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  1. I did this on Allure several years ago and it was delicious - we were served several margaritas in addition to the tequila tasting. Glad I didn't have to drive home.
  2. True, behind the scenes workers may or may not get a cut of my servers tips, but that is something I'm totally uninvolved in unlike cruise lines which specifically state that part of the auto tip goes to those people. As I previously mentioned, at Panera I do not tip because it is pretty much a self-serve restaurant although there are people repairing my food, washing dishes etc. I'm not sure why I should feel differently at a full service restaurant about those workers.
  3. But in this case the amount I tip my server is shared in a land based restaurant and I'm not expected to tip extra to cover the behind the scenes workers.
  4. Back to food - my grandson and his wife just returned from Adventure. They dined in the speciality restaurants 3 nights, MDR 2 nights, and the Windjammer 2 nights. This was their first Royal cruise so nothing to compare it to, but they were pleased with the food in all venues. The pictures they took of their meals in the MDR looked as good as or better than what I had on Allure last October before the menu changes.
  5. It's not the $18 that is the issue. It's the argument that the crew is exploited by the cruise lines and using the costs of living where they are from is not valid. Totally ridiculous to not accept that in general, they are making much more on a ship than they would at home. To use pay standards for any other countries is pointless. Most of us are not objecting to tipping the crew - as long as they are providing the services we have had in the past. But when the cruise lines reduce services and expect us to pay more in gratuities, then some are balking at that. I personally have a problem with tipping the behind the scenes staff - but that is an issue I have with things besides cruising. While there may be a few who don't tip to reduce the cost of their cruise, I don't think that applies to the vast majority of cruisers.
  6. OK so let's have cruise ships pay a "living wage," (whatever the heck that means), and have cruise prices skyrocket to the point where only the truly affluent can afford to cruise = less ships, less jobs - not only the crew, but in all resources related to the cruise industry. I can't wait to hear the outcry about that.
  7. LOL - perhaps install one less water slide and spend the money on food??????
  8. I know a lot of people feel that way. With a few exceptions I am a bargain hunter cruiser - I look for the best deal out there and don't worry about the itinerary, ship, etc. I've managed to travel all over the world and have saved $$$. The only reason I mention that is because for the price I pay I'm somewhat tolerant of food, but I also know that people on the same cruise I have been on have paid considerably more and if I were them I would not be happy with some of the cutbacks that have been happening for the past 15 + years. (On all cruise lines, for that matter.)
  9. Well...... the day I have 20% automatically added to my bill and then have to tip an additional 20% is the day I stop dining out. I guess I don't understand why they simply don't raise their prices 20%.
  10. I live in the mid west and haven't experienced this. Perhaps it's a common in certain areas of the country? Did you happen to ask what the service fee covered?
  11. My grandson and his wife, first time on Royal, just got off Adventure today and I will interested to hear their thoughts on the food.
  12. LOL - I never cook when I return home. That night is always pizza night.
  13. I think they can be helpful. Right now I'm on a crusing leave of absence and I'm not as active as in the past. My grandson and his wife are on Adventure, so I have been paying more attention to these boards this past week. I really need to visit more often to keep up even if I'm not currently planning any cruises.
  14. I'm not sure exceeding the auto gratuity is an issue for many of us because some tip extra and for that reason we generally exceed the auto amount. I think quite a few of us object to an auto increase with reduced services and also including "behind the scenes" staff. Those people should be paid by the cruise line and not rely on tips to supplement their salaries. I loved auto tipping when it first started because it was easy. Unfortunately it has become part of the trend to tip everyone for everything and at some point I will draw a line in the sand and say, "no." Just like Panera - I have no problem tapping on the "no tip" button - I have to stand in line to place my order, pick it up, and then clean my table, but there are those who would argue that people are preparing my food, washing dishes, etc. Nope - won't do that. The tipping mentality has gotten out of control.
  15. Years ago, before auto tips, we cash tipped to only those who directly provided a service to us. I agree with you, the distribution for other hotel services is a problem for me. Unfortunately my husband's health has prevented us from cruising since last October and he will never cruise again. If and when I decide to return to cruising I might just go back to cash tips.
  16. Glad to hear that. This is a delayed honeymoon - cruises hadn't started back up after Covid when they were married.
  17. Grandstand - LOL - I guess everyone knows I meant grandson.
  18. I've been following Adventure this week as my grandstand his wife are currently on it. Looks like they along with Allure had a full day at CC.
  19. Great - didn't realize that. it's been a long time since I was on anything beside the Oasis class ships
  20. Is the ice show the only one that requires advance reservation on Adventure?
  21. I thought that was great last year on Allure, but I thought I had heard some talk about it going back to the old way. Glad to hear it hasn't changed and I'll update my grandkids so they know what to do.
  22. My mid 30's grandson and his wife will be on Adventure next month - I'm glad to hear this.
  23. Thanks again for the help. My last cruise was on Allure last October and it looks like it will be the last with my husband who is in poor health. Right now I'm cruising vicariously through my grandkids.
  24. Didn't realize muster is still being done on the app.
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