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  1. Four generations just returned from a 5 night Elation cruise. This was to introduce a 5year old to cruising. We also tied this in with a few days at Orlando parks. Concerning the Disney comment - we had discussed all of our options and decided the cost difference, which was significant, couldn't be justified because the bottom line was my grandson wouldn't know the difference between Carnival and Disney and the adults simply weren't interested in the Disney experience. I had apprehensions about the 5 year old in the MDR but I was pleasantly surprised that he enjoyed it and was well behaved. Two nights he had the choice to go to the buffet or have dinner with my husband and myself in the MDR and he wanted to go with us. He never went to Camp Carnival - he had a great time with the adults. He was sad to leave the ship and told us he want to go again.
  2. I'm not disagreeing with that, but the reality is most people don't.
  3. I was on Elation last week and received photo albums.
  4. There is no way I would change the cabin and I wouldn't do it on my own and pretend I had received an upgrade. This is just my opinion, but he gave you a gift - why make him feel it wasn't quite good enough? I've cruised to Alaska 5 times and once of the times was on Millennium. I've had an inside, OV's and a balcony and I have enjoyed every one of them equally. I spend most of my time out on the open decks, so the cabin type matters very little to me. Enjoy your trip - I was just there in September and it is my favorite cruise destination.
  5. Menus and the sides of chairs - people reach underneath and scoot themselves closer to the table and they never think about how many dirty hands have been there. However, I am not a germophobe. I have never wiped down a cabin or hotel room. I wash my hands when and where it is appropriate, but I don't scrub the skin off. I travel and don't worry about stuff like that and I've been all over the world and gone on a lot of cruises. and I was sick once for 24 hours - who knows what that was? I don't recall doing anything differently when I travel than what I do at home. I usually get a cold once a year and that is about it. I do get an annual flu shot and I had a pneumonia shot when I turned 65.
  6. And then you handle a menu that other people have touched and has germs all over it.
  7. I wish I had that option but our bedroom is on the first floor and the rest are on the second. Too much trouble to drag suitcases and clothes up and down the stairs, so I just use my dining room as a staging area. Someday maybe we'll downsize and have everything on one level.
  8. Just a little background - my husband and I have been cruising since 1982 and have been on more than 60 cruises all over the world on most major cruise lines. This cruise was to get 4 generations together and have a 5 year old take his first cruise to tie in with a few days in Orlando at the parks. The 5 night Elation cruise was the one that best worked with our schedule as we were able to leave on a Friday evening and return home on Saturday so everyone only had to take a week off work. Additionally, the price was too good to pass up - $289 pp for my son and grandson and $129 for my great grandson + a $50 OBC for an inside and $339 for my husband and myself + a $50 OBC for an OV. It had been 6 years since I last sailed on Carnival and I had recently read reviews and was aware of the problems on the 1/11/20 cruise, so I was slightly apprehensive as the departure date approached. We flew in the night before and stayed at the Fairfield Inn Orlando Airport that had a hotel shuttle and then the next morning we were picked up at the hotel by Cortrans. We arrived at the ship around noon and were on the ship before 12:30. Because we are Platinum we were able to drop all of our bags off before going to the buffet for a bite to eat. The men grabbed Guy's burgers, my husband got a Ruben from the deli,(that was delish), and I had something from the buffet. Food - So this is where I will discuss the food in all of the self service venues - Guy's - yummy burgers - the best burger I have ever had on any cruise line. Blue Iguana - excellent tacos and burritos for lunch. I never had breakfast there so I can't comment on that. The deli had great sandwiches for lunch and huge omelets and cooked to order eggs for breakfast. There was a nice salad bar for lunch and cold cereals for breakfast. The hot buffet line was standard fare for breakfast with terrible lumpy, thick oatmeal. Yuck. This had to be the smallest hot buffet station for lunch and dinner that I have ever seen on any ship. One carving station, three or four other hot dishes and then a bread station at the end. Some was good, some was fair, and some was yuck. But food is subjective so I will only comment that it was a VERY limited selection for lunch and dinner. For lunch and dinner there was a dessert bar with a nice selection of cakes that were actually better than most desserts I have recently had on other cruise lines and always self serve ice cream. The pizza place is always open - my grandson said it was good. We had anytime dining and we ate dinner in the MDR 3 of the 5 nights. The new decor is very nice, especially knowing what this class ship used to look like. It's contemporary and fresh. The food was fine, but the service was SLOW - I mean really slow. We usually do traditional, so I don't know if this is the norm with anytime dining but I would probably never do it again. We never had lunch in the MDR, so I can't comment about that. Cabins - The ship went through a dry dock