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  1. Amsterdam? It's an R-class ship, with the short staircase on the starboard side of the mid-ship elevator banks. The statue holding up the ceiling is reminiscent of the one in the main show lounge.
  2. Maybe. Maybe not. It happens to Americans in the US, too. It used to be speculated that HAL stopped sending offers when a cruise was booked, but I doubt that, too. I have no cruises booked right now, having canceled one and one canceled out from under me by HAL. Nothing from HAL has come. No emails; no snail mails. I even have a FCD to use, and HAL isn't trying to get me to use it. I give up. If I want to know about promos, offers, and interesting itineraries, I can learn about them reading CC.
  3. I would always take Casablanca and the Canary Islands over Lisbon and Katakolon, although I loved visiting the ancient Olympics site. The former ports are a lot more exotic. Besides that, the latter ports are easier to visit on other itineraries.
  4. I have rarely gotten emails from HAL offering any promotions, or even just for cruises with no promotions. This has gone on for decades. The only time I get anything is shortly after I adjust my account back to opting in for email and snail mail, then I get only a couple, and it stops. Again. I have never opted out of mailings from HAL, but it seems to just default to it every time they make a change in programming, or some such timing. It has not one thing to do with ME opting out. I'll go back in, again, and opt in, again, and see if I get any notices about possible cruises. See how long it lasts this time.
  5. Remember, your On Board Credit from use of the FCD can be applied toward your gratuities. Even on a 7-day cruise, that will eat up the $100 OBC.
  6. Thanks for confirming my memory.
  7. Vrhovac. Jim & Ruth Vrhovac. She died while they were still actively cruising. I think I remember that he has since died, too.
  8. Jim and his wife, Ruth. His reports were always so funny. Just the drive to the port was hysterical.
  9. The Hookers on HAL thread from many years back was one of the best ever. Another one that was great, and arguably the best written one I have ever read, was the April Fools 'review', written as if by Thurston Howell (or his brother in character). Fabulous writing.
  10. I've been there, and it is excellent. Nearby is a recreated Viking village, showing what L'anse aux Meadows would have looked like when the Vikings lived there. If the village in Iceland is anything like the two areas in St. Anthony, then it would be worth the visit, IMO.
  11. Thanks. Sounds like although it would work under the PVSA, it wouldn't work well economically. Would people be willing to pay enough to cover the fuel costs is a big question, especially now.
  12. Sounds plausible to me, since St. Pierre & Miquelon are France. I don't know if the time to get there and back would work. I would like to return to those French Islands and see more of them.
  13. Passengers on the full cruise are not allowed to disembark permanently in any of the Hawaii ports. They are doing a round-trip. There have been one-way cruises to/from Hawaii, but the passengers (dis)embarked in Ensenada. I believe I have also seen seasonal cruises to/from Hawaii and Vancouver, but you would never see them to/from or from/to Seattle and Hawaii.
  14. I got the email about this when I got up this morning, and am very interested in booking with that line. If and when Americans are free to sail again, that is. I'll wait until it is allowed, and the lines have a few successful cruises before I go, but the line looks very appealing, and not just because of these two ships, either.
  15. RuthC


    Volendam and Zaandam still had one, last I knew.
  16. I can see your list, Carol. Perhaps you have your setting to have it hidden? Look at the lower right hand of your post, and you will see a little "x" and an arrow pointed down. They are used to hide the signature or reveal it. Try clicking on that and see if it fixes your problem.
  17. That won't work for scooters or rollators/walkers. People who use that equipment must use elevators, and the ones with a scooter have to end up in the middle of the elevator. It's the only way to fit in.
  18. Last I knew he was still on Crystal Cruises, but it's been a while, and I won't swear to it still being the case. He didn't have those groupies for the longest time, but I did run into them one year, including their reserved tables in the lounge. One in particular stuck to him like a jealous lover! I couldn't even chat with him without her taking over the conversation. They moved with him when he left HAL.
  19. The per bag option is offered daily, except for the final day of the cruise.
  20. Yippee! Hope for a speedy arrival home to all those waiting for it.
  21. Last night I wondered if you were remembering Diane Fast, but the reference to British Columbia threw me off. I don't know Diane that well, so can't say if she ever lived in BC; I know she was from Alaska, and also spent time in Seattle. Diane was married to a musician who played in the group in the Ocean Bar. Diane, with the new last name of Slagle, was on the 21-day Maasdam Alaska cruises last summer, with her current husband. They live in Ketchikan. She was also on the first half of the World Cruise this year, getting off in the nick of time in Sydney. One of the things she does, which may be a clue to whether or not you are thinking of her, is to make up a song about the ports the ship is visiting. She also plays a game based on "American Pie'. When she gets to the part where "... the music would not play ...", the passengers have to call out a genré of music, and she plays a song in that genré. Does that sound familiar?
  22. I wouldn't dream of going without my CPAP machine. My cardiologist has made it very clear that I need to use it every night. Unless I am flying overnight, I don't ever fail to use it. If your CPAP is cumbersome to carry, you can get small ones that are no bigger than a can of soda.
  23. I'm sure. They were in no rush.
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