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  1. Thanks for the daily reports and photos. @cat shepardbest wishes for a successful outcome tomorrow. Stay safe and well everyone.
  2. Thanks for the daily reports, photos and humour. Dinner for us, will be steak cooked on the BBQ. Our borders are likely to remain closed to most of the world for the rest of the year, as reopening them poses "too great a risk to our health and economy," the Prime Minister says. Stay well and safe everyone.
  3. Thanks to Rich and Roy for the daily lists. Expecting 30 degress C today, ......summer! One case of Covid-19 in the community, the South African strain. Two months since the last community case. This person had completed 14 days in border hotel isolation on returning to the country, had 2 negative tests, but developed the virus after leaving the hotel, Contact tracing occurring. She lives in Northland, huge lines of people waiting to be tested. Stay safe and well everyone.
  4. Am pleased that you have been able to alter the dates and be out of quarantine in time for Christmas.
  5. Thank you Rich and Roy for posting your lists each day. The Turkey followed by Peach Crisp menu sounds very good. High cloud here today it's quite warm. New neighbours have cut down a tree in their backyard, so we again have a good ocean view. @Cruising-alongwishing you a very Happy Birthday.
  6. It's a lovely warm sunny summer day. Thanks for all the daily information. @rafinmd sorry to read of your brother, hope he recovers very soon. Stay well and safe everyone.
  7. When entering a different time zone, the clock automatically changes to the new time. One cruise we were on, a fellow Neptune Suite passenger tried to alter the time himself, the clock had to be replaced.
  8. Will you have to quarantine for a fortnight when you return to Canada?
  9. Thanks for the daily reports, phpotos and humour. @kazu such good news for you and Marley. Stay safe and well everyone.
  10. Thank you for the video, wonderful to hear the horn.
  11. Thanks for the Daily reports, photos and humour. @VMax1700 our condolences on the loss of your cousin, best wishes to your DW that her treatments are effective. Thought squirrels were cute, but after reading of the damage they cause am pleased that there are none in this country. Stay well and safe everyone.
  12. Thanks for the daily reports, photos and humour. @Red Haired Ladythose flowers are Agapanthus, also a white variety. As @daisybertiementioned they are now a pest. 21st January 2020 Maasdam visited the Bay of Islands, we have been there several times before, so had a walk around Pahia. It's a cool wet day here. Stay safe everyone.
  13. Thanks for the daily reports, photos and humour. Today is the 20th January, a year ago we were so pleased to board the Maasdam in Auckland. Stay well and safe everyone.
  14. That morning of Norfolk Island day when Captain PJ announced that "you go ashore at your own risk", we decided it was safer to stay on board Maasdam. Our planned HAL excursion was refunded.
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