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  1. Roy, Thank you for the daily report.
  2. Sending best wishes on your special day, Happy Birthday.
  3. It's lovely to see the photos, thanks to all. Seasick Sailor, such good news that your husband is home again.
  4. Thank you for this information and posting the link. Best wishes to the new president for a success with HAL.
  5. Thank you for the daily report. Can see the horizon , sea is blue, sky is grey.
  6. Thank you for your reply. I had planted Hydrangea Petiolaris in our garden two homes ago. It's a good climber.
  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden photos Is that a Clematis in the second picture? What is the plant with the white flower in the second to last photo?
  8. Joy, that is good news, wishing him a speedy recovery.
  9. Thank you for the daily report. It's 2.40 pm , and snowing here, first of the season. Hope it stops soon.
  10. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.
  11. Several years ago, we flew to Darwin, travelled on the Ghan to Adelaide, then the Indian Pacific to Sydney, and flew back to Christchurch. We really enjoyed the train journeys, good food, and excursions. Good memories.
  12. Thank you for the daily report. Seasick Sailor, best wishes to you and to your husband for a speedy recovery, and discharge from hospital. Kia Kaha (stay strong)
  13. Thank you for the daily report. Happy Independence Day to all USA cruise critic members.
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