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  1. I am one who avoids making phone calls for any reason. Twice during the process with our applications, I emailed Bermuda, and in both cases I received a reply and a fix within a few hours. One reply came in after 11pm my time (midnight or later there); it appears that they are working 24-hours a day. I highly recommend the email route rather than phone, unless it has become strictly last-minute.
  2. It's okay, I know your posts will be here when I return. That will give me something to look forward to at home. I'm just curious.....
  3. You have me on pins and needles! Violence on a Baltimore cruise?? So much for the stereotype that they are "just a bunch of old people sleeping in Centrum all day". I hope you'll be able to write up the whole cruise by Wednesday evening. Early on Thursday morning we leave for our own Enchantment cruise, with complete abstinence from CC.
  4. There was an Indian dish in WJ every lunchtime. Most were mild; a few were a bit spicy.
  5. For me, I find that biscuits at breakfast are At Home only. DH just made a batch that are light and flaky. On a ship, they are invariably meant to go with sausage gravy, and are hard and dry by themselves. Scones at afternoon tea on a ship, however, can be quite nice.
  6. Not Bermuda only, but I have become curious about beach-going habits. In my youth, one took a beach towel, and lay on that all day. The ships give us beach towels, but all mentions of beaches, among cruisers, include renting of loungers. Does nobody lie/sit on the beach towel any more? Especially in Bermuda, the sand is soft and nice...
  7. Peanut butter: Chunky only, please. When I lived in Sydney, I bought my PB fresh-ground. Take empty jar to the store, they weigh it, they grind it as I wait, they weigh it, price it accordingly. Good. My brother gifted me a PB maker. It never did work, though I tried and tried. Just one of those "gift" appliances that turn up in rummage sales.
  8. shipgeeks


    We spent our entire day walking around Naples, and just loved it.
  9. The free bus that does the loop around Arcadia does not take reservations; just show up.
  10. ed, What ship did you sail on? I remember your Enchantment posts previously. I'm glad you liked Bermuda!
  11. I read that on one of the RC ships, completing the "muster drill" checkin is required before a beverage can be purchased/acquired. Pretty good way to get compliance, IMO.
  12. Many others have reported this. I notice that my # is totally different from my husband's, although I did each just a few minutes apart. I think there are so many staff dealing with the applications that there is no reason to expect spouses or other family members to be processed together.
  13. The process certainly seems to be providing employment for a lot of Bermudians, although seasonal.
  14. A number of years ago, we became aware of a dinner event that purported to include a Titanic-style menu. Attendees were encouraged to dress in period styles, I believe. Now I wonder if I still have the invitation, or other information. Perhaps Steamship Society?
  15. OP, Now you know how addictive they are. By far my favorite type of cruise, due to all the sea days, but after doing the flights three times, I think we have sadly decided to not do any more. Even the thought of flying 2+ hours to get to Florida makes me shake my head. I'm glad you did it, glad you enjoyed it, and glad you will do more!
  16. Where did you sail from? How was the boarding process, with the additional Bermuda requirements?
  17. Ours, next week, is scheduled to sail at 3pm as well. I believe boarding times start at 10 or 10:30; you will be able to choose a time when you do your checkin. They seem to be pretty strict about the boarding times; you won't be allowed to join the line until your time slot. I don't know about the traffic. The port arrival process is quite streamlined, so that aspect of it should not be a problem. If you get dropped off, just say so when you arrive, and they will direct you to that line. It's easy.
  18. 2BA, I do love those shoes! Having the straps makes them so flattering (and since mine always have a strap, I know that they can be just a bit loose, for comfort, and not slip off!). Good find. Nice color, too.
  19. Re Manhattan, I read that NCL had (erroneously) told their passengers to not begin the Bermuda application process until within two days before departure. This, of course, overwhelmed the system, and led to the big delays. Those pax who didn't even know to do it added to the delay, and if some were unwilling to do it (incl pay their $40), they could certainly be left behind. RC has informed pax to apply well within 30 days. Some could still arrive unaware and unprepared. But I still find it hard to believe that 200 were just dumped at Baltimore. The only answers I get are "I was on the cruise, I know it's true", but then "No, I wasn't dumped, and I don't know anyone who was". I gather the unprepared were taken out of line to wait for separate processing. I guess I will find out next week!
  20. #5 is the best answer. Please don't do it.
  21. Yes! That is the end part of my fantasy cruise: Board when she leaves Baltimore (actually, she is starting in Florida), stay aboard through the Canal, up to Alaska for a season, then across the Pacific. And of course, since it is my fantasy cruise, I will stay aboard for her Australia season.
  22. In 2023, RC Enchantment of the Seas will be sailing from Vancouver on 9-24, arriving Auckland 10-18, Bay of Islands on 10-19, and then on to Sydney on 10-22. Not much time in NZ, but it's a start.
  23. BTW, I should have noted, of course, that I would not assemble a DIY BLT in the MDR, only in the WJ (buffet). (How's that for lots of letters?)
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