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  1. Naval Air Station Mayport in Jacksonville might be an option. Still in Florida and they do have port facilities.
  2. Not easily. Where are they? How close to a certified lab? The inherent danger in flight operations and I don’t know where you draw the line.
  3. Problem is the test need to go to a certified lab for analysis. Cruise ships are not equipped to that level.
  4. I guess they think “abundance of caution” is better than “we have no idea what to do” or “we’re frightened to the point of wetting our pants”. 🥴😬
  5. It is strange that Silversea is still showing May and June Alaska itineraries with Canadian ports. As for the ban it’s actually all souls on board including staff, crew, and passengers so at around 1,000 total Muse is double the limit.
  6. Looks like the decision to cruise or not with Silversea worldwide over the next 30 days has been taken out of our hands. https://www.silversea.com/information-on-itinerary-changes.html
  7. What about making water? They have to be a number of miles offshore and I’ve heard they bleed off heat from the engines to support the process. ????
  8. The humorist in me would have to ask....”Do these days count against my 100 days? I’m seven days short.” 😬😀
  9. All I can say it’s either an adventure or a nightmare. Not sure where we would be depending on the conditions onboard. Flexibility, flexibility.
  10. Laid off? To where? The ships are all over the world and sending just the service staff home would be a monumental undertaking. Then only to try to get they back to these same ships six or seven weeks later?
  11. Actually it’s Carey but good memory. By the way she went to work this morning and the security people who monitor and have to approve overseas travel asked her if she was going on another cruise. Told her that the Army had suspended all travel to and from South Korea and Italy for the time being except for emergencies. Applies to all uniformed members, family members, and Army civil servants. They asked her because of our history of Ned travel over the past eight years. We have nothing planned so not an issue but interesting that she could have been denied what we call “country clearance”.
  12. My wife often asks “How’s your friend Lois doing?” 🙂 She also knew we just missed you in Ft Lauderdale when we boarded the Wind.
  13. I was aware you were under treatment and had wondered about that but I didn’t want to ask in public about that. My wife and I actually talked a bit about that yesterday.
  14. I would think and hope that since the cruise is Ft Lauderdale to Barcelona the Wind won’t be impacted. If it were going deeper into the Med to say Italy that would be a whole different issue if thing continue to degenerate.
  15. Went to dinner last night at our favorite Italian restaurant to celebrate wifes birthday. Our discussion turned to potential cruise discounts and lower fares because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Barring a quick worldwide recovery, which doesnt seem very likely, we expect that in the next few weeks and maybe months fares will come down significantly. Tempting but then Mrs K pointed out the destinations we like the most are the most impacted. Not really interested in a cruise to just somewhere or nowhere because its a bargain.
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