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  1. The classic drinks package for 7 day cruise pp is $495 including 20% gratuity. Compare the cost of no perk with 2 perk deal. Taking the costs indicated in the post above, no brainer by taking 2 perk deal (assuming you want the drinks package.)
  2. Last direct flight is in September, 7th I believe. Alternative options are now AA flight via Dallas or Philadelphia from LHR.
  3. I booked my flights through my travel agent. I am not sure that having booked through Celebrity would have made any difference. The alternative offered was not acceptable as there are no longer any direct flights from London to FL and I would have expected Celebrity to offer similar with flight with a connection in Philadelphia or other US city. The cost of flying from LGW to FLL was around 10 to 15% cheaper than flying from LHR to FLL. As mentioned the cost of the first alternative flight increased by more than 30% following BA’s announcement. I was booked on a later flight before the price was inflated. Three other flights, one by BA and two by AA (BA code share partner), flight costs had not changed. I agree that booking through Celebrity could have added some level of protection but that doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have a direct flight.
  4. Just received latest promotion offer from celebrity U.K. Nothing to write home about BUT non of the links provided work. I get bad Ulr message. Great! Even the link for phone back request does’nt work!!
  5. I was offered a flight via Philadelphia to FLL for same price. Not satisfactory. We had direct flights to FLL earlier this year and did not want to add several hours on to our Journey. Now got a later flight which is more suitable than the original flight to FLL or the alternative flight to Miami. The cost of the change is around £200 but we have now got Celebrity transfers from Miami Airport. Airport transfers between airport and hotel are include. No need to worry about expensive taxi transfers.
  6. Just found out that British Airways will cease flying into FLL from LGW in Sept 2019. Therefore there will be no direct flights from London to FLL. (Norwegian will be flying to Miami as well). An alternative flight from Heathrow to Miami has similar timings BUT the cost of the outbound flight has increased dramatically. Fortunately, later flights by BA & AA have not changed (yet?). I'm due to fly out in Jan 2020 so I suspect a lot of people will have to rebook!
  7. Where do you get the impression that the prices will be doubled? The cost for specialty dining is as you have indicated BUT has not changed in the last few years.
  8. Dublin port and Dun Laoghaire Harbour are different ports. Dublin Port is in Dublin whereas the other is 12 kilometres south of Dublin.
  9. Hop off hop on bus tours are operated by different companies and are not combinable. Each operator offers at least two separate routes. The certainly don’t go to the the Royal Yacht Britannia nor Waverley bridge - different city, different country
  10. I believe that the VAT for food and drink is only 10%. Other purchases and services at 21%.
  11. Only one person needs to buy a package. You can only get one drink at a time. I suppose that unscrupulous person could try to get another drink at another bar but if caught, the package can be withdrawn.
  12. The U.K. site still shows deck plans pre refit. The up to day plans can be found on cruisedeckplans.com
  13. This only applies if you have the Classic or Premiums package, not the Standard package. This link appears to be the latest http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/04_25_OB_SP_BeveragePackageBrochure-V2.051518.pdf
  14. My next cruise is Jan 2020. I have not been able to find any info. I was asked to sign up but I’m already on their mailing list. It would seem I’m now on two lists using different email addresses
  15. I also got e-mail BUT the instead of "Find Out More" i get "Sign Up Today". How do you find out more info?
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