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  1. What does this have to do with the topic of overriding the CDC no sail order? It is so special when people try to make a point by repeating some non related thing they have heard or read.
  2. Yes, on cruises to OTHER countries. Countries that may or may not have citizens who are vaccinated. Countries that may or may not have an outbreak that could become an international event. That may make the US decide to block the ship from retuning. For example, there are many strains that the current vaccines are not blocking at as high a rate. Of course this is all speculation. However, it is definitely a possibility.
  3. Yes, Disney, flying, and any other close contact is a risk. However, one has more opportunities to encounter a positive person on a 7 day cruise. Russian roulette.
  4. No. Cruising is not a State or local activity. They are an international activity. And, at the end of the day, you are in close contact with others for extended periods of time with no ability to leave if you want.
  5. Just because airports are busy, does not mean that it is safe
  6. And, according to the governor, the ship docking in Florida could not ask for proof of vaccination. So it can never happen.
  7. That would be one way to get the pool to yourself And have fresh omelettes
  8. Leave my emotional support peacock out of this. Or my wife's emotional support alligator.
  9. All very true. Another truth is, countries change their rules all the time. For good reason, and also for pointless reasons. There is still way too much instability and ongoing spikes in rates all over the world. And borders open and close all the time right now. Cruise lines are in rough shape these days. Sure, opening up the industry would be great. I want to cruise as well. But, it is still too soon. If ships started sailing today, and then there was a spike, the ship is turned away from ports, returns here, and all guests receive partial refunds. Th
  10. Quite the opposite. I am pointing out that until we have our house in order, many countries will not allow US departed ships to dock.
  11. So, let's open the ports here, and get on ships that are not allowed to go anywhere, because foreign countries view the US as a high Covid risk.
  12. The only news that some people are seeing in other countries are the clips of 10,000 college students on a beach. Or 35,000 fans in a baseball stadium. And they are judging based on that.
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