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  1. Thank you for posting the daily update, and thanks to everyone posting photos
  2. Thanks for letting us know of this very good news, hopefully he will be home tomorrow.
  3. These threads that Rich starts each day are important during this time of uncertainty.
  4. Very pleased to see you posting again, wishing you well for the repairs to your property.
  5. Thank you for the daily update. We also still like to see the locations of all the ships Always book day here.
  6. Thanks for your reply. It's always good to know of books raising money and going to a new home. There are some "Lilliput Libraries" in our city, small wooden boxes which are attached to a fence, brightly painted, with a shelf in the box, a glass door. Books can be donated and borrowed, one is across the street from us and another 3 blocks down the hill. The books were all removed while the country was in lockdown.
  7. Pleased to report that another day of no new Covid-19 cases, and today marks 100 days of no community transmission in this country. But we have all been advised to have a supply of masks in our emergency kits.
  8. So sorry to hear this, sending best wishes for his post op recovery.
  9. Thanks for the daily update. Every day is cat day for us, when I saw her a few minutes ago, she was busy with the Catmint.
  10. Rich, Thanks for the daily report. Appreciate the photos that have been posted, the Tomato Pie looks very good, will print the recipe ready for our summer, the very cold wind we have today makes the thought of summer a long way into the future..
  11. Rich, Thank you for posting the daily report. Roy, pleased that your dental appointment went well. Kazu, beautiful blue Hydrangea, they are always so lovely when they are in bloom.
  12. Roy, Hope all goes well with your tooth extraction.
  13. Rich, Thank you for posting the daily report. Tonight we will have Lamb for dinner. Thanks to everyone who posted photos.
  14. Thanks for posting the photo, was unable to see it on post 45.
  15. That is truly wonderful news, so very pleased for you both. Now you can really enjoy your new home.
  16. It was very strange to see the blind towel animals on the Maasdam January/February this year, the first night thought that the eyes had fallen off.
  17. Thank you for the daily report. Stay safe and well everyone.
  18. The sleeping mask is a good idea.
  19. Rich, Thank you for posting the Monday report.
  20. 3 months now since any community transmission of the virus, border managed isolation of returnees to country in hotels for 2 weeks seems to be working so far. Several of the cases have been detected on the second test at 12 days in isolation. Stay safe and well Denise.
  21. Thanks for the daily report Rich. Another 2 new cases of Covid-19 today, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 27, all in border controlled managed isolation, none requiring hospitalization.
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