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  1. Option #2, now waiting for the charges refunded to CC and the 50% FCC. We did put a hold on a sailing for next year. Fingers crossed all works out.....
  2. As was explained to me, we 'needed' to book refundable to get these extra perks with the standard stateroom OBC and the "Extra" OBC at a much, Much higher fare! I booked non and thus was penalized. I know some book refundable then as final approaches switch to non. It is a gamble as fares may have indeed increased, thus negating anything benefit in the end... The onboard sales seminar was reminiscent of the old sleazy time-share sessions. I won't attend another......
  3. How true! We booked onboard, only to find out the 'extra' wasn't extra, it was the only OBC we received from Celebrity. Not a fun experience dealing with our TA or Celebrity on this one....Celebrity One Touch did explain the pricing to us, but it did not match up with what Future Cruises Dept. on Silhouette had been selling. Lesson learned.
  4. Apparently, an onboard 'Sale Your Way' certificate is not of the same value as the 'New Places New Spaces' promo that was in effect at the time we booked. Out agent first talked to a rep at Celebrity then went to Captain's Club and there is where he was told it was a different code that we booked under and that it would actually cost more to rebook. Yeah, the $100 p/p deposit is nice, but no big deal really. Point is we booked what we thought was going to be under the best deal 'code'...it wasn't. I told him others had gotten both, but he was dismissive. I will push this up the chain. No more onboard bookings for me. They misrepresented the facts!
  5. Frustration reigns! We purchased two : "Futures" while onboard Silhouette in October. We were told we would get the best offer available at the time of the actual booking of the itineraries. At that time the itineraries were not yet out for 2021/2022, so they issued 'sail your way' certificates with a booking number. We then booked a B2B on Summit on 11/22 and got only the "Extra OBC" of $100 p/p. I asked our agent to look into this and was told that we would not get the "stateroom" OBC. I asked him to check on this after sending him the above flyer and was told he talked to a "Tom" at the Captain's Club, and that we had booked in a different code! This was news to us!!! Not happy at all with Celebrity onboard sales...it reminds me of the old timeshare sales pitches... just disgusted.
  6. Thank you so much Mandy! Hope all is well with you and dad!!! All the best, Julie and Roger :)
  7. We were on the TA from Southampton. Bethany M. was scheduled to be the CD, but was replaced by Alejandro T. due to a medical issue. Sue Denning was on holiday and joined the ship as scheduled. Alejandro did a fantastic job on such short notice..... The tree is dead. LOL..... I was on the ship for fifteen days and 'that' never even came to mind as an issue.
  8. Hi Pat and Bill!!! We are home as well.....Could you send me your email address as I must have misplaced the one you gave me the other night, yeah, who could believe I would do that!!! 😞 rlbeck71@gmail.com Thanks friends!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the info, as Joe said, must start saving up for this one as Princess wants $999.95 USD p/p.
  10. Joe: Yes indeed....but we have time to decide. 🙂
  11. waltd: We are debating this option as well. Last time we did get into Milford Sound, spectacular, but crossing The Tasman was a 'real' adventure. Of course this time we will be coming in from Australia. Decisions to make.....:)
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