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  1. So long as you do not reduce or remove the HSC, anyone to whom you give an additional tip is free to keep it. It does not have to be turned in or reported under those circumstances. No 'forgetting' necessary. I have heard about a point system, but not precisely as you describe. I have heard that seniority also comes into play in the distribution of the money in the pool---which makes sense. I have also heard that there is a minimum that has to be distributed, and if the HSC does not meet that minimum HAL must make up the shortfall.
  2. She did. She answered it in another thread where the same poster asked the same question. And she was kind enough to link back to it.
  3. Are you on an Interline fare? Or one of the Casino rates that doesn't qualify?
  4. The S- & R-class ships don't have a thermal suite anything like those on the large ships. There was an addition to the front of the gum that includes a slightly larger hot tub than around the pool, and the heated ceramic loungers were added. There is no t-pool, nor are there the private steam room, sauna, or other features the larger ships have.
  5. This thread is coming on three years old. The old information is not necessarily still correct.
  6. I hope not! Not everyone uses a smart phone. Some of those who do, don't want to carry it around all the time. There is still a place for low tech in this world, and the newspaper and daily program on the ship are two of them.
  7. The corona virus would have to be much more widespread for me to consider not cruising at all. If it were, then I might not be traveling at all, since I would still be running into people who could be spreading the disease. I can't waste the time I have left to travel to give it up unless there is a very serious situation that prevents me from going. That situation doesn't have to be limited to illness, either. Life is full of challenges; this virus is just another one of them.
  8. I couldn't pick one over the other. Might I suggest, though, that I have found Molde on the itinerary less often compared to Alesund. If given the choice, I would pick the itinerary with Molde then, knowing I could probably get back to Alesund the next time.
  9. Yes, you can buy it on board, or in advance. Your choice.
  10. Gratuities are a good chunk of change off the top. Specialty dining, as you say, is always an option. When there's still quite a bit of money left, there's always fine jewelry in the shops.
  11. Carol, since the cruise wasn't scheduled to disembark until yesterday, most of the people on board never went past their originally planned date, so no need for extra meds (unless there was an unusual circumstance). It's really too soon to know about the meds situation for those remaining on board. The infirmary would stock some supplies, so would likely make those available should the need arise. I learned after 9/11, when people couldn't get back home from overseas, that I should always have an extra supply of every drug with me. Even going ashore in a tender, it's a good idea to have a supply of meds with you. Remember when passengers had to be left overnight in the Falklands when they couldn't be tendered back to the ship?
  12. He's wonderful! Never miss one of his shows. You were so fortunate to run into that woman who praised the show to the point you changed your plans.
  13. On a 12-night cruise you should expect 3 Gala nights. The number, although not the dates, will be on p.1 of your boarding pass.
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