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  1. But the OP is entertaining and right now we are all running out of things to discuss. I especially love her mission to keep new cruisers in the loop. LOL - right now the cruise lines are having a difficult time keeping long time customers and can't imagine many newbies out there are rushing to book something that nobody knows when or how they will begin.
  2. So do I - as I get older I really appreciate laid back and casual,(which does not mean sloppy!) If it was up to me I would just hang out and graze most of the day and evening, but my husband likes to socialize, so dinner is important to him.
  3. A 5 star restaurant will generally cost over $400 pp. I don't think there are many, if any meals on cruise ships that will fall into that category, (maybe Queens Grill on Cunard?)
  4. These are exactly my thoughts as well. I really don't want to eat that way every night of a cruise, regardless of length. We frequently eat at upscale restaurants at home, but there we can order an appetizer and split a salad and entree'. Frequently, I order a salad and appetizer,(maybe two), and dessert for dinner in the MDR. My husband also is a light eater. I realize we are probably exceptions to the way most people eat on a cruise, but paying extra for a larger portions or more creative dishes simply isn't worth it for us.
  5. You're so funny. Things are getting so boring around here and you are providing us some laughs - thanks.
  6. I'm a bourbon drinker. Blantons is very good, but for a straight bourbon, I like Bookers and for Manhattans, I usually use Knob Creek - they have a Smokey Maple Bourbon that I love in the fall and winter.
  7. As of 10/12, they had a study pause because a participant developed an unexplained illness.
  8. I was just reading that. Of course the cause of death could be totally unrelated to the vaccine, but let the fireworks begin.
  9. Expressing an opinion and saying you won't abide by the rules are two entirely different things. I think the majority of people feel that wearing a mask on the open deck while sunning is overkill, but if that is the rule, then so be it. Complain all you like on CC but when you finally set foot on a ship, make sure you are prepared to comply with all protocols - not just the ones you agree with.
  10. I understand and agree that they will have that requirement once the vaccine is available, but that is assuming there won't be any cruises leaving North America until there is a vaccine and I think they might get some started, like Europe, before then. I'm just not interested in going on one of those.
  11. But I'm reading that the RNA vaccines are believed to have a very high efficacy and frankly in this particular case, as long as I'm protected, I don't care if someone else who has decided to not get the vaccine isn't protected. Does that mean that I want to be quarantined if there is an outbreak? Nope - which is why I won't be cruising for a while.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that. I fear it's going to be a long winter for all of us.
  13. Time to hijack a thread. How are things going in Germany? The rest of Europe is not looking good right now.
  14. I think you and I are basically on the same page. LOL.
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