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  1. Not just on the World Cruise, but also on Grand Cruises. On one Grand Cruise our final gift was a carry-on bag to hold all the loot. Some of it was very useful.
  2. I hope not. It is one of the better size ships, and in pretty good condition the last time I sailed her. I'll be sorry to see the last two S-class ships go, too. But at least they are older. When all those smaller ships are gone, so am I.
  3. I agree that the cruise is unlikely to sail. But to answer your question, if this is sold as one cruise, and is not broken down into segments, then you could make arrangements to disembark before the end of the cruise. However, you would still have to pay for the entire cruise. If it is broken into segments, then you could complete a segment and not pay for the rest of the cruise.
  4. Perhaps because it will start a new round of refunds to be processed, and they are attempting to stagger the workload. Not to mention the draw on the assets needs to be staggered, too.
  5. Because it wasn't an 'FCC'; it was a 'FCD'. There's a difference. I know, alphabet soup. But I worked for the government, so got very used to that, and to the nuances of technical differences.
  6. My longest cruise was 39 days, after several in the 30+ day range. I generally pack about the same amount of clothes, with perhaps one more evening outfit and one or two more daytime outfits. I don't mind wearing the same thing 4 or 5 times during a cruise. I do bring more in the way of toiletries, as those run out and are not easily replaced. I always bring new makeup, so it will last the length of the cruise. I find longer cruises much more relaxed than short ones. There is no need to rush to see/do everything; things that are essential to do can wait until tomorrow, or next week. The atmosphere is much calmer than a short cruise. You get to know people much better, as you have more opportunities to sit and chat. You get into a routine, more like you do at home, different from at home, but comfortable. Once you start to take longer cruises, you will not want to go back to short cruises. You will find a length that works best for you, and want to take more cruises in that range.
  7. At the time HAL shut down, these were the prices (they may or may not be increased when sailing resumes): A bag of laundry, washed, dried and folded/returned on hangers was $20 ($30 in Europe). An unlimited amount, which is as many bags as you care to send, on any and all days you care to send it, was priced at $7 per day, times the number of days in your cruise ($9/day in Europe). There is also a 'per item' price, but I don't know the amounts, other than the prices add up fast! You are not able to send laundry out the last day of the cruise, as they need time to do the laundry, get it back to you, and let you pack. You may send laundry on embarkation day.
  8. But then you have to sail on Norwegian, so not such a good deal after all.
  9. Best wishes to your DW for successful treatments.
  10. Good suggestions, thanks. Always ready for the next good read.
  11. I never saw any pictures of the inside, so went strictly by the funnel. The two ships, Volendam and Zaandam have the same funnel, and none of the other ships in the fleet have a funnel the same as theirs. Based on that alone, it could be either ship. Of course, you are right that the Zaandam has the organ in the Atrium.
  12. The one pictured in the link is either the Zaandam or the Volendam, based on the funnel.
  13. Thanks. Path Between the Seas is over 600 pages, and fairly dry reading. But the author makes it interesting, and the history is fascinating. It wasn't one of those books that keep me up all night reading, but I did skip chores to pick it up for an afternoon. It was one of those books I was sorry to see end, so that's a pretty good recommendation.
  14. Reading. Just finished Path Between the Seas yesterday, and am starting Burning Cold this afternoon.
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