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  1. I've been wondering which direction attire will go when cruising resumes. Will people who have been cooped up with nowhere to go for over a year decide it's time to up the ante and dress to the nines or will those who have been living in sweats be reluctant to give up casual? Personally, I think there will be a stronger trend towards casual than there was in the past, but I could be totally wrong. Either way, it will be fun when things get back to normal and we can have some clothing debates again.
  2. Carnival Elation - 5 nights - February 7th, 2020. It tied into a few days in Orlando post cruise and was the first cruise for a 5 year old. I'm so glad we made the trip before all of the crap started - 4 generations - aged 95 - 5 that we probably will never have the chance to do again.
  3. My last cruise was Feb, 2020. I had one in June that was canceled and I got a full refund for that and another that I L&S to November 2021 only because I booked with a NR deposit. I don't have plans to book anything else until cruising starts back up and I'm sure the product they offer is still something I'm interested in doing.
  4. I keep seeing those lamb chops! Guess I'd better make a trip to the butcher tomorrow.
  5. My last cruise before all of this crap started was on Carnival in February - it was a short 5 nighter to tie into a few days post cruise in Orlando. It was family trip with 4 generations involved. The youngest was 5 and he loved Guy's,(actually, we all did!)
  6. No it isn't. My husband and I are not big eaters and paying extra for speciality restaurants is such a waste. We enjoy upscale restaurants at home where we can share an entree or take leftovers home and are more than happy in the majority of dining venues on Royal ships.
  7. We cruised Norway during the Summer Solstice and were at sea that day with a Midnight Sun Party up on deck. I've been to Alaska several times in June but have never been able to watch the sun never set on the horizon - it was a lot of fun. Going to see the northern lights is on my bucket list - I would really like to spend a couple of nights in one of those glass igloos and see them that way - not sure I'm into the freezing outdoors experience!
  8. Skiing sounds great - you are lucky to have something nearby that you can enjoy. Not much to do here in Ohio right now.
  9. I love the Solarium Bistro - it's such a relaxing place to dine.
  10. LOL - I did that with my Thin Mints last March. I sat and watched the start of the Iditarod on-line and ate the whole thing.
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