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  1. Our last cruise, we spent $460 something for cheers in advance. We conservatively estimated that we would have dropped over $900 on the drinks a la carte. (side note, alchemy rules) Neither of us ever got sloppy drunk, neither of us hit 15 drinks once (I made it to 14, and just got too tired)
  2. That moment when one person extends an olive branch, and the recipient lights it on fire.
  3. Well that does not look appealing. It looks like a broken sauce or something. Anyway, even BAD Escargots is better than the NONE Escargots that we had on the Victory in December.
  4. Ordinarily, I'd say not at all. BUT - I'll be damned if Jaime Dee didn't make our cruise for us on the Paradise a couple of years ago. That lady was FUN.
  5. If you consider an evening out to your local McDonald's to be stepping over the line from home cookin' into Haute Cuisine, you will find Guy's Burgers to be a symphony of flavors, each contributing to the overall majesty of the meal. If you actually eat real food from time to time, you will find it to be just okay. There is nothing wrong with Guy's Burgers, it is just that there really isn't anything special about them. I mean, the whole toppings bar has been around for a million years at Fuddrucker's. On our last cruise, our daughter's boyfriend was thrilled with Guy's. He had several, and raved about them. First off, I'm disappointed in myself for clearly having not grilled a burger for him myself out in the back yard. Secondly, I can't wait till the next time we see him, so that we can take him to the local Big Boy and make him try a burger with tartar sauce on it. Mind Blown. And honestly, if you want a *real* burger...there's only one place to go...
  6. Expect it to be on Tuesday, after Key West.
  7. Oh muster drill. We were on Dec 9-13 this year, and the muster drill. I ended up standing below an AC line that was frozen and melting at the same time, so the drip of freezing cold water on my head and shoulders every 10-15 seconds was both refreshing and dumb at the same time 🙂 Somehow, they managed to not get us checked in correctly (they scanned my card, I am positive of this) and we got a nastygram in cabin saying that since we didn't show for muster, we'd need to attend a separate safety briefing later. We didn't go, and didn't hear anything else about it.
  8. Fixed that for you. 🙂 Since our last voyage, we haven't even had the desire to go out for a drink. We were spoiled. ROONT.
  9. If it is *any* consolation, they're super easy to make at home! I learned not too long ago after a night out at The Oyster Bar in Fort Wayne - they had a dish that was Escargot in a bleu cheese pepper cream sauce. Turns out that works really, really well with fettucini. Canned escargot are quite fine - it's not like Carnival goes and picks them off the hull 🙂
  10. First, I'm going to admit to ignorance - this was my first time out on a ship with the Alchemy Bar. HOWEVER, I'm just going to put it right out there and declare Ioanna to be the single greatest bartender/mixologist in the Carnival fleet. We just came off Victory last Friday, and I've recovered enough now to be positive of it. It wasn't just the shine of the cruise atmosphere, it was her. I actually learned from her - I took home a much better understanding of how to use bitters properly, how to really balance a cocktail, how to put a few flavors together to make something extraordinary. Who you got?
  11. Bad money will attempt to pull your pants down from behind you when you're otherwise occupied.
  12. We were also on this cruise, and for us, it was a little more Meh than usual. Granted, the high points were REALLY high points, but some of the lows were really disappointing. After a couple of days reflection, I think it comes down to that our last cruise (just my Wife and I) was Jamie Dee's final sailing as CD for Carnival, and she and her staff absolutely went lights-out on it. Spectacularly high bar to follow. Again, overall it was a good cruise for us, but there were a few warts that I feel that I noticed a little more than normal. For example, I was disappointed that there was not the Whiskey tasting class, or Escargot on this cruise in particular. Either way, I tasted an awful lot of Scotch via the deft hand of Ioanna in the Alchemy bar (Macallan Quest Old Fashioneds for the win), and like, the braised Ox Tongue was really nice as an alternative (I'd still rather have had the Escargot 🙂) I believe I saw Savannah twice - once on the TV, and once while she was doing the Very Hairy Chest contest, featuring CRAZY CARL from Wisconsin. I'm envious that you got to request your server with little difficulty - we requested, were seated completely elsewhere, and had to wait to be reseated where we asked to be. That was awkward at best! Now that I have finally tried a Guy's Burger, I declare them to be burgers. Blue Iguana was more our speed! We also had kind of hit and miss in the MDR Breakfast. Overall, it was a cruise, which makes it good. The kids seemed to enjoy it, and want to do it again, so this was a success.
  13. I think that last time I posted it was 499. Today, it is 14.
  14. Look at my knee, how I jerked the hell out of it! I was totally sleep-deprived when thinking about this - I was under the impression that it was *the* choice for future bookings. Now, after reflection (and being corrected by Mrs. Kehote), I can see some possible scenarios to use it. It's still not for me, but knowing that it's not a mandated thing makes me much happier.
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