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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I just did the Chef's Table in October 2019 and it was a different menu so I'm super excited to try this one. It looks amazing!
  2. I'm 100% with you. I was not happy in the one inside cabin I stayed in. I literally slept the entire cruise away, it was so dark. I desperately need to see the ocean but I don't want to have to spend time listening to a bunch of strangers (I read a lot and conversations are distracting). I agree with other posters about keeping the tv on to the bridge view so you can see if it's daytime. One option I would absolutely explore is upgrading to an OV or balcony and paying the difference. I hope you enjoy your cruise regardless! And ignore all these (insert expletive) with their angry eyebrows and upturned noses. They're just pissy no one bought them a cruise 🤣
  3. Ignore the naysayers! Some people just can't help themselves.
  4. I'm glad you found one! I've actually bought CCL Platinum gifts on ebay 🤣
  5. I LOVE the idea of having an XL Spirit class ship! I have often thought this as they have one of the best layouts around ❤️
  6. I think you missed the point. Yes, the cost per cabin is the same--for the cruise line. But if I can share that cost with someone, then I'm only spending $750 on the cabin instead of $1500.
  7. I like the idea but it would be very tricky to match two strangers. The only way I could see it working would be for the cruise line to develop a "matchmaking" questionnaire or algorithm (for lack of a better example). And honestly that would probably be hit or miss. You'd likely have more luck finding a cruise buddy on a site like this one.
  8. Nice list! Thank you for the update. I look forward to seeing some of these on my Legend cruise next month 😊
  9. I truly appreciate this post. As an ambivert who is usually only extroverted in the presence of people I know and love, those barnacles would be my worst nightmare. I am not shy I just have low tolerance for mingling. It drains me. I haven't yet cruised solo, mainly because I haven't found the right price. I'm perfectly content, and even prefer, being alone most of the time. I want to be left to myself to enjoy the ocean and escape to my (book) fantasy worlds. While I wouldn't mind sitting at dinner with others, I would tend to listen and observe more than participate. And if I discovered barnacles, I too would scrape them off and disappear with all haste. Disapparating would be preferable but, alas, I am a muggle 😕
  10. Thank you so much! I'm guessing that they're both on the dry side? (I'm a Moscato girl although I'll brave a white zin every once in a while lol).
  11. If you purchase a wine package, could you use one of those bottles instead?
  12. Does anyone know what the free wine options are? Please don't say red or white lol, I got that much 🤣 Or maybe a better question is, if we choose the free bottle and don't like it can we still get a bottle half price?
  13. I found this one from Zydeco Cruiser on the Vista. I love that guy! He always has an amazing array of photos! I hope this helps 😊
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