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  1. We often do the free walking tours now offered in many cities around the world. They offer a local view and some recommendations for other things to see as well as being in the open air. There is usually a hint that a tip would be appreciated at the end and most of these tours are well worth a generous tip. You are also usually close enough to the ship that you can leave the tour and return quickly if worried about missing departure. If there is a fee to join the tour, it is seldom much.
  2. I think a smart kid that researches a NY to Bermuda trip might find some interesting things to do on that route. Also, if he is a foodie and you are traveling on Marina or Riviera there may be a cooking class on a sea day that he would enjoy. On our 3 O trips up to now, there were only a number of children (different ages-one teen joined our trivia group to get away from his family!) on the Copenhagen to Stockholm (with St Petersburg) itinerary in the summer. I did not realize there were about a dozen kids until debarkation. It depends on the kid and his or her interests and the time of year.
  3. We used the business lounge in early 2019 transiting to and from India. I believe it was the new terminal-if not,I will try to go through IST again to compare. The number of food choices was so large that I did not find out there was a lower floor with even more choices until the return trip. Even with many people present, it was not difficult to find a comfortable place to sit and eat, etc. Turkish is a great airline even in the main cabin.
  4. Now it is about to be overwhelmed. What a leader! 😝
  5. I cannot believe our local and state leaders are letting businesses and political leaders continue to make such poor choices right now with numbers still rising. I am afraid to look at today's numbers. But I also cannot believe our hotels are still full of people from elsewhere. Not leaving just staying home but somewhere in the country sounds good now. DH and his brothers had to decide whether to put failing 97 yr old mother in assisted living. We are lucky that one brother had room for her in his isolated country home. She is not happy but she is safer than alone at her senior complex right now.
  6. We have two O cruises planned for next year-one in May (looking less likely with time) and one late in the year (remaining hopeful) to keep me going while we avoid going out as much as possible here in North Florida. Numbers of positive tests have tripled since restaurants and bars reopened in late May after not being that bad before that. Bars are closed again but nothing else is and hotels are full of happy beach goers who do not seem worried or aware of the possibility of catching the virus here. At least more people in Jacksonville are thinking twice about the wisdom of having the GOP convention here next month and trying to curtail the size of it since they claim they cannot cancel now. It is a worry here because our hotels are actively trying to get convention goers to stay here and enjoy our beautiful beaches. We do not need more people around right now. Our county is trying to figure a way to reopen schools since our system is relatively small. I would be upset if I were a parent or teacher wondering if it can be done safely yet the kids need the social and educational benefits. How is that going elsewhere?
  7. When the Regent Seven Seas Explorer came to Fernandina Beach a month or so ago, it was announced that the crew would not be getting off the ship. I do not know if that has changed but I feel sorry for the crew if they can see the beach and not use it-the port is silted and dirty. OTOH, we have a surge in cases like the rest of Florida so that they may be safer on board.
  8. We went to Peru in the 70s when we lived in South America and on a land trip to Ecuador with Galapagos add on short cruise a few years ago. Both countries are great to visit then and now, but I say do Cuzco etc first so this Viking expedition itinerary is a great one for hitting the highlights of that region. The museum that has the best artefacts from Machu Picchu is in a suburb of Lima. The Galapagos are wonderful when tourists and guides follow the rules to protect this fragile environment. We went in the fall and the water was warm enough to swim in without a wet suit though the ship had wet suits available for all. A fellow traveler who had been diving there before said the water is very cold in the early part of the year. The interior and Amazon tributary in Ecuador are very interesting but better as another trip. Quito and Guayaquil are also interesting but only for a day or so to see the highlights. The Malecon in Guayaquil is a nice walk then leave the next day on an earlier flight to Quito. The Quito airport was new when we were there and the road not finished yet. It sounds like finishing the road did not make the traffic flow faster. I hope these expeditions go on next year and are enjoyed. Kevin Kostner was not there (maybe not born yet?) in the 70s but there have always been vendors looking for tourists.
  9. OLIFE choices are limited by price (not more than $199 I think) and by certain letters like OS and OE (you cannot book those as OLIFE). It is still a good deal as a choice of perks.
  10. I am still nursing hopes that our replacement cruise in SE Asia next Feb will happen though I doubt it. Meanwhile, there is a wonderful article in the New York Times Travel section this morning about major travel destinations around the world being enjoyed by locals without the crowds. They are getting to see their cities as others do. We live on Amelia Island in North Florida which is normally busy with vacationers from Spring Break to late October. We do get a break in the winter since it is too cool for the beach but not like it was these last two months. Since everything except grocery stores and a few other things were closed, families were out seeing our island and enjoying time together. Since about 1/3 of us are retirees, enough precautions were taken to avoid large numbers of sick people. It is over now with hotels open and people coming for Memorial Day weekend. Our businesses need this to be open for us in the future, but we had a glorious spring that we could enjoy until now.
  11. Thanks for the info. I wondered where all the ships were. This is a logistical nightmare for cruise companies.
  12. In the past, DH (Jr!) has sometimes had trouble checking in because of the Jr but it did not cause him to be turned away. He just had to check in at the airport airline desk instead of printing a boarding pass or using the non-attended check-ins at the airport. This happened both in the US and outside but never really caused a problem.
  13. clo, as involved as you are on all threads Oceania, how can you not have seen her many helpful posts including a fairly recent one where she announced her retirement from whatever her position was gave her "inside info". It never seemed weird to me.
  14. That is how I feel right now-we had a wonderful trip planned from Singapore to Dubai. However better safe than stuck on a plague ship. I think O is doing as well as it can to make things right so we are looking for another cruise this year. However, I just read on another cruise line's page that someone who is cruising to Venice soon is worried about stopping there since Italy suddenly has many cases of Covid-19 though only 2 in Venice. I am not surprised by spread abroad but I do wonder about this being a problem for the future of cruising if cruises have to be cancelled in a domino effect if the virus keeps spreading. We do not cruise constantly but really enjoy ourselves every other year or so. Incidentally, DIY airfare (we do not have insurance and not sure this would have been covered anyway) will cause us to take a hit while BIL gets a pass because they were going through China that got cancelled by the airline. I am happy about what was covered and what could be cancelled. We will cruise again and hope not to be "Corona-ed".
  15. Due to the Asian season being cancelled, we will not get to see if more sea days are harder on the R ships with no cooking classes, etc but for 10 or 12 days, the R ships are fine and as said friendlier because of the smaller numbers. I would do either depending on the itinerary. The negatives (on R ships) are crowding in Terrace cafe at popular times and smaller cabins which are a no for some people. OTOH, the smaller ships can do some ports that larger ships must tender to or cannot do at all. I admit to missing Red Ginger. We will be on a short Riviera cruise next and I am anxious to compare it with the R ship cruise on Nautica that I loved enough to book another since it has been a few years since we were on an O ship.
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