National. Per a post which I saw on these cruise critic boards, the email address to secure a reservation is sarajane.talbot@gmail.com National Location Talbot 418-549-3888
  13. Howdy CCJack, Yes, there is a parking lot at the national park. You will need to park at "Le Fjord du Saguenay Discovery and Visitors Centre". Google maps will be able to provide directions to this location. I don't know which map you reviewed, as I had trouble finding a map that was helpful and I've been there once before. Here is a link to the map from the National Park. sag_carte_generale_ouest.pdf (imagescloud.s3.amazonaws.com) Below is a section of this map which I will attempt to describe. The orange box points to the Discovery/Visitor Center. There are restrooms at this location, but none along the trail. The trail is strenuous due to elevation gains, but very doable. The views are worth the effort. The end of the trail is at the Statue de Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay/Statue of Our Lady of Saguenay which is near "Cap Trinite" on the map below. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
  14. In Saguenay (La Baie), QE, we rental at car right at the port and drove out to Saguenay Fjord National Park where we hiked out to the Statue Notre-Dame du Saguenay (aka Our Lady of Saguenay). The hike is not too difficult, but pace yourself going uphill. The views are gorgeous.
  15. Howdy sjsky, Yes, they offered a shuttle from the port to the rental car location. I am actually in the process of attempting to verify this same shuttle exists for a rental car. If I confirm it, I will update this post.
  16. Since we arrived on a Sunday, we walked to St. Mary Catholic Church to attend Mass and then continued on to the start of the Cliff Walk. From the map below, you can see that the walking distance is approximately 1.3 miles. After completing the Cliff Walk, the distance from the other end of the walk to the port is approximately 2.5 miles. So we ordered up an Uber for the trip back. Hope this helps
  17. Howdy --- I've done both of these rental car locations and found them to be an easy walk from the port. The only issue is that I was second in line at Dollar and the person that was first in line was being a jerk and complaining about the car he was assigned. He wanted a larger car at a smaller price. The agent was attempting to accommodate him, but it was still going to be a couple dollars more for the larger rental car. Jerk wanted the full size for less than compact price that he reserved.
  18. Howdy tring, I would recommend a rental car and driving yourself out to the Fortress of Louisbourg and the nearby Louisbourg Lighthouse. This permits you to be on your own time and you can spend as much or as little in both locations. ddaz On Edit: We rented our vehicle from Budget Rental at 224 Welton St, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada-(YY5)
  19. Howdy Jan Do you pick the rental cars up right at the port? And yes, this contact information is correct. Received a reply in less than 10 minutes. Thank you so very much for posting this information. ddaz
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