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  1. My husband only requires assistance to get on and off the ship - I can't get him up or down ramps but I'm perfectly capable of pushing him around the ship. As mentioned previously, he has his own transport chair that is very compact and easily stored in our cabin. He is able to walk short distances, but when we have to go from one end of the ship to the other it is a lifesaver. I'm not sure what others do who don't have their own chairs - rental companies deliver to the ship and scooters are left in cabins, so perhaps they have one waiting for them onboard.
  2. Neither do I and after 60+ cruises we have never been on a ship with Noro and have only been sick 2X - both times it was a 24 hour something that probably had more to do do with food than a virus.
  3. My husband has his own transport chair so all we need is a pusher, but they take us to the handicapped area to wait and people who don't have their own chair are waiting there for wheelchairs and pushers. It has been our experience that it is all based on availability and has nothing to do with when anyone else is boarding. In our experience this is pretty much the procedure for all lines and all ports where we have sailed.
  4. I hope they have it in Blu for you on Reflection. We had it there on Equinox and it was lovely, but our last two cruises on Eclipse it's been in the MDR and it was not as nice - a different ambiance and the food was not as good.
  5. Lemon Drops are yummy and I really don't like sweet drinks. In the summer I love Mojitos and I ask the bartender to make them 1/2 as sweet as normal - they turn out perfect for me - so refreshing.
  6. I just did a Vancouver to Hawaii on X in April and the weather was very damp/rainy/windy for the first 3 1/2 days and then it got much nicer as we got closer to Hilo, our first port. I would imagine that during that time of year this is typical and you would experience something similar only in reverse.
  7. Suggest you go to some travel websites where you can select different cabins and see what the current difference is.
  8. I've done 2 TA's, both with 7 nights at sea and a 6 night crossing from Vancouver to Hawaii. If you are looking for activity, it really all depends on your roll call and if you have a good organizer. Our TA last year was on Eclipse and many activities were planned for each day - it was so much fun, then the crossing to Hawaii was this April and again on Eclipse and it could have been more different. Only a few groups got together to play cards and we're left on our own to find entertainment, which is OK, just not as much to keep us busy - we relaxed more. When the weather was nice we played cards on the balcony. There were several matinees, which were nice and I attended the enrichment lectures.
  9. I guess I would rent a car so I wouldn't have to worry about bags and then go have breakfast along the beach . If you drop off your bags at the ship around 11am and then return the car, that should take up most of the extra time.
  10. I don't know, I'm going on Elation on Feb and I think I'll survive. The cruise ties in with a land trip and it's the only 5 night option available out of Cape Canaveral that isn't Disney and it will be a 5 year olds first cruise - he will be thrilled. There are three other adults besides myself who absolutely won't care as long as they can relax, lie in the sun, and eat Guys Burgers. I've sailed on the Fantasy Class long ago when they were new and then a few years ago on two cruises out of Charleston. The upgrades have made them nicer and I'm sure we won't suffer too much. LOL.
  11. Frankly I've never understood why people try to do Paris this way unless there is an overnight,(which I'm not sure any cruise line offers. ????) All you really get is a drive through. Much better to spend the day along the northern coast of France were there is so much to see and more relaxing.
  12. No I haven't - I will check it out the next time I'm down there.
  13. Im not sure what the particulars are for the promo that started this thread, but I know 95% of the time people are not getting anything free and although the included perks may be offered for less than they would pay on board, they are only valuable if a person wants or can use them. For my husband and myself included perks only increase the price of the cruise and since we both have pre existing conditions that require us to always buy insurance we end up paying more for insurance than any perks are worth. So now I will book more cruises after the final payment date passes - the prices generally go down and I don't have to worry about non refundable charges. I'm not terribly picky about cabin location and I can always find something that will make me happy.
  14. Yes, I like a straw for pop and occasionally iced tea depending on where I'm at. I don't drink foo foo drinks but like Mojito's and frozen Margarita's and use a straw for them. We had paper straws on my last cruise and they are terrible - they do have a paper taste once they get damp.
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