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  1. I have a November cruise booked on Oasis. I'm not feeling very optimistic about that one either. I'm not sure they will be up and running by then and also if they don't change the 70+ doctor's release, then it's a mute point anyhow.
  2. I have an 11/15 cruise booked on Oasis. I will be shocked if that happens.
  3. That is good to know, but I still would not want to take my chances with that happening.
  4. Yes, he did mention they might be on the ship for a few more days. Lots of people on balconies - they are the lucky ones during all of this. I can't even imagine being quarantined in an inside! I'm not sure what the future holds for us with cruising because of the age related doctor's release letter , but I know if I cruise again I will never book anything except a balcony.
  5. I didn't realize they had deaths on board.
  6. I was just listening to a passenger being interviewed. Sick people off first, florida residents next, and then then other "healthy" people sent home. The people who have tested positive but do not require hospital care will remain on board until they have recovered.
  7. So did mine, but my June cruise is still showing up in the cruise planner.
  8. I agree. To me it is ridiculous that they don't keep on working together until there is a solution - it it was one of their family members onboard, bet they would be working into the wee hours and not going home until it was settled. To keep saying they are coming back another day makes me mad. .
  9. Please note I mentioned that effective treatments would also be a game changer, not just a vaccine.
  10. Just when this will be over is the big question - isn't it? Look at the current situation with the Zaandam - as long as this type of thing can happen does anyone really think cruising will start back up?
  11. It's my understanding that Carnival Corp has a business plan in place for the possibility that no cruises will start up until 2021. I would imagine Royal is coming up with the same thing. There is speculation that NCL would not be able to survive if that happened. I don't think people are being pessimistic at all - just realistic. Why do you think cruising would start up before there is either a very effective treatment, which is a possibility just not by June, or a widely distributed vaccine, which won't happen until 2021. Why would the cruise lines even consider letting people board a ship when there is a possibility that infected people would board and start this whole thing all over again. If they allow that to happen then that really would be the death of cruising.
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