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  1. Exactly - and initially they might, but my personal opinion is prices are going to come down for all ships as we get into 2022 and beyond.
  2. We've had a Central Park balcony on Oasis and have another one booked for next November. It was very nice, especially in the evening when live music is played. We didn't mind people being across from us either, but if you want to view the ocean then you really only have the one option and it comes at a higher price.
  3. And looking at all of the new reviews - from all of those cruises that have sailed over the past 9 months - too many to even count.
  4. Yes, REALLY, REALLY BIG!!!!! - SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!
  5. I couldn't agree more. I'm so sorry this ever became political because it never should have been.
  6. I don't know, but I feel like that's where we'll be in January.
  7. You do realize they will be the same vaccines before and after the 20th?
  8. I've sailed Alaska with and w/o a balcony and honestly think they're overrated for Alaska as I'm always up on deck for the best views. But as long as there is a chance of an outbreak and confinement in a cabin, I do understand the appeal of a balcony when cruising starts up again regardless of the itinerary.
  9. It snowed here last night and it looks very Christmassy outside. I think I'll venture out and buy some cut greenery for the house. Decorations will be low keyed as it's just my husband and myself with no parties or family get togethers, so I'm not dragging everything out this year.
  10. Yes and the "rich" are not going to want to cruise with 5,000 of their closest friends and eat mass cruise line food. Mass cruising will still be priced to attract middle class cruisers.
  11. Exactly! As long as people pay the high prices the cruise lines will not drop them and some will, (IMO), foolishly pay today's prices fearing they will be even higher in the future. I don't think that will happen - I believe once ships start sailing at full capacity there will be a ton of bargains out there. I'm not saying that will happen in 2021- maybe not even 2022 but I think it eventually will.
  12. Just my husband and myself this year. I fixed a traditional dinner - turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, waldorf salad, pumpkin pie.
  13. We were on Navigator 10 years ago, the first week in January. We had a Med cruise planned for Dec that included Egypt, but less than two weeks before sailing my husband tore his meniscus and we had to cancel. He healed quickly and we were able to get a cabin on Navigator in the Caribbean. Not quite the same thing as the Med or Egypt but the ship we had been booked on was Brilliance and as it turned out there was a terrible storm in the Med, people were injured on the ship, and they never made it to Egypt. Sometimes things work out for the best.
  14. And the holiday reprieve is over............it's back to the races!
  15. That and the comment about treating Royal like religion.
  16. I think you do bring up an interesting point. If the vaccines don't prevent people from being carriers - is there really a need to vaccinate children under 10 as they are generally not at risk? Right now they can transmit the virus to others but it sounds like the vaccine may not prevent that, so I'm not sure if they really do need to be vaccinated.
  17. Then I simply won't cruise if they are required. I have been on 60+ cruises and have never been sick. I have NO intentions of living the rest of my life the way I have for the past 8 months and see no reason to continue panic mode once the pandemic is over. Washing hands and practicing good hygiene is one thing but the rest is overkill.
  18. As I mentioned on a previous post, I will of course continue to mask and social distance until it is apparent that everyone who wishes to be vaccinated has been. But once we reach that point - I'm done with it. Perhaps if people continue to get sick some of the hold outs will become converts. Also, if those at highest risk are getting the shot(s), (which I have to believe the majority will), then that may also get us to herd immunity if others get infected but don't become seriously ill. The only people I really care about protecting are those who can't take a vaccine because of
  19. We've done one Thanksgiving cruise. It was on Princess RT to Hawaii from San Francisco and it was great to just relax and have a nice dinner prepared by someone other than myself.
  20. Yes it does, but you can't convince some people and after this is over there is going to be a whole new group of folks who will think they need to over sanitize everything.
  21. I had things planned to take to the two dinners we are missing, so yesterday I sent sweet potatoes to my step-daughter and next Sunday Im sending sweet potatoes, dressing, and pie to my son. I made a pie for my grandson today and I dropped it off this afternoon. I know one thing, when this crap is really over I'm having the party of the century!
  22. We had plans for yesterday and next Sunday with family, (each was a very small group of 6), but both were canceled because people had beed exposed to covid, so this year it's just us. I have 2 bottles of Pinot Noir - it might turn out to be a very happy Thanksgiving afterall
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