a year or so ago and the cabins and hallways got a new look. The doors have a tropical feel and everything looks fresh - cabins have large flat screen TV's. Bathrooms are small and basic with cute tropical shower curtains. Carnival bedding is comfortable. The air seems to work properly and we were never too hot or cold. Itinerary - we had a sea day , then two ports - Grand Turk and Amber Cove, then another sea day. It was very windy the day we left Port Canaveral and the morning of the first sea day -after that the weather was beautiful. I never experienced any movement from the ship that had been previously reported and we made it into both ports, so the propulsion problems must have been successfully repaired. Our 5 year old had a great time in the pool on the first sea day - it was almost empty but on the last day it was packed with adults, so we passed on that and did other things. Entertainment - I've never cared much for Playlist Productions, but they did a great job on this cruise with three production numbers. One night was the Hasbro game show, which we did missed. My husband and I went to 2 adult comedy shows and I was surprised that they were much better than the ones we had gone to in the past. The two comedians were funny and while it was adult comedy the profanity was toned down from what we had previously experienced. We took our 5 year old to the Dr Suess Parade and storytime on the first day and the breakfast on the last day - he had a great time at both events. Condition of the ship - I thought the inside of the ship was well maintained. My great grandson loved the atrium - especially at night with the lights. There was noticeable rust on the outside of the ship which I imagine is harder to keep under control with a 22 year old haul and it had absolutely no impact on my enjoyment of the cruise. Passenger mix - some families, maybe 50 or 60 children. All ages, well behaved. I never saw or heard anything questionable, but we didn't hang around the bars or stay up really late. There was no running down halls or loud noises late in the evening. My husband and I attended the Platinum/Diamond cocktail party and it turned out to be very nice and relaxed - there were only about 90 of us on this sailing. Overall, this cruise was a very pleasant surprise. It was really better than I had expected. If there is anything I've missed or if you have questions I will be happy to answer.
  9. I just disembarked Elation on Thursday. We were a group of 5 which included a 5 year old and an adult in a transport chair,(our own.) I was concerned about getting everyone up, doing breakfast, and going through immigration but we were off the ship by 9:30 am. We are Platinum so that did mean we didn't have to stand in line to get off the ship, but the line appeared to move quickly and we also used a porter to go through immigration which again meant a very short line - we zipped through. We used Cortran and they were great - it was $40 pp RT and they picked us up at our hotel to go to the ship and dropped us off at the airport to pick up our rental car. We left Port Canaveral around 10:15 am. We had considered getting a car in Port Canaveral because we were spending a couple of days post cruise in Orlando but we decided it was easier to do it with the shuttle to Orlando and then get our car.
  10. I'm resurrecting this thread because we just returned from Grand Turk last week and had an unpleasant experience with the locals and chair rentals. My husband is handicapped and uses a transport chair. I pushed him as far as I could and then went to look for chairs and an umbrella close to the water. I was approached by a guy who told me the chairs and umbrellas were $30. We were traveling with two other adults and a 5 year old and I told him I would pay that if he gave me 2 more chairs. He agreed and put a wristband on me. I told him I had to go back to get my money and my husband and when I returned the guy wasn't there so we sat down thinking he would return with the two other chairs. After about 10 minutes another guy came up and asked me if I had paid and I said no, I was waiting for the one who I originally talked to. To make the rest of the story short, the second guy got really nasty with me and told me I had to pay him and it was $40 for four chairs. I told him to take a hike and he ripped the original wrist band off and went to get his supervisor. The wristbands the second guy had were a different color than the one I had. He wanted me to pay him and then he said he would go get wristbands. I asked him if I looked stupid and told him I would pay him the $30 for two chairs after he gave me the wristband. I ended up with two chairs, an umbrella, and my wristbands and we were left alone after that, but the guys along the beach are real jerks.
  11. Having a B'Day party for my husband today - will try to post it this evening.
  12. I did it on Allure and it was fun. I love sushi and I skipped breakfast so I was able to finish all of it, but then I didn't eat much dinner. I'm on Oasis in November and I plan to do it again.
  13. One year we took 5 in a 12 month period - while it was fun, never again - seemed like all I did was pack and unpack.
  14. I just returned from Elation with a 5year old. The breakfast was OK, but I thought the parade and story time on the first sea day was better.
  15. I boarded Carnival Elation on the 8th in Port Canaveral and all they had us do is fill out a form - had we been to Asia? - had a fever? - been sick? - etc. They only checked our passports for ID and never looked at the stamped pages.
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