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  1. Will you kindly get off my lounger now? You can clearly see I left my things on it (hours ago)!
  2. It's not a theoretical matter to me, but real. I don't watch TV when I am trying to go to sleep! Sometimes I like a little down time, so I do like to watch at times during the day/evening. The couch is the place to sit while I am doing that. There is no way to sit on the bed without killing my back! Even worse are the cabins where the TV is over the couch! Unless there is a mirror opposite (there isn't) it's impossible to watch at all. Stupid, stoopid, stooopid!
  3. Thank you for the notice, well titled and without fanfare or drama.
  4. Do you realize this thread was started before most of were even aware of the word 'coronavirus'?
  5. Excellent idea! Sounds like fun to follow along.
  6. Still can't get his first name right. According to you, you canceled due to illness. Had it not been for the corona virus, you wouldn't have gotten anything refunded by HAL at all, and would have had to put in a claim with your travel insurance. That would have netted you no more than you paid. You got that amount as a FCC. Looks to me like you came out even.
  7. It would have lent credibility to get the name of the ship you were going to sail on, and the name of HAL's CEO right.
  8. All that does is bring it in line with Canada's policy of not admitting cruise ships until 7/1/20. If you can't go to Canada, you can't run any of these cruises. Royal Caribbean hasn't canceled cruises to other destinations by this announcement.
  9. Welcome home; glad you (finally) made it. Hopefully, by the time you read this you will have had a good rest. You deserved it (and a few more).
  10. So glad you checked in here, and thrilled you got home safely---almost easily. I've been wondering about you all day. Heard from Mary Ellen last night; she and DH were at home when she called. They were tired, but fine. You deserve a good rest now.
  11. After sharing a cabin with her for 33 days, all I could think was "I want to grow up to be just like her!". I thought she was an amazing woman.
  12. There are already a number of cases of Covid-19 all over South America. My sister is a nurse in a travel health clinic, and we were talking about the numbers worldwide just the other day. She must have had a chart in front of her as I asked about South America, and she started rattling off numbers which I had not heard before. The countries included Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and others. If the Zaandam does have Covid aboard, it is very possible someone picked it up in one of the recent ports. I have been wondering if I should plan on skipping my cruise to SA this fall, and it is looking less and less likely I will take it. The fact that Covid-19 is growing strong in South America now, when they are just ending their summer, also makes me wonder if it will remain strong north of the equator as we go into warmer weather.
  13. She certainly has failed quite a bit since we were roomies on the Voyage of the Vikings way back when. She was no spring chicken then, and it was 17 years ago!
  14. Dolly has certainly taken that cruise in the past, so could have taken it again. But onboard she rarely travels around the ship with anyone. This WC she was supposed to have a crew member with her whenever she left the cabin, but didn't always. Last year I did see her accompanied by a crew member, but did also see her walking around alone, too.
  15. I would happily sail on either one if it was an itinerary I wanted to take. If they were doing the same itinerary, I would choose based on the date I wanted. Otherwise, all else being equal, flipping a coin would work.
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