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  1. We were disappointed with the menu in Luminae, and dined mostly in Blu. However, we had to ask if there was a table available each night that we dined there. If Blu was crowded, we then went up to the buffet instead. We enjoy dining in specialty restaurants, and have always enjoyed dinners on cruise lines MDR on Cunard, Crystal, Windstar, Oceania, among others. Luminae was a disappointment to us.
  2. Thank you. Do you think that this is so for all cruise lines sailing RT from Florida ports?
  3. We know that we will need a Covid test prior to embarking on a Caribbean cruise in Ft. Lauderdale. However, are you also tested before disembarking at Ft. Lauderdale a week later? We are not flying as we live in FL.
  4. Keith, Just checking; when you embark in Miami you were tested at the pier with an antigen or PCR test. If negative you are allowed to board. Are you tested again during the cruise or right before disembarking in Miami at the end of the cruise? We are thinking about a one week RT Miami. Thank you.
  5. One of my favorite things about Windstar is the shared table experience at dinner. We met so many interesting and well traveled people. We were fortunate to be seated with people from all over the USA as well as people from other countries.
  6. I think we will wait a while before resuming cruising. Too many potential problems exist. I don’t think we would enjoy our cruise under these circumstances. Hopefully, the situation will improve in the future.
  7. Is it possible to upgrade your cabin after you embark? What has been your experience?
  8. Thank you both for your replies. We are longing to cruise again and perhaps this will work for us. We have always enjoyed Crystal.
  9. We are thinking of booking a 7 day RT cruise from Miami. We know that besides being fully vaccinated we are also required to present a negative PCR test prior to embarkation. We would like to know if any other testing is done during the cruise. Are tests required for days in Nassau or Bimini? Or is there a test prior to disembarkation in Miami after day 7? We live in Florida so flights are not required.
  10. Thank you for your informative review. We are looking forward to sailing on the Countess next summer.
  11. Thank you, Hattie. Hopefully, we will be able to holiday in this area in the not too distant future.
  12. What a lovely area. It looks so peaceful and beautiful. Do you rent this place or do you own it? If this pandemic ever ends, we would probably enjoy time spent in this area of the UK.
  13. We unfortunately just had to cancel our Windstar Legend cruise. Our deposit was refunded in less than a week back to our credit card. We are hoping to be able to cruise with them again in the future.
  14. We have traveled CB and regular Britannia dining room. We prefer the regular dining room for the following reasons: it is easier to access, the decor is more beautiful, it is more open and grand, and we prefer dining with other people at a table for six or eight.
  15. We have cancelled our Nov. TA for the same reasons. Better safe than sorry. We love Windstar and will definitely sail with them in the future.
  16. We love Windstar, but have cancelled our TA cruise from Lisbon for the same reasons.
  17. My brother is a physician at a large Miami hospital. Serious cases are now including totally vaccinated people.
  18. We love to cruise, but we feel that now is not the right time. Too much uncertainty and stress at this time. We will wait until we can cruise stress free.
  19. Thank you for all suggestions. With the advent of the Delta variant making travel more worrisome, I think we will cancel our Nov. cruise and wait for things to get better. Hopefully, in the near future.
  20. We have a transatlantic cruise Lisbon to Barbados in a few months. We are both vaccinated. We realize that we will need a negative antigen/PCR test prior to landing in Lisbon from the USA and boarding our ship. What happens if you test positive on your test prior to flying back to the USA after disembarking in Barbados? We know that this happens. This is one of the reasons we are hesitant to proceed with this cruise.
  21. I understand that you must have a negative test to get onto the ship, pre cruise. But what happens if you test positive at the end of the cruise, prior to getting back to the USA? Yes, I am vaccinated, but people can test positive anyway, occasionally. What happens then? This is one of the reasons I am hesitant to cruise at this time.
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