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  1. Glad you made it- I usually just come up to NYC the day before even though Im only a few hours away. Enjoy your cruise!
  2. Years ago before new CEO took over and became greedy - got a October studio in 2014 on the Breakaway for $545. Then upgraded to a balcony for a few hundred more- had I waited it would have been $50 more. Last year though I did get a $50 last minute upgrade from a studio to a Balcony so maybe he was like on vacation himself that week.
  3. How much were the go carts? Are the day and weekly passes not offered anymore?
  4. Good call- I always do that - many people don't know its open
  5. I did the early - take your own bags and was at the Greyhound station by around 8 to 8:15 ( i typically do this). I would think if you requested the leaving time of perhaps 9 or 9 30 (and correct me anyone if I am being too conservative) it would give you enough time to clear customs, and get transportation to Penn station. However, when arriving to the ship I sometimes saw delays in people getting off the boat from the prior week. I see you are the Phila area- have you considered the bus as well? I usually get a ticket for around 11 and standby for the 9am one. I get a Uber to the port authority, go in and take an elevator down with my luggage right to the bus gate.
  6. @Atlgator - in 2013 I did the Bermuda Triangle at night and it was a great excursion- I don't think there were any problems on it- I was going to do the Rum Swizzle cruise last year but canceled (will likely do it next year). -OP I loved Fun Golf when I went in 2013 as well as the dockyard museum- I went the same week you did last year and it was great and it was also nice that Monday was a holiday here which gave time to recover.
  7. I wouldn't say ripped off- but feel as though they are starting to take advantage and I'll probably have a larger gap in between cruises. Anywhere they can squeeze and extra $3-$5 they are doing so. Taking the UBP and then making a premier UBP is one example. Removing public spaces such as Spice H20 and replacing them with a revenue grabbing Octopus like structure is another. It will get to the point where I either find a different line or go to Vegas instead . Raising service charges- come on- we know those arent going to the crew.
  8. Although I am enthused about the racetrack I think the laser tag area looks hideous and makes the ship look somewhat like a themepark. Needless to say given that I have the UBP I'll probably end up at laser tag regardless.
  9. I agree with you- also it is going to force people out of the pool area and then they are going to be put in a position to spend money on other things that they weren't planning to.
  10. I hope they just leave this one as is- I'm trying to squeeze out another trip on it before it moves from NYC- my favorites were district/spice H20/ and howl at the moon.
  11. Do you know if they offer unlimited just for one day as well or is it totally done? I heard it was now $15 a turn. If there is no unlimited racetrack I'll try getting vibe for a change. They seem to have gotten greedy and forgotten about the part where people like to go on a cruise and relax and get a seat by the pool or the ocean- which - silly me- thought was a major part of cruising (used to be in the 90's). Now it seems about cramming every square foot of something into a revenue maker. Premium UBP - another sign of desperation on their part. Does anyone really care about the ugly octopus looking thing ? I'm sure they have to cover the costs of that debacle. Anyway- looking forward to seeing everyone in May regardless! My friend Dave from Dayton thought he heard when on the Bliss last week that there were plans to make a premium (for charge of course) burger station at the buffet.
  12. It would be sad if they got rid of Spice H20 just to make more money but that seems to be the norm- although I'm looking forward to the go karts on the Encore -Spice H20 seems to be dwindling-
  13. Maybe they are repricing all the cruises (increases of course)
  14. Why has Spice H20 been replaced with a giant octopus? That's ridiculous. This will allow them to inflate Vibe to perhaps $249. Has anyone done (on Bliss) or planning on the $200 unlimited race track plan? The new dining seems nice though. I'd prefer Howl At The Moon but it seems that was phased out on yet another ship as well.
  15. Yes ! I do! An I want it just to pay for the extra service charges!!! They have gone up exponentially- I am sure pretty soon we will be seeing $16.50 a day.
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