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  1. I have that TP booked a year from now...Sydney to Honolulu! I have hiked in NZ, but want to go back on a cruise ship. So sad for the world that Covid changed so many of our cruising plans. I just canceled Galapagos on Flora!
  2. We canceled our Flora 11 day cruise for the end of June. I researched all the information, and eveerything seemed okay. Even got a card in the mail about the trip. but not any other information. I wanted more difinitive information about the trip, but there wasn't any. We wanted to be sure to receive our 1,800 back...I will book again because I really, really want to go!
  3. Those items are included with a suite, along with other cabins as well. Yes, the rooms/balconies are larger, and there are many great perks. If you feel you got a great deal that is a perfect reason for trying, but you many not want to go back from the suite life. Equinox is different from Edge and Apex. Also, if you want a special dinner in Luminae, ask if it is possible, not to mention your post should give you a lot of answers to questions with some tips! For me, the entire atmosphere is something special, especially meeting new cruisers and sharing experiences in different venues.
  4. I just want to thank all the brave souls who will lead us back to the crusing era, testing the waters, so to speak, along with many uncertainties. We certainly have to start somewhere, so many thanks for being willing to do whatever it takes to get us all back to our love of the sea. We are vaccinated and ready for the Fall. Thank you!
  5. Many thanks to those of you who are forging ahead as cruises begin to set sail again. As “cruising guinea pigs,” in this culture of Covid, you will provide a wealth of knowledge for those of us waiting until our cruises set sail. Once again, thank you for sharing your concerns, information and excitement. Cannot wait until I see and hear your posts and photos, as lives slowly move forward, opening the world for travel. Bon Voyage...stay healthy and have a great time!
  6. I have one on hand for travel. Moderna vaccinations went very well for me, but everyone is different. I live to travel, so it is a priority for me and my DH.
  7. We went with Flora(11 nights, but adding an additional night before the tour, as we wanted to be ahead of the group and more rested)due to the glam factor and our special event we were celebrating. Unfortunately, we had to cancel because of the 90 days and wanting our $1,800 returned. Definitely, this cruise will be rebooked, so whatever you decide, it will be a great experience for sure. it is all about the experience and making memories!
  8. We stay in them all the time and have never had soot, but we cruise in Europe and not Caribbean.
  9. I did Le Harve on a TA from FLL to Southampton. I thought I saw one that left from Southampton and ended in Rome in September of 2022. (?) I think it was on Apex, but not sure. Anyway, we visited Etretat, along with several other small towns. The cliffs are so gorgeous!
  10. I have been in school since August of last year. Finally, I am two weeks past my second vaccination, so as soon as my DH is at the same point(sometime in the middle of March)I will be going out to eat and doing most of the things I once did before Covid. I have been in the gym since last May. I have never felt afraid of the virus due to my doctor always providing the most update information, along with having the plasma when it was available. Wearing a mask has never been an issue for me, but I have always followed my doc's protocol. It helps to have a great doctor, his cell phnoe number a
  11. We received one welcoming us on Flora for June, 2021! It was sent through the mail.
  12. I book aft, so corner aft suite on port side, but not deck 12 due to noise. Since you are traveling late in the year, port is where you will find the mostly sun based on your overhang. Yes, as stated above, smoking areas based on E class need to be considered. I was on Edge’s first(spring) TA in a corner aft, starboard side. FLL to Southampton...loved the ports and ship!
  13. I can say that my second dose of Moderna was Saturday, February 6 at 12:15 PM. It is a great feeling, along with a huge step forward in this maze of Covid.
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