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  1. There are wheelchair accessible taxis at FLL. Go to the taxi stand outside the baggage claim area, let them know you need an accessible taxi and they will radio for one. You may have to wait a few minutes depending on the location of the next available one.
  2. The link below has what you re looking for. https://rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/hal-cabanas/hal-cabana-prices/
  3. It's frustrating to have to fight so hard for things HAL offers.
  4. What date in November? We are looking at the November 8th nine day cruise and a cabana is a must for us.
  5. I found Eagle Rare on the Rotterdam last November for $10 a pour. I was quite happy with that.
  6. We were on Rotterdam last November and loved listening to Trenton and Blair in Billboard Onboard. When you have two performers that mesh well, it is great. When they don’t, it’s a little painful to watch. We will be back on Rotterdam in April and will see what the format is at that time.
  7. I’ve never had an issue combining with other offers. Are you? Maybe I missed that above.
  8. I believe the Welcome Back incentive is available regardless of receiveing the email about it. You just have to be sure you book within the allotted timeframe and that whomever is assisting you with booking is made aware of it.
  9. Same here. I feel like I can "overindulge" enough and still save money from not buying the drink package.
  10. Your last sentence is 100% spot on! I also want to add that during our November cruise on Rotterdam, the Half Moon Bar had Eagle Rare for $10 a pour! I was a happy man!
  11. It's my pleasure to assist you. I have used the information you provide on your website many, many times, so this is a small way of syaing thanks. Also, I love the Retreat Cabanas and get them every chance I can. We had one a few weeks ago on Rotterdam, so I am very familiar with the numbering layout.
  12. Nice job putting together the visual, but I think the layout for Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam, and Rotterdam is mislabeled. The layout with the numbered cabanas is the correct one for the Pinnacle Class ships.
  13. I believe prices are the same on all of the ships. I paid $530 for our cabana on our upcoming Rotterdam cruise in April.
  14. Disappointing to see the prices go up, but not surprised. I still will book them and have one booked for our April cruise.
  15. Crisp wasn’t on the menu for our Rotterdam cruise in November, but my waiter brought me a crisp every night after I asked on the first night.
  16. We were on Rotterdam 11/12 and the app wouldn’t work on my iPhone. We bought internet for a day and I deleted/ reinstalled the app. It worked for an hour and then stopped again. I started using the website, which is navigator.hollandamerica.com and it functioned just like the app.
  17. I was on last week and can confirm that Starlink was active and speeds were very good.
  18. Very true. I still enjoy listening to them.
  19. The Rolling Stone band and BB King are good, but have heard better before on other cruises.
  20. I’m currently on the Rotterdam and the piano players are great, IMHO. Trenton and Blair work well together and both have great voices!
  21. Thank you for the detailed journaling, Roy! I am on the ship with you and it is interesting to see “my cruise” from someone else’s perspective. I’m hoping to see you around the ship to say hello in person.
  22. I agree that we will continue to book them at the new price. I am a full-time wheelchar user and we typically take Caribbean cruises. The majority of excursions are not wheelchair accessible, so we consider the money spent on the cabana as our excursion money.
  23. I was also told the healthcare OBC can only be used once per calendar year. Has anyone else heard this?
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