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  1. And would any drinks/internet packages still be active????
  2. There was no limit on time and I believe it was given probably because we were booking on board.
  3. I have it for an Apex cruise which was booked on board last year.
  4. Never saw an option to scan passport either for Apex cruise
  5. Would rather listen to the music!
  6. Much better than listening to your neighbour snoring!!#
  7. Everyone seems to remember it! Maybe that was the idea?
  8. not sure if it is the camera angle but the rear section below the cabins looks a bit askew in the first picture!
  9. That's a great video of a great ship! The tug boats do a fantastic job, could not have been easy!
  10. Mostly in the casino bar, but for the last world cup some games were shown in Celebrity central and for the rugby world cup some were also shown in the theatre. Depends on who is playing I suppose.
  11. I think that's a good move as if the weather is good seating space can be quite limited up there. I would not loose any sleep over losing the forward sun deck as I have never used it on any cruise.
  12. All flights still going ahead today, so maybe they will survive, if not will create a huge gap in UK regional flights.
  13. How do you get on board if you do not have the app and your seapass is in the stateroom?
  14. Same here! Would add considerably to cost going via Heathrow or Gatwick. Cheaper to pick up cruise in Europe! Unfortunately we are booked on Apex in April and already booked with Flybe, hopefully it turns out ok.
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