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  1. Your points are excellent- Even with the flu shot people still get the flu of course. People might of course as you said need a booster shot, perhaps even a shot every year. How will they determine who gets the shot first? I am half tempted to consider signing up for a Phase 3 trial even though there is a 50% chance I would get a placebo- because the amount of time I would need to wait for an actual vaccine could be longer.
  2. Even though it would have been 2x the cost (going to Seattle etc,) I wish I would have done it if not August another month- I am looking at it for 2022 for a big birthday
  3. That's very kind of you to help your family- I hope you make it to NYC
  4. My last two cruises were May and September of 2018- sometimes I regret not going through in August of 2019 with Alaska- but went to Aerosmith, Billy Joel and a broadway show instead.
  5. Nothing- just staying in- sometimes I'll go to a park. My particular cruise -(ship/week/port) wasn't even offerred after this year- so I am looking at 2022 ones
  6. One of the reasons I do NCL vs RCCL is the public transportation, I tend to go from S Jersey to New York overnight ahead of time- vs driving to Bayonne and parking
  7. I did 2 solo runs on the Escape in 2018. I had the Encore cancelled this year from NYC. Looking at 2022 runs from either Miami on the Breakaway or to Alasaka. Normally, I go from nYC as it is closer but when I went from Miami I had a greater sense of being away.
  8. I would agree with you- I think we are going to see the same pattern in other states where people just can't stay in. I feel as though it is come down to a choice between physical and mental health as well as the economy. I went to drop my car off for routine matinenacne (6 months I had to go sometime) and was appalled at the people not wearing masks.
  9. I'm sorry to hear that- and think that will occur in other places as well. Some governors seem under pressure even though they know it won't be a good idea.
  10. Can they put the points back on your credit card?
  11. THey changed it- despite all the games NCL plays and all the nickel and diming I'm really upset today I missed my Encore cruise and am looking at 2022 cruises. That being said- what will they do for things such as the pool area, vibe and race track? How would they limit people there?
  12. Same with me- I usually take a bus to NYC and stay over the day before. It could be a few years for me.
  13. They would still need a large amount of staff; so in turn prices would be higher. I would hope buffets come back some day. Taking your burger outside is one of the best parts of a cruise; sitting inside in a MDR for 2 hours during lunch isnt for everyone.
  14. I'd rather be safe and wait a bit- the cruise combination of week/ship/port I was supposed to be on isn't offered the next 2 years anyway.
  15. If you used worldpoints from the NCL mastercard for any discount or amenity, will they get returned to your account or would you need to call?
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