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  1. I also want to thank you for sharing your eeperieeence on Edge with us. My next Edge cruise is on May 4, 2020, but the time goes by so fast that it will be here very soon.
  2. I have Reflection booked for a b2b in 2021. This ship is my favorite so far, but if it starts looking a lot older before the revolution, I may change my mind...I love S class! Edge is nice too. Have to agree with cruise kitty above, as the suite life was very sweet! Just go with an open mind, and find the things you like onboard...
  3. I booked a b2b with Celebrity, then decidded to change to a different ship a few days later. Celebrity made me pay an additional 1,800 and was very slow in returning my money. Unfortunately, i still do not have it. I am okay with paying a deposit, but wondering why Celebrity would not just switch my cruises. They were sure able to take my money quickly enough. When my TA finally received the cruises, Celebrity had forgotten the beverage package on the suite, so it only showed three perks. Once again my TA had to call and get the perk reinstated. I have learned from this experience not to change ships, even if Celebrity still has the booking. I just want a positive experience, not having to constantly call to have errors fixed. Has anyone done a b2b and had Celebrity put both cruises together? That happened when I switched cruises, taking three phone calls to fix. Thank goodness for a wonderful and efficient supervisor!
  4. it seems like customer service has been all over the place lately, but getting on the ship usually leaves all the drama behind; it is not just Celebrity either...Thanks for sharing!
  5. I faced this issue with my TP from Sydney to Honolulu in 2022, along with other problems too. I did refundable, even though I should have done NRF; however, one can change if there are any to change to at that time(refundable to NRD pricing. Right now all the suites are sold out for this cruise...wow! I was told that you can book another cruise within a year, using the $700 voucher, along with coughing up the $200...I guess my life is so full of ups and downs that I went with paying a lot more for this cruise...
  6. I switched to a GTY on an S class ship; had cabin noises during the entire cruise. I told myself never again, but a girl can change her mind! Good luck!
  7. Glad that so far, you are enjoying your cruise. I would be interested to hear your foodie review from Luminae, as I was very pleased with my meals there, especially the Chateaubriand, but I realized that was not your choice for a first cruise on Edge. I thoroughly enjoyed my early morning breakfasts in the OVC, finding the "out of the oven almond croissants" to be exceptional. I order my breakfast freshly made, and when it first opens, so that could be the difference...timing and restaurant choices. I am not a big foodie, so my pallet may not be up to your level either. Thanks for sharing...looking forward to more of your thoughts.
  8. Always exciting to see the changes from Edge to Apex...many thanks starting this thread. We do not cruise Apex until a b2b Med and western TA...
  9. Enjoy your cruise...walk the ship in its entirety, and have a great time! Never believe everything you are told; find out for yourself...life is way too short to sweat what others' proclaim. Experiences should be varied and full of surprise...remember, some proclaimed that the world was flat; you know how that turned out...
  10. I found so much information, along with photos on a roll call, I believe; however, not sure exactly where. So, I will give it a look and see if I can find it again...my trip is not until the very end of May, 2021..."Recently Returned on Flora" is an excellent read with tons of great information. This was the first one when I looked at 4:00 PT.
  11. I am on the western Apex TA, along with the cruise right before it. My issue is whether or not I can go. I am in an SV for my first Med cruise, and a suite for the TA. Celebrity keeps sending me all sorts of discount booking options, but for a cruise on which I am not booked. My expectation is also that the bookings will be the same as Edge, but only because that makes the most makes sense to me. Beyond is truly another story. I enjoyed FCS on Edge; however, it was a little loud for our party of six.
  12. Actually, the supervisor, in my particular situation, thanked me for my status..., but I see your point clearly! I wonder how many actually say they have a law degree when they don’t...I think being clear and honest about the situation is very important, just as finding someone that can cut to the chase...
  13. Booking my first b2b cruise was more than I could take, but I stayed the course, and just kept calling Celebrity until I was directed to a supervisor with the knowledge and expertise to say "what?" She looked at my phone calls and could not believe that I had been treated this way by so many representatives working for Celebrity. It was so rediculous that she gave me her email, replying that I should contact her immediately if there were any more issues. I was astounded by her effortless and quick response, along with the way in which she took care of the situation. There are fair and knowledgable people working for Celebrity, but finding one has become much more difficult nowadays, along with taking valuable time and energy. OP, I hope you can find a suitable cruise!
  14. For me, the cabins and deck photos only show up for established cruises, and not for those that ha e been released recently.
  15. I got almost 1,000 deduction on Apex for October 10, 2020, plus an extra perk for free added to my other two that I paid for... it is just too hard to compare cruises unless they have quite a few of the same attributes. I book the first day, if I can, then watch and wait for priced deductions. I want certain cabins...so that is my strategy.
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