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  1. I am 100% sure the Havana pool area is open after 7pm to everyone,just like the Vista...
  2. Hi everyone, Don and Karen here, we booked this cruise in a Havana Cabana room .. We had one on the Vista and loved it, this is a nice long cruise so the Havana area will be great to have.The ship has a great Itinerary and can't wait to get on board to check the ship out..
  3. Was on the escape in sept and many trips and the chair police were out tagging chairs at 9am, so it depends on the the ship your on, P>S when you get back from your trip call NCL and tell them the ship you were on and tell them about nobody watching the chairs i think you have 40 min you can leave you chair , Don't take the towels off their chairs ,i seen to many fights happen, thats why the tagging works ,if you see a chair has a tag and its past the 40 min is up, grab the person from the towel booth and tell them to take the towel off the chairs !!!!!
  4. I agree,,,, be careful or the pickpockets, Was in barca for 2 weeks for work.My wife came over and we went on a cruise,it was great..When we came back we stayed for 2 more days ,the pickpockets work in groups, they tried me 2 times and they we in groups of 4, others try to distract you while 1 will try to rob you. The city is fantastic but do your homework on the other web site T/A..it will tell everything to see and hotel to stay in and what to watch out for... you wil love the city and your cruise.......
  5. Thanks for all the help, our plans are still up in the air......
  6. My wife and I are Diamond members on Carnival. We love NCL and have done 9 trips with them. Someone posted my question about the Epic here and am only asking it because of a family members horrible review on their new years trip and we booked the epic for next new years..So where else do you ask a question like that, here of course and i have gotten some great answers...To answer you ? We have done all the cruise lines and really like NCL because alot of different ports, love to have the choice of different restaurants which are all great, the larger and newer boats are like floating vegas hotels..pools are deeper so not as many kids ,the larger boats have pools for kids..staff is equal to carnival ,rooms nicer, and so on....We still do carnival but NCL is great,you will love it..Only thing i miss is at dinner you don't have the same waiter every nite, my wife and i love that about carnival because most of our trips we have had great waiters and we still keep in touch with them..................
  7. Everything ,Not one good thing, I have done 45 cruises on all the lines and have never ever said i would never go back to ship that i was on..
  8. Just got off the Dawns New years cruise..It was a really great trip , and have family who were on the Epic and said it was horrible and the worst cruise they were ever on.. My wife and i are booked on the Epic for 2019 new years trip out of P.R. and Need some help on from past epic cruisers if we should change to another ship ??
  9. Can someone please tell if the safe in the room has a key pad or a card swipe ? Thanks...
  10. Thank all of you for the Help,,,,,HAPPY CRUISING TO ALL.......:):):):):):)
  11. Our first trip on the dawn will be New years week. Does the dawn have a comedy club ? If so do you have to make reservations like you have to do on the escape, we have already made our specialty restaurant reservations..also is there any other pre boarding reservations we need to make..Shows? Thanks.. Sent from my SM-T377V using Forums mobile app
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