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  1. Senior Leaders in schools in the UK are strongly discouraged from being on Facebook therefore we do not have an account and cannot access these photo. Can anyone who has taken a cruise on Sirena since the refit ( 19th May) tell us what changes have been made. Photos would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. Thank you, I spoke with my TA today. She is certain none of the 3 cabins we booked were accessible. She wonders if these two cabins 4056 and 4052 have just become accessible. Previously she has booked inside cabins on this floor for disabled guests. Indeed the research I have done shows 3 inside cabins on deck 4 as accessible however the Oceania website now shows 1 inside and 2 ocean view. I cannot however believe cabin walls have been moved in the refit unless 4054 has been ‘shared . In her experience Oceania ask for a considerable amount of information before they allocate a accessible cabin to a disabled person never mind an able body person particularly as we booked before final payment. The paperwork would also have shown ‘accessible ‘. My TA immediately told me she would email Oceania as she is worried Oceania may wish to move us and there is no longer any availability below concierge balcony class. As it is Saturday she feels it may be Monday before she has a reply. Thank you Does anyone know what a accessible bathroom is like? To be honest my mind cannot believe there is anyway one of these small bathrooms could be adapted for wheelchair access.
  3. Got an offer from our TA and it snapped up weeks ago. We were abroad at the time and are not picky about the position of the cabin. We have never been in a ocean view but the offer was really good and a day on a cruise is better than a day at home therefore we jumped at it. Looked up position of the cabin today as cruise is now getting close and have discovered 2 of the 3 cabins are accessible/ disabled. Although our son is disabled ( lots of medical issues )he does not need this type of cabin. Can anyone tell me the difference between disabled and ordinary ocean view cabins? Also how do we tell Oceania we would happily move should a disabled person need either of these cabins. I would be horrified if anybody needed a an accessible/disabled cabin and we had them. Thank you
  4. Our cruise finishes in Monte Carlo. The brochure shows this is a tendered port. Has anyone any experience of how Oceania handle this process. We are keen to check timings as we have been here many times before and are therefore flying home the same day. We have all private transfers booked by our TA. I just like to check the details. thanks
  5. Didn’t work in two ways. First the taste. Coffee out of a machine is quite tasteless. Not sure what type of coffee it was but it was hard to tell it was coffee at all. The selection of Tea was excellent. Tea was provided as teabags in a good selection of flavours. Milk ( 3 types) and lemon was also provided. I am unusual for a Brit. I only drink coffee. Perhaps I was comparing it to the excellent American coffee we were drinking firstly in NewYork and then around New England during our ports of call. Secondly the machine kept breaking down. Staff were on hand to fix it and did brew coffee else where and serve it. However the moment the large silver coffee pot appeared so did other cruisers and I failed to get a cup. The barman then had to get more and again many people wanted it. This was in the evening and tells me that others found the lack of coffee a problem. However we took advantage of the full beverage package and drank other things. I just feel for a cruise line which advertises ‘the best food at sea’ and Yes the food was good, they have dropped the ball re coffee. A little thing but one easily rectified.
  6. Just been on our first Oceania cruise. Insignia. Our main disappointment was the lack of Coffee facilities. We enjoy leisurely coffee after our meals on all our other cruises especially after dinner. The coffee place outside the main dinning room closes at about 5pm. I say about as if people were sitting there the chap didn’t always stop serving till about 6pm on several nights. Room service was very very slow for coffee however this is the first cruise we have done which wasn’t in a suite so please judge room service speed for yourself. Coffee plus a after dinner liqueur is treat for us and although we were serviced very well after every meal we would have preferred a different venue. The serve yourself from a machine in Horizons just didn’t work for me. However to be truthful we drank after dinner martinis instead. As for snacks there isn’t any. However our son was well catered for as he needs a large bottle of water plus a snack for his late night medication. The staff helped. It was a bit hit and miss ( after all we realise he proberbly wasn’t the only one ) but a simple reminder had them rushing to help. The balcony plus bathroom was fine, yes the bathrooms small but this didn’t matter after the first day. However after years of saying we don’t really use the Butler I realise that we are either delusional or big fat liars. Enjoy your cruise
  7. Sorry westyone for not replying as we have been away for a few days. I am glad you have received your booklet. Reading through your posts I was going to post my email address so we could talk re the port etc. We are on the 25th sailing out of New York. I would never have packed booklet without this thread as our TA has issued us with e tickets/ vouchers for the flight, hotel, transfers and cruise. When we have been with Celebrity/Azamara in the States we have only needed our passports and our online registration re credit card form. Oceania is a new experience for us.
  8. Sorry meant 25th of July. We fly on the 22nd.
  9. Received our booklet yesterday. We cruise on the 22nd of July but did only book 4weeks ago.
  10. I would down grade too for a free cruise. We are splashing out pre cruise with the flight, a hotel in Times Square and lots of excursions both in New York( we have been to the airports on many occasions but never the city) and on the cruise. Therefore economies had to be made. My DH also has sight problems and I thought the smaller cabin would make things easier.
  11. Thank you. It’s going to seem weird being on an R ship with a different cruise company but friends have recommended Oceania and we are excited to be going. It’s always nice to try something new.
  12. We have booked our first cruise with Oceania, at the last minute, on the insignia in July 2018. We have deliberately chosen this ship as we love the size of the R class ships and the itinerary is new to us. Although we have only ever sailed in Suites we are having a Balcony room this time. We have visited a cabin of the same size on the Azamara Journey to see how bad it was, bathroom wise. It looked perfectly adequate, small yes but manageable. We took turns standing in the shower which was the only issue our friends had and all agreed it was tight but do -able. I am sure we will enjoy ourselves and I hope you do to. After all it’s better than being at work.
  13. We are longtime Azamara cruisers new to Oceania. I notice a post says the barista closes early evening. Does the Insignia have an evening coffee service/ coffee shop. We eat early due to our sons health needs and therefore usually prefer to drink coffee in a venue other than the speciality restaurants or Main dining room. I must admit to being a bit of a coffee addict but I like it freshly made. Please tell me I won’t struggle to find coffee in the evening.
  14. We are in the Uk. This will be our 1st Oceania cruise. We travel on the 22nd of July to New York and sail on the 25th....less than 30 days. Our TA is on the ball, has booked our transfers, excursions, speciality restaurants, Day hotel for the day we disembark etc. Our TA said Documents usually came between 3 and 2 weeks before sailing. I am sure she would have forwarded the documents on if she had had them. Perhaps Oceania have different arrangements for different countries. Interested to hear from others in the UK when they have received their Documents.
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