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  1. So Carnival adds to the stress during these difficult times by now delaying their cruise cancellation decision til March 30 instead of the promised March 27 date. All the other other major cruise lines have delayed sailings til May 12. NOT Carnival! They are fully aware of that , and the CDC’s decision advising this’s over 70 NOT to cruise. We are caught in an untenable position- try to coordinate 13 people’s schedules , some of whom are over 70, dome who will have to take time off without pay, possibly at higher prices with limited availability. Stop delaying Carnival- Free is from the agony of uncertainty, refund our money, stop holding it hostage .
  2. Three families are booked on 5/2 cruise. Three cruisers are in the vulnerable group. Forcing us to take a Future Cruise Credit instead or issuing a full refund adds additional stress, while forcing us to choose a new cruise in a restricted time frame, possibly at a higher price with limited availability as most cruisers have to reschedule, coordinate three families schedules, take time off from work without pay since we will have used our vacation time while “Shelter in Place” is in force. Carnival, please follow the suspension of sailing in keeping with the other major cruise lines. Don’t hold our money hostage.
  3. Carnival is the only major cruise line to suspend sailings for 30 days and not 60 days making it very very difficult to manage money and future cruises and adding to the stress already suffered by everyone. I had planed a cruise with family and friends for May 2. Some of us are in the vulnerable group. It will be very difficult to reschedule and coordinate everyone. In addition the restricted time frame for rebooking, limited availability , higher prices clearly put the burden on the customers / the Carnival guests. We would like a full refund, releasing our money to re-book when the timeframe and cost work for us. I ask why did the other cruise lines suspend sailings for 60 days and Carnival only 30 days? Are their guests not entitled to the SAME options as Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Princess and other cruisers?
  4. I sure hope Celebrity follows suit especially in light of ban on European air travel. i am scheduled to embark this month. Here is my HO: It is time for Celebrity to offer full cash refunds to those embarking in the next 30 days. The NEW TRAVEL ban makes it impossible for European travelers to make connections. So many cruisers come from the U.K., Germany and other European countries. Do the right thing, Celebrity, refund the money to all cruisers! Holding our money until the Corona Virus threat is over, forcing us to hastily book future cruises at a higher price even higher if you choose non-refundable deposits is unfair and not in keeping with the Celebrity brand. I feel like my hard earned money has been taken hostage by Celebrity and the other cruises I have booked on other cruise lines, Do the right thing, Celebrity, refund our hard-earned money!
  5. Thanks for the photos and info? Looks great! Can’t Wait!
  6. You can do it yourself. Get the Medallion app on your phone. In addition to Princess and other websites. You tube has several videos. Order it in advance or pick it up at the port. I suggest you order it in advance.
  7. Neither doe Celebrity or Royal Caribbean. Just wear nice clothing, or dress to the nines if you want.😊
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