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  1. Well, there you go - the cruise I'm looking at is RT from Shanghai on Princess and they are requiring a visa.
  2. Our first world problems are indeed monumental! Chair hogs, dress code offenders, discolored grout - how we we ever survive?
  3. Funny this topic came up - I was cleaning a closet today and came across 2 tote bags that I don't recall getting. They are mesh on top with an insulated compartment on the bottom. They are really nice. I will take them on my Feb cruise with the family and they will come in handy with a 5 year old. Does anyone recall when they were the gift?
  4. I posted this on another thread - this confusing information has been going on for what seems like forever. Why mess with China? Do you really want your vacation screwed up for $150? Get a visa. And I was just reading another thread about this and a poster asked if someone really wants to give up their hard earned money just for peace of mind and the answer for me is definitely, "yes."
  5. It seems like this visa issue with Shanghai has been going on forever. I'm looking at several cruises to Asia for next fall and on the Princess web site, those involving Shanghai state a visa is necessary. There are certain countries in the world where I would never take a chance with the sketchy and confusing information about visa free transits and China is one of them. If I go through or visit Shanghai, I will get a visa - do I really want my vacation screwed up for $150?
  6. I like to cruise at Halloween- it's so much fun. I go to a dollar store for things to wear - they have tons of Halloween accessories and they are so inexpensive I don't even bother to take them home.
  7. I don't know that I've ever really used most of the Platinum gifs I've received. I think the metal thermos was the most useful and I still have that. Instead of a gift, I wish they would give me a few more free beverages - something I could use up on the cruise and not have to take home.
  8. I think we all care about people washing their hands, but I realize many don't. Hand washing is not the same thing as overuse of antibacterial cleansers.
  9. Lots of things don't require much space. All you really need is a mask and a few small accessories to pull off a fun look.
  10. My husband and I are light eaters - occasionally I only have a couple of appetizers and salad for dinner and many times we skip dessert so it's nice to have a snack later in the evening.
  11. I think I'm still treated well. The most I will ever book is a balcony, but I don't have any problem with people who pay way more than I do getting extra perks. IMO, jealousy and envy are two of the most destructive problems in society today.
  12. Seriously I don't consider what is necessary in an OR to be the same as what I need to live a healthy everyday life. And as a medical worker, surely you know as well as I do that despite constant cleaning, hospitals are notorious breeding grounds for all kinds of germs and infections. What do you do about possible body fluids being on soft surfaces? Do you wipe everything down every time your cabin attendant enters your cabin and touches things? Don't forget before being in your cabin they may have picked up nasty germs in another. I honestly don't mean to be snarky and if it makes you feel better then go for it.
  13. Agree - every once in while one of these threads pop up and I can't resist commenting on how people who are so adverse to germs are the very reason we are becoming more susceptible to illness. IMO, unless someone has a compromised immune system, all of this talk about wiping things down in cabins is so unnecessary. Antibacterial this and antibacterial that does more harm than good, but I guess if it makes then feel better there isn't any convincing them differently. Someday the super bug will probably get everyone because of the overuse of antibiotics and clean freaks who have not built up any natural immunity.
  14. I don't find it offensive, just unrealistic. I travel for business and over the past 40+ years I have spent more night's in hotels than I want to think about - staying in budget all the way to luxury. I always put towels on the floor in the bathroom and occasionally by my bed. If it's not my house, I assume it's not 100% clean.
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