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  1. Yup. Booked two Carnival freebies (aft balconies!) for march and May in Sydney Australia in 2021. It is a gamble but the cruises are terrific and I am only out $400+ each for the two for two of us. . What will be, will be. It is all COVID-willing. Live your life. Live your life!
  2. As we look to launch our life of international nomaddery (COVID willing), which virtual mail services work well? We would like to have a Washington State address.
  3. Cigna looks terrific. Bookmarking this to get. How far in advance should we purchase?
  4. Thanks. Yes we DO plan to live outside the US for 4-5 months of time between cruises. We also need to change our Medicare Advantage policy and will look at emergency coverage while overseas for the various alphabet plans.
  5. Thanks, Steve, **We plan to establish residency in Washington State this coming August. And will back there when needed for as-needed medical care, which will be. . . **a Medicare Advantage policy, probably with Kaiser or maybe USAA. Still exploring/comparing options and plans. **dates are more or less set for each location (the 3 cruise dates are definitely set—*June-sept 2021, *Dec-2022 and *Jan-Feb 2022). Travelling back to Washington State MAY not happen between each location and cruise. It depends on our health and my husband requires a medication by injection every 3 months (we are exploring access to the medication in foreign countries). I am guessing by your questions that going back “home” between trips has implications for the kind of insurances that are advisable? Thanks.
  6. I am retiring and we are on our way to being International nomads. Starting in January 2021 and through 2022 we plan to take three cruises and live for a few months in Sydney, Como and Montevideo for a few months each. What recommendations do you have for year-round or individual travel insurance? I plan to get Med-Jet as a back-up as well. I am 67 and my husband is 72 and other than bouts with cancer, are mobile and in good health.
  7. Fingers crossed for our dream WC on Sea Princess June of 21 out of Sydney. We shall see.
  8. https://www.citylab.com/life/2020/05/cruise-industry-coronavirus-tourism-job-economic-development/611854/?mc_cid=eaf28662e9&mc_eid=ea6544dd2d
  9. Such an interesting thread. We have had three Princess cruises booked for ages—WC on Sea Princess in June 2021, Transatlantic on Island in December 2021 and South American on Discovery in Jan 2022. I am very curious to see how the original bookings and itineraries change. I don’t much care—as long as I am on a cruise, the world will be good. I don’t imagine any bargains will be had to cancel and rebook. Looks like the WC got quite a few new bookings from those that had this year’s WC cut short. There are only a few cabins remaining. I DO wonder if beverage packages, specialty restaurants and excursions, etc will increase in price. If I can, I will book them now if I can. Can’t hurt.
  10. Before pot was legalized for recreational use, you just went to a doctor next to a pot dispensary and got a prescription for $100 after explaining your maladies for five minutes or so. I just had a vision of similar doc-shops outside the gates of embarkation ports. 😈😈 These are so easy to falsify. This is a very CYA move by cruise-lines. I can’t imagine these certificates will be verified or investigated, just filed. As for me, I will seal meds in a plastic bag and hide in my. . . Oh, never mind. 😱😥
  11. Yes. The definition and enforcement will be interesting. Diabetes? Cancer? But what if meds successfully manage it? I imagine it will be easy find a doctor—for a price—that will happily sign a medical certificate. If this is a CYA move, doubt if there will be much scrutiny beyond collection of paperwork.
  12. Loved street painting in Valpariso, any sailing from or to home under the Golden Gate Bridge, and we love a good formal night. 584E6A6F-C64A-4486-BD47-C5E59899861F.MOV
  13. We are supposed to be there right now. Sigh!
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