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  1. Thanks for the link to the chicken recipe, which I will cook in the near future. Asparagus season has begun, spring has arrived!
  2. Thank you for the daily reports, lovely photos. The meal suggestion sounds good.
  3. Thank you for replying. That's a worry for her, hope the appointments are organised very soon.
  4. Very, very doubtful that our NZ borders will be open for cruises in December. In which country are you? An item in our local newspaper today, that maybe New Zealanders will be able to travel quarantine free to Australia by November, first flights to Sydney, for people living in the South Island rather than North Islanders as they still have Covid cases in the north. Then maybe Australians will be able to travel here withour quarantining January or February next year.
  5. Definetly Fremantle, with the train line to Perth below the pedestrian bridge
  6. Thank you, appreciate the humour, Kazu, have you heard from Krazy Kruizers lately?
  7. Thanks for the daily reports. Sunny day here, with a very cold southerly wind, no snow today, so hopefully we can return to a warmer spring. Roy, your alternative menu sounds very good, especially the Blueberry Mango Crisp.
  8. We have seen reports of the terrible Napa Valley fires on our TV news. Here in the south of the south snow in our area is clearing, but inland some highways remain closed. It's good that we can now see the Pacific Ocean from our windows.
  9. Thanks for the daily reports. This morning at 11 30 the temperature was 0 degrees C, have had many snow showers reaching to sea level. Weather is supposed to return to spring temperatures later in the week. Stay safe and well everyone.
  10. Congratulations on your 51st Anniversary.
  11. Thanks for the daily reports and photos. 8 degrees C , Winter has returned, snow fell this morning, enough to cover the ground, stopped around lunchtime, but more forecast.
  12. Thank you for the video, would be great to again sail out of Mount Maunganui on the Noordam.
  13. Volendam. Now I see that Copper has replied.
  14. This really is a great thread, thanks everyone. Amazing autumn colours in those photos, beautiful. Clocks went forward at 2 am for Daylight saviing.
  15. Yesterday was the second time to look at this thread, Another Australian circumnavigation would be great.. We sailed on Maasdam Jan/Feb for 2 weeks Auckland to Auckland , little did we know that would be our last cruise on that lovely ship.
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