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  1. Years, actually decades ago, the wildest parties I went to were ones thrown by Saudis in the Seattle-Tacoma area. At least one I knew quite well was one of the ruling family’s many princes.
  2. I guess I’ve gotten so tired of the “we’re cruising, we’re not cruising” that I’ve lost the bubble, and quite frankly the interest, in what ship is sailing where when. My brain hurts. We personally have written off the even remote possibly of cruising again until late summer or early fall 2021. After the recent failed attempts to restart cruising even at a small scale we are not encouraged. The key thing we’re looking for is some indication HAL or any major cruise line for that matter is moving toward reconstituting their crew. We have not seen that.
  3. Considering the recent outcomes of the first few cruises I’d say Petri dish is pretty close. That said, for technical accuracy, I should point out you can’t grow a virus in a Petri dish. 🙂
  4. I agree that other cruise lines have in essence have caught up but in late 1994 early 1995 Deluxe/Neptune Suites were ahead of their time. Subsequently we’ve had Royal Suites or Silver Suites on other cruise lines and they were excellent. But we paid for them and in comparison Deluxe/Neptune Suites are a real value.
  5. Masks were bad enough but adding goggles totally does cruising in for us.
  6. We were in our early 40’s in 1993 when we were on the Fantasy to see if we liked cruising. Back then there was a pretty nice cruise-only TA in town and an agent there recommended we try Carnival and the back then still relatively new Fantasy. We actually had a great cruise and we learned quite a bit about cruising and what we liked, disliked, and wanted on our next cruise. She booked us on the then very, very new.....like her sixth revenue cruise.....MS Ryndam for a 10-day cruise in a Deluxe Suite. We thought we’d died and gone to heaven, we were spoiled. To this day think I still consider HAL’s Deluxe now called Neptune Suites one of the best non-penthouse suite afloat.
  7. I too am surprised to see what look to be fairly nice ships at the scrappers. Typically the ships I’ve seen on the beach looked like it was more than beyond their time. I guess it goes to these were actively being used and not tied up somewhere for years.
  8. A little tug at the heart seeing the Fantasy beached for scrapping. Back in 1993 we took a 4-day “try it you’ll like it” cruise on the Fantasy out of Port Canaveral. We liked it and our TA at the time booked us on the MS Ryndam based in our likes and dislikes on the Fantasy. Hard to believe that was 27 years and 20+ cruises ago.
  9. In my opinion under the present circumstances I’d say yes. Speaking for myself only I’d rather have the money than some hopeful chance that the business will survive. I have maybe one or two gift cards from bankrupt stores and they are not worth the plastic they are printed on. Show me the money! 😀
  10. Normally we take advantage when offered of the 10% full payment discount but things aren’t normal. In fact while we have our eye on a cruise in September 2021 we’ve not even booked. We realize we might not be able to book the cruise but we are waiting this out for the time being.
  11. Greece opening for cruises is encouraging, one small step in the recovery process. At the time it doesn’t make an immediate difference to us Americans but they have to start somewhere. I’m actually happy to see some of the smaller lines in Europe stepping out and cruising again. Serves as a testbed for putting a fair number of people back in a relatively confined environment and for what works, doesn’t work, or needs to be changed.
  12. Absolutely agree that a great staff that delivers excellent service along with personal interaction is a major part of the cruise experience. Bad staff can quickly turn a good product mediocre. I have confidence that Silversea will continue to attract and retain good staff but it could be a challenge. I also hope they’ll be able to bring back most of the veteran staff. I have this nagging fear that some of the vets will decide this is as good as anytime to retire.
  13. Doesn’t surprise me that the Wind is in Marseille. We were on the Wind in March 2012 and one of our stops was Marseille. It is a good sized port and I was surprised at the number of cruise ships docked there as we were very early in the Med season. I was to find out later that many of the ships had wintered there waiting for the Med season to start up.
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