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  1. Happy anniversary, Carol. It is quite an achievement! Enjoy your celebration dinner at the Pinnacle. Dinner, and the entire cruise, are a lovely way to celebrate.
  2. You may be mixing two different things together. Starting not that many months ago, most (if not all) the HAL cruises have an Orange Nite, in deference to the king. There are also Gala nights. But I have not seen an Orange Nite on a Gala night.
  3. The Happy Hours are usually at the same time in the same lounge, but there may be another time in another lounge. Sometimes there is one later in the evening, like 9:00 or 10:00 PM. I haven't been on the Nieuw Statendam (just the 'old' ones), so don't know where they are held on that ship.
  4. I haven't had Boston as a port stop in several years, but the times I did have it, there was a free shuttle to Quincy Market. I don't know if HAL still runs it, though. It was handy! We were let off on a street behind the South Market, and just had to walk up the alley to get to the action.
  5. Yes, there is still an embarkation lunch, open to all passengers. There are rare times the dining room is closed for embarkation lunch, such as when there is a touring group, though. 11:30 is the standard first boarding time. IIRC, the HSC for non-suite cabins is $14.50 per person, per day. Suites are $16 pp/pd. Happy Hour is held daily, except for embarkation day. Check your daily program for times and places, as that can vary from ship to ship.
  6. It's the same water! The cabin steward supplies ice.
  7. Depending on traffic, it will kill an hour to get to the airport, especially if you are in a crowd leaving the ship, and have to search for your luggage. The airport is huge, so I wouldn't plan a flight before 2:00 PM. Flying back to the US also has one extra security stop to complete US formalities.
  8. The discount I can think of is cans from the mini-bar, and those are charged to your room card.
  9. It depends on whether the ship is docking or will be tendering. Last time I was there the Prinsendam tendered, while a huge ship was at a new (to me, anyway) dock. If you are docked, then you can go right ashore. If tendering, you may have to wait quite a while from such a large ship.
  10. $2.25 + 15% service charge when paying full price.
  11. Educated guess, since I've never tried this: Since you, the wine, and the ship are all in Canada, and the ship is a foreign entity, so long as you aren't bringing the wine ashore in Alaska, then US Customs wouldn't get involved. The wine is never entering the US. The US procedure you are going through in Vancouver is Immigration, not Customs.
  12. The large inside cabins, with a sofa, are on Main Deck. In several of those cabins the sofa opens to a bed. The J-category run from the forward to the mid-ship elevators. The K-category are from the aft elevators to the stern. There are some similar I-category cabins on an upper deck, but I don't remember which one. All of these cabins are huge. The remaining insides, including the remaining J- and K-category cabins are tiny; there is barely room for that chair, let alone a sofa. These smaller insides feel a bit larger if the beds are separated. There is more room to walk.
  13. I have in those countries (except Cyprus, where I have not been), and my gratuity was readily accepted. Frequently I have seen a sign on the bus that tips were gratefully accepted (or words to that effect). I felt tips were expected.
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