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  1. I personally don't see how the cruise lines will survive if cruising doesn't start back up until mid 2022 and unless there isn't a vaccine I expect some sort of cruising will start back up by mid 2021.
  2. And what do you do between now and a few years to not catch C19? Are you willing to live the way we are for another 1-2-3-4 years? Not me. I'll take my "chances" with a vaccine.
  3. That is one of the things the clinical trials will do. Exactly what will it take for you to accept something is "safe?"
  4. Right now I agree with you, might change my mind down the road but if a vaccine becomes available, then yes, in order to do some things proof of a vaccination should be required and if you can't or won't get one, then that is your choice but certain things will be off limits, at least or a while.
  5. So what? You base your actions on those of others? If people drive through a school zone faster than the speed limit just because the area isn't patrolled, does that mean you do it also?
  6. Pretty much agree. We were fortunate enough to get our February cruise completed before the crap hit the fan. A June cruise was canceled and we L&S our November 2020 cruise to 2021. Unless a miracle happens, I don't see cruising starting up until mid 2021, so I'm really in an "on hold" mode for at least a year.
  7. Well doesn't this sound like fun! Exactly what will happen, only on a larger scale, if the people who would like to see mainstream cruising start up before it should could have their way.
  8. You want to be back on the water then go buy a boat - seriously, I'm tired of people who are making light of this virus and the impact it is having on all aspects of our lives.
  9. And that is exactly why I feel people who are making new bookings for the future are crazy. The crowd who kept thinking back in March that cruising would start back quickly has pretty much disappeared and most have accepted that ships are not sailing in 2020. But there are many here who still believe that the future bookings they are making now for next year will happen exactly as planned. If cruising isn't back to somewhat normal by the middle of next year, then who knows what ships will still be sailing and where they will go? I think some people are still in denial. It's a risky gamble with my money that I'm not willing to take.
  10. I think I'm tired of people thinking there will be a safe way to cruise before a vaccine is available or proven treatments that prevent people from getting to the critical stage are developed. Unless C19 suddenly just magically disappears overnight cruising isn't going to happen until next spring or summer at the earliest. Recent failures in Europe have proven that. There is more to life than cruising - I want to be with my family and have my grandson spend overnights again. I would trade all future cruises to be able to do that right now.
  11. Just use common sense - only 2 months away and they can't even get a very small ship to sail successfully w/o an incident. In your wildest dreams what makes you think a large cruise ship could be ready to sail in October?
  12. I simply don't think there will be many test runs to try to figure it out. IMO, cruising will not even attempt to do trial runs in the US until we have a vaccine or effective treatments that prevent people from reaching a critical stage.
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