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  1. It's your lucky day! There's a segment break at Santiago, Chile.
  2. Vancouver to Buenos Aires, with ME & Karl. Interested? I'm researching cabins, hotels, and flights for the one you booked.
  3. Maybe! It's a definite maybe! I don't have anything booked until October '20, so I can easily fit January in my schedule. I will look into it.
  4. Not true. On the Vista and larger ships, every cabin has a mini-bar. On the smaller ships, all cabins with a balcony have a mini-bar. The inside and outside cabins have a selection of sodas on the desk.
  5. By that late in September expect the weather to be cold and wet. The shops will be closing down for the season, and the natives will be glad to see the tourists leaving. There's a reason that cruises so late in the season cost less than in the summer.
  6. Welcome back to cruising, Greg. And back to Cruise Critic, too. You've been missed. Now that you're back, please do stick around. So, a few of the changes you will notice--- First, I won't be there! How will you ever have a good time??? You'll find the cabins on the Koningsdam are smaller, in comparable categories, than cabins on the earlier classes of ships. There are fewer floral displays around the ship, and those you do see will be smaller than in the past. Very creative, though. There are no piano bars on any of the ships any longer, but there is a substitute with dueling pianos. Lincoln Center Stage is a decent replacement of the Explorers Lounge chamber music groups. Food in the dining room has gone downhill even more than you remember. The crew is as fabulous as ever. ME, Karl, and I were missing you on our recent cruise, and lamenting that you don't come with us anymore. Perhaps we will have another cruise together in our future??? Hope so.
  7. In Alaska, a balcony is definitely not required. It's nice, but if the money could better be spent on expensive shore excursions, then do that. Flightseeing was highly recommended on my first Alaska cruise, and the advice was so, so right. There are lots of great boat tours, too, which give an entirely different perspective. There is plenty of open deck space from which to sit and watch the passing scenery. Much of that deck space is sheltered from the 'liquid sunshine', and one side of the ship or the other will be out of the wind. Absolutely move around the ship on glacier viewing day. High, low, forward, aft, port, starboard---all give different views. Much more variety than one balcony view.
  8. You may want one lightweight summer outfit for daytime, as that itinerary can have some sunny, warm days. But for the most part you will need heavier clothes, even on the ship. Evenings, of course, you can wear your usual evening cruising outfits. Inside the ship will be like any other itinerary in terms of temperature.
  9. What a great report! Thanks for sharing your adventures in such an entertaining way. You have explained, much better than I could, why this is my favorite area of the world to cruise in. Every 2-3 years I just have to get back to Norway and northern Europe. And so I go. Thanks for your review.
  10. On most of the large ships, that's true. But the libraries are intact on the smaller ships.
  11. The Maasdam still has self-service laundries on board, although I am not sure if/when they are scheduled to be removed. They cost $2 to wash, and $1 to dry (or reverse; I can never remember), and quarters are available at the Front Desk. Detergent is supplied; bring your own dryer sheets, if you use them.
  12. HAL has already cut back on evening entertainment a lot. For a few years now entertainment has ended earlier and earlier. Now the lounges are dark at least one night a week each, some of the shows have been replaced by movies, the show lounge is dark some nights, and now this! It's as if HAL wants us all to go back to our cabins and go to bed early. I remember when the last bar closed at 2:00 AM. I was closing it!
  13. This cruiser is not pleased to read this. I go to dinner at 8:00, and it is impossible to get to the show at 9:00. The entrée is just being served then! Please don't suggest going to the show at 7:00, either---that's cocktail time. Some things are sacred.
  14. Thanks for the correction, Shmoo. I thought the charge had gone up, but just came off a cruise a month ago and knew I paid $13.50. I was on segments of the World Cruise, so your post explains the difference.
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