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  1. Yes, NZ is doing that, several thousand doctors and nurses have signed up.
  2. Thanks for posting the daily report. Doctors appreciation day is every day.
  3. You take care too, we are doing well. Dog belonging to our good neighbour is getting bored with the same walk routine each day, instead of going further afield.
  4. Thank you for your update, good to know that Maasdam passengers were permitted to disembark. We enjoyed 2 weeks on the Maasdam January/February, so are pleased to read your update. Was Captain PJ still on board?
  5. Thank you for the information. We don't do Facebook.
  6. Thanks for the daily report. Our local "village" along the road is completely deserted except for the supermarket and pharmacy which are the only businesses permitted to open. So, no take aways. Everyone has been told to stay at home, can go for a walk nearby but keep away from others.
  7. Nice to see a cruise ship rather than cargo ships that i watch here.
  8. The cruise industry may be in for "stormy times ahead". There are some countries who may never allow them in their ports for a very long time, as the ships to non cruise addicts are regarded as giant incubators of disease.
  9. Am late today to thank you for the daily report.
  10. Thank you for the daily report. Very sad news from the Zaandam.
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