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  1. The cruise industry may be in for "stormy times ahead". There are some countries who may never allow them in their ports for a very long time, as the ships to non cruise addicts are regarded as giant incubators of disease.
  2. Am late today to thank you for the daily report.
  3. Thank you for the daily report. Very sad news from the Zaandam.
  4. Thank you for your daily, Solitude not hard these days.
  5. Thankful for the internet and access to such good sites as cruise critic. Yes, we can all get through this, and think of cruising again. Take care, and keep planning your travels.
  6. Thanks Denise. The country goes into total lock down for at least a month at 1159 tonight.
  7. Thank you for the daily report. Noordam departed Auckland anchorage at 9 am today, destination San Diego current speed 12 knots.
  8. Rich, Thank you for the daily report. Super photo of your cat, she is lovely.
  9. Roy, Pleased to know that you are getting settled at home, is your foot quite OK now? Thanks for all your reports and photos.
  10. Roy, So pleased to know that you are safely home. Did you manage to get some sleep during the long flight?
  11. Thanks for the daily report. Noordam still anchored outside the Auckland heads
  12. Roy, Pleased that you now have your flights. Did you book a hotel at Sydney airport? At least with business class you will have the lie flat seat, so hopefully you will get some decent sleep during the long flight. It was good to meet with you again. Travel safely.
  13. Rich, At this moment Noordam is anchored at the Auckland heads.
  14. Roy, Hope you will not have to wait too long for a flight from Sydney. Will continue to check here for your updates.
  15. Hope you were able to obtain meat today. Plenty of meat in our supermarket this morning, but no flour on the shelves.
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