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  1. It's been much longer than that since smoking was prohibited on the promenade. There is a smoking section near the Sea View pool, but side of the ship can vary. The smoking areas of the various ships are posted in the smoking thread dedicated to discussions of smoking. It is a sticky at the top of the forum. You may want to check it.
  2. Smoking is not allowed on the promenade deck of any HAL ship.
  3. I agree that taking a taxi is wise, but not because there is any problem with taking the HAL transfer; there isn't. But if your husband needs wheelchair assistance, the transfer will drop him off between terminals, and he will have some distance to walk. A taxi will take him right to the doors of the correct terminal, and wheelchair assistance will be easier to obtain. Keep in mind, too, that disembarking the ship with wheelchair assistance puts you at the mercy of those available to push you. Your timing will not be your own, but will depend on how many people are also in need of wheelchairs. There isn't always a hold up getting a chair and getting off the ship, but there can be.
  4. I don't remember if the self-service laundries are still on the ship, or have been removed. But I do remember when they were there, there were none on the lowest passenger deck. The three you referenced were it.
  5. There was entertainment on the Maasdam when I was on her for a 21-day Alaska cruise this past June/July. There was a show most every night. Beyond that, there was a piano player in The Mix, a combo in the Ocean Bar, and a chamber music group. There was also a movie in the Wajang Theatre. This is the same type of evening entertainment as has been on HAL for decades---nothing changed here. There were also plenty of lectures during the day/early evening as this is the EXC ship. Because the ship was in Alaska, where passengers tend to want to be up and out early, and being active all day long, they did tend to go to bed early. Also, for some reason, in recent years HAL has encouraged people to return to their cabins early. They are scheduling dinners earlier, as well as evening performances. The Explorers Lounge shuts down by 10:00! Even morning activities are starting earlier in the day compared to recent years. I enjoyed my cruise on the Maasdam, and would be thrilled if I could do it again.
  6. If you're 4* the cabin drinks are 1/2 price in all cabins, though. Not just suites. Even the lowly insides are 1/2 price for the upper star levels.
  7. You have to be in either a Neptune Suite or a Pinnacle Suite to use the Neptune Lounge.
  8. GrammieK is correct. No doubt about it.
  9. I'm certain that Explorers Lounge is what was meant. That's where the chamber music has always been located on the S- & R-class ships.
  10. "Get away with"??? Minimal acceptable dress for men is a shirt with a collar and long pants. Clean, non-distressed jeans are acceptable on all nights except Gala nights. Ladies dress is a comparable level.
  11. I agree with crystalspin---the BB King bandstand is heard by the port side cabins. I have been in many starboard inside cabins along that stretch on all the Vista & Signature ships, and never heard a thing. Friends on port side were kept awake.
  12. Passengers are under their own assigned lifeboat. They are spread out along the promenade on both sides.
  13. ??? There are no cabins on Upper Promenade on either the Veendam or Volendam (or any of the S- or R-class ships. What deck are you thinking of?
  14. But the reference books HAL does have aren't??? I'm not buying it.
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