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  1. Your boarding pass should have the pier number on it.
  2. Every cabin comes with a robe.
  3. It may depend on which side of the ship you are on, as well as where you are mid-ship. Starboard is quiet, while port side has a few cabins that have sound from the Queen's Lounge bleed down. Those cabins closest to the mid ship elevator are all right, then there are a few that hear the sounds, then it gets quiet again.
  4. The simple answer to your question is yes, you can purchase Euro at the Front Desk. The more expanded answer was given by cat|331 above.
  5. I think the sail up Yakutat bay to Hubbard Glacier is one of the prettiest sails in the world. It's right up there with the sail down the Hudson River on a balmy August night at 1:00 AM, sailing the Stockholm Archipelago, and sailing near the Lemaire Channel in Antarctica. Simply gorgeous. At least on a clear, sunny day, that is. I would be outdoors, watching everything I could see. If you get lucky, you will see seals 'playing' by sliding off ice floes and climbing back up---so they can slide off again.
  6. Yes. Every cabin on the Zuiderdam has a fridge. On the S- & R-class ships only the cabins with a balcony have a fridge. On all other HAL ships, every cabin has a fridge.
  7. I apologize; I did not mean to ignore the last several well-wishers. I thank you for your good thoughts. Gerry, it's the last two segments of the World Cruise I'll be on this time out. My last Prinsendam cruise was last September. Alas, I knew at the time it was my last cruise on her.
  8. Carol, I had reached that 'sailed every ship in the fleet' milestone before the Koningsdam came along: I was on the Amsterdam as far back as 2000. I had booked on the K-dam to maintain my status, but canceled in favor of getting a new knee. Since then regaining that status has lost its appeal, the more I read about, and saw pictures of the ship. Now another ship joined the fleet, so I doubt I will ever have the 'full set' again.
  9. No, but you can rent one (better done in advance) for $2/day. Only the cabins with a balcony have a fridge.
  10. If you are just getting up and planning to return, and don't want your place cleared, the signal is to put your napkin on the back of your chair. Long-time stewards also know to 'read' the signal of the chair tipped forward, with the back resting on the table. I don't know if newer stewards know that one.
  11. Representatives of the new owners were aboard during my Sept. '18 cruise, measuring things, and taking lots of notes. They were unobtrusive, and plans did need to be made for any renovations they plan to make. That's fine. But making the changes in advance, especially when there are passengers sailing, can change the atmosphere and also interfere with the enjoyment of the current cruise. At least it is HAL staff & crew, with the great service provided on the Elegant Explorer.
  12. Welcome aboard that lovely little ship for your last embarkation. Savor this last time on her.
  13. Good to know, Roy. In the past I heard horror stories. But I am fun, and friendly, so I know I will have a good time.
  14. Thanks for the explanation. Nothing that necessarily will impact this segment of this cruise. That's reassuring.
  15. Wow! I am overwhelmed by the good wishes! It's a really great send-off. June, right. I'll just be getting back when it will be time to head out again. Not even worth unpacking. Makes me feel wicked.
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