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  1. If HAL resumes cruising October 1st, I would consider going on our November 11th cruise. I definitely do not want to be on one of the first cruises out when they start back up.
  2. I wonder when the official announcement will come. I have a November 11th cruise booked and highly doubt we will be going, regardless of what HAL decides.
  3. If it hits $20, I'm definitely buying!
  4. We are big fans of the Retreat Cabanas. We’ve had them six times, five times in a regular size cabana and one time in a family cabana. I am a full-time wheelchair user, so we typically don’t do excursions. Money not spent on excursions is spent on a cabana. The ship is our vacation. We both have stressful, hectic jobs, so when we vacation, we like to relax. The Retreat Area is a perfect area to do just that. We always know we have loungers in either the shade or the sun without having to fight others. The cabana attendants provide unlimited bottled water and fresh fruit, as well as anything else we need. We’ve only had one trip when we were not able to use the cabana much due to weather. All of the regular cabanas we’ve had were the ones that face the rear of the ship. These allow for better airflow when the weather is warm. If the weather is cooler or rainy, these cabanas don’t provide as much protection as a side facing cabana. The family cabana is as close to perfect as you can get as it provide the best of both the rear facing and side facing cabanas, but even in a family cabana you are at the mercy of the weather. Obviously we enjoy the Retreat Cabanas and I hope you too enjoy them. Cruising is all about choices. You can be as busy as you want to be or you can go into full relaxation mode and do nothing. If you want to be busy, I wouldn’t recommend a cabana, but if you want to relax, without a doubt, book it!
  5. Here is a photo of the luggage tag holders from a trip in 2018.
  6. We’ve used the same ones on several cruises. I bought the larger pack of them and share with friends and family when they cruise with us. I just got tired of having to find a stapler and this definitely solved the problem. I expect to use these for many years to come.
  7. Bought these from Amazon and they work great. Like others have said, we don't attach these until we are ready to head to the port. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B017BVFA00/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
  8. The week we were on, the front desk told us they were all booked for the week, but you would never have known it. We were up there every day and only had a couple of days that were windy. This was our sixth time having a Retreat Cabana, so obviously we enjoy them. Picking an ideal cabana is a crap shoot. On windy days, we wished we had a side facing cabana to be protected from the wind. On warm days that weren’t very windy, we wished we had a rear facing cabana for the airflow. Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries are served every day at 3 PM. On previous cruises, they were served at 2 PM which worked better for us. If you already have one booked, I would keep your reservation and wait until you get on the ship. Ship service told us if decided to cancel when we boarded, we would get a refund. Please call ship services yourself to confirm this. You cancel now, you may end up being sorry. The Retreat Cabanas are an awesome place to relax in either the sun or shade, without having to worry about fighting for a chair. Have a great trip!
  9. Sorry we missed you...have a great trip!
  10. We were on the same cruise and saw some people pulled off to the left side just before we went through the metal detectors, but I too was surprised we didn’t have to fill anything out. The lady checking us in asked if we had recently traveled to China, but that was the extent of it.
  11. We were on from Feb 1 - 8. Early fixed dining was at 5:30. We really enjoyed our time on the ship. We were originally booked on the Nieuw Amsterdam, so the only available accessible cabin was an inside. But as luck would have it, a family cabana was available in The Retreat area, so we snatched it up. It was our first time having a family cabana and we loved it! As Jinty684 said above, HMC was very windy and a little cool, hence the photo of my wife below. It didn’t phase me much as I soaked in every minute. The ship was in great shape and appears to have recently received new carpet in certain areas. Hitting the new carpet made pushing myself in my wheelchair difficult. It felt like they used an extra thick carpet pad. Probably not noticeable to people walking on it, but definitely noticeable trying to push a wheelchair across it. Overall, it was a great cruise!
  12. And I agree with your comment 100%, but I also know there are certain circumstances where people need to stay in touch and a phone-free cruise will never exist. Phones will no doubt continue to be more and more prevalent as time goes on. People want them and cruise lines will provide the service as technology continues to advance. It will be a sad day, at least for me, if cruising gets to the point of people staring at their phones during dinner, just as they do in land-based restaurants.
  13. My favorite part of cruising is throwing my phone in the safe and not touching it. I also enjoy seeing people interact with each other around the ship and not burying their face in their phone. Each year, I'm seeing more and more people with their phones on the ship. This won't keep me from cruising, but it is disappointing to see. If they want me to read them on my phone, then I won't read them.
  14. Confirming what others have already said.....they were available in their normal spot by the front desk last week on the Zuiderdam.
  15. I’ve stayed on 4096 and 4146 and had no issues with noise. I suppose we were far enough back to be shielded from the noise.
